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How to List Your Blog in MySpace News

MySpace have recently launched their News service (complete with some very nauseating flashing ads that I’m seeing right now).

Loren from Search Engine Journal posts that blogs and news sites wanting to be considered for this new index can submit their link here.

This is a worthwhile endeavor for any blogger wanting to promote their blog as MySpace is bursting traffic and any new service that they add has every chance of sending the sites that they link to with some significant traffic – especially considering that their news service has a voting/social bookmarking type system attached to it.

Their FAQ doesn’t really outline what requirements your blog needs to meet to be included in the index other than that it should be topical, that it should publish regularly, that it has a a core audience and that other news sources link to the site.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Interesting, but if you’re running your blog using a monetization strategy do you really want to attract the MySpace crowd? Considering MySpace is now nothing but a resource for spammers, affiliate marketers and teenagers with time on their hands, I don’t think the news service will do them any good besides the initial flow of traffic when it launches.

  2. […] not give it a go and see what happens, I will be submitting this blog. Looks like Darren over at ProBlogger and Search Engine Journal also noticed the chance to capitalize on the new […]

  3. Indeed this one cool “tool” for all of us bloggers……thanks for the info.

  4. The nauseating flashing ads are a tad too much for a ‘news’ site. But perhaps this appeals to the MySpace cohort.

  5. Traffic is traffic. If you can’t handle spammers, then you probably aren’t ready for *any* large amount of traffic: MySpace or otherwise.

  6. How many ad networks/services are there?…

    Following my last post where I questioned the value of building an ad engine for my own purposes, I began…

  7. Done and done! I actually find myspace pretty useful these days.

  8. Thanks for the heads up. I submitted my blog.

  9. Good tip. btw… “nauseating flashing ads” isn’t that the point of MySpace :)

  10. Funny, I had this idea this morning before I saw your post, tried to do it, and the link was timing out and I never was able to!

  11. I’m not a spammer, affiliate marketer or teenager with time on my hands. I think this is a perfectly fabulous opportunity to gain new visitors and open up the world of blogging to those that only know the MySpace world.

  12. Thanks for the tip Darren.

    I’ve never gotten into MySpace, however I imagine that there are many people who spend most of their time there. I’ve submitted my url and will see what happens.

  13. Thanks for the tip Darren.

  14. My blog is one of the sites whose content was “featured” when MySpace News was first launched. I don’t think they have much traffic yet–so far I’ve got only one visit via referral from MySpace News.

    I’m okay with selected content from my front page and archives being re-used by News Corp. in order to drive their ad revenue, as long as my own site gets a healthy number of referrals in order to make it worthwhile.

  15. well – first of all thanx for sharing the information –

    currently I am experimenting with BlogExplosion – any one has experience with them???

  16. To say that MySpace is nothing but teenagers with time on their hands and spammers is ridiculous! There is alot of that of course but MySpace is also a vibrant community with many talented musicians, artists, comedians and so on. To pidgeonhole MySpace as an outlet prepubescent teens or out of control spammers is a disservice to MySpace’s true usefulness.

  17. MySpace News is still in their beta test stage. There will be lots of traffic soon.

  18. Say what you want about MySpace, but you have to admit that it can be a major traffic booster.

  19. my myspace speaks about me but also of what make me vibrate in the life.
    I am French and I wanted to write in English to return my myspace acessible has all.
    come many to visit it.
    Floriane kisses

  20. I guess this is just a matter of asking yourself what type of promotion to your site that you really want to get. Do you just want visitors or do you think you could do better promoting by other means.

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