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How to Get Indexed by Google

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of July 2005 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

I’ve had a few readers write to let me know that they’re having trouble getting indexed by Google and asking for advice.

There are a lot of different theories on how to get into Google’s search returns but by far the simplest way to do it that I’ve found is to simply get a link from another site that has already been indexed by Google that Google sends it’s bots to regularly.

Of course you can also submit your site to Google to be ranked or use a search engine submission program to do it – but I find the link option works pretty well in most cases for me. It might take a few days, or even a week or so in some cases, but in most cases it works reasonably quickly.

As bloggers the best way to do this is to write quality content that other bloggers will link to and to interact with other bloggers on their blogs (genuinely) via their comments. This is all it should really take to get indexed by Google. Of course then you have the challenge of getting to the top of the list for the keywords that you’re wanting to target. This is another story and is not quite so simple and some people spend their lives working on this task. Again there are many theories out there.

My advice in climbing the rankings is similar to getting indexed. In order to climb the rankings you again need other sites to link to you. In my mind this is the most important aspect of good SEO (search engine optimization). There are of course other factors, but what it largely comes down to in my experience is inbound links from other sites (relevant, highly ranked ones using the keywords you want to rank for to link to you ideally).

Does anyone else have any other tips for those exploring this? Feel free to add yours below so we can all learn.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. before, i have to wait for several months to have my blog indexed by google… i think i have found ways that can really help.. one of my blogs got indexed in just a month.. now it already has a PR2 ranking considering it was fairly new…


  2. Ive always had great luck getting indexed and high rankings right away. I dont use many inbound links but I do have a set of 3 sites that get me their by placing a link. As well, I enter all info in Google Webmaster, Adsense, Analytics.

    My latest experiment for my brothers girlfriend seems to be the toughest yet seeing that it is in a saturated market of Astrology, Psychic, Zodiac Sign mumbo jumbo. Its a site about Capricorns for her and for me its my toughest SEO challenge and I hope to learn from it.

    Ive been waiting for 6days and nothing. Than I remembered that I had forgot my 3rd link. So, last night I placed the link and this morning I started looking for tips and ended up here.

    Turns out I forgot to check if I was indexed and half way through this post, I checked and BANG. However, Im only indexed for 3 pages that arent the important ones keyword wise. However, I am indexed and the other pages will soon follow.

    Again, I have other sites that have had high ranks for a long time and I DONT USE INBOUND LINKS other than the 3 set Ive mentioned.

    Whats the 3 set of inbound links I use.

    backpage.com (create a free advertisement in your local city)

    craigslist (same deal, create a free ad)

    yahoo answers (answer a question, post your link. – This was the one I forgot, once I posted the link in yah/answrs – I had 3 pgs indxd the next day – maybe this is the magic answer?)

    Im sure that there are many factors involved.

    Just think of it like real traffic. How long does it take to drive from point A to point B. Now, add in unpredictable traffic jams and road construction. Also add in having to stop and get gas, maybe some food, stop at a friends etc.
    Sometimes you get from A to B quickly, other times it takes way too long.

    The people who get indexed in 20minutes are just lucky and were in the path of the bot. Had they put up their site 30 minutes later, they would have had to wait a while cause they would be in the back of the line.

    There is no such thing as constantly getting indexed each and every time within 24hours. If there is, please let me know.

    GETTING HIGH RANKS – There are things you need to know and Keywords+Content+Keywords in Title,domain,file name,links is very important. However, this is just the start.

    If you want the best place to get some VERY GOOD TRAINING … go to http://www.seoinpractice.com/free-seo-guide.html

    That is not an affiliate link, it is very helpful if you dont know about SEO.

    If you have found this post helpful, please help a brotha out by visiting my new Capricorn site and keeping in mind that I do have Adsense and if you just so happened to click on one of the ads “on your own will” to find out more about the Capricorn, it would be nice for me – but only if you want to as I am not asking you to.

  3. oh, I forgot to mention.

    I hear alot about having Tons of pages. Hog Wash I say.

    Another of my experiment sites is only 2 pages. A dummy index page and the following page —

    This was indexed in 2days using my above posts techniques.

    As well, I have pretty good rankings for The Grapefruit Diet Plan and other variations in Google.ca and Canada pages I am #1 sometimes.

    This makes me think that the importance of having 100’s of inbound links is just a way to waste peoples time so they dont build more sites and saturate the affiliate market. Who knows for sure but I have proven that with only 3 inbound links I can get top rankings. And I havent even fully SEO’d the pages yet.

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