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How-To Get Slashdotted

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of April 2005 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Nicholas Roussos has a good post on How-To Get Slashdotted. His method is a slightly less direct method than you might think – ie it’s about getting your link on Slashdot in the byline of the person who submitted the article rather than having a post you’ve written directly linked to.

‘The secret lies in submitting stories. Slashdot relies on readers to send in stories. A lot of sites work like this. If you send in the story, they’ll throw you a link in the write up. Bam, you’re on Slashdot. Sure, it’s not as high profile as it would be if the write up was about your site, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, if your site has an article of interest, what better way to make sure you get referred to than to write the story itself.’

Nicholas is onto something here – whilst you might not end up with a deluge of traffic from this type of Slashdot link – there are other benefits – the main one being that it gives you a link from a highly ranked website (Slashdot currently has a PR of 9). I’ve used this method before and it does work (its all about picking the right story), it does bring a trickle of traffic and you can slip in links to your own blog (if they’re relevant to the story).

So if you want to get linked to on Slashdot – check out Nicholas’s post which includes the steps he uses and a useful submission guide as an update.

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  3. I’ve been Slashdotted twice in the past few months, and surprisingly a mention of my blog in the comments generated more traffic (an all-time record) than a story I submitted which had my blog name and link in the beginning.

    BTW, I use Typepad and it handled the traffic without any problems. Worth every penny — and they handle comment spam, too.

    – Mike

  4. Good idea!

  5. Good idea, but the only reservation that I have is that the traffic you will get is by far the most tech-savvy demographic on the Net, and since they are the least likely lot to click on ads, they are also thus the least likely to generate good conversion rates.

  6. A lot of my traffic has come from /. and there is one bit of advice I would give to people hoping to get ad revenue from a mention there.

    Most of the hits I get from /. are in the Firefox browser, and I assume most of them are using ad blockers and may not even see the ads. Try adding a text-based link to a tip jar (PayPal, Amazon, what have you…) somewhere obvious on your site. Depending on the content of your site, this may actually work.

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