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How to Get Backlinks

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of March 2007 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

Reader QuestionsGuruMonetizer asks – can you describe how did you get backlinks for problogger over the time?

Thanks for the question GuruMonetizer. There’s no real secret to this one – I simply went about my business of blogging in a way that I felt would provide the most useful information and community for those exploring my topic – making money online via blogging.

Some of the things I’ve not done (or at least not done for quite a few years) include:

  • link exchanges
  • buying links (I’ve run a couple of small AdWords and BlogAds campaigns but no text links)
  • begging for blogroll links

I think if someone did some analysis on the type of links that are pointing at ProBlogger that they’d find that the majority of them are the result of someone commenting upon, disagreeing with or recommending something that I’ve written.

What type of posts have brought in the most incoming links?

I’d be guessing here – but I think there’d be a few:

  • Scoops – breaking big news is probably the best way to get incoming links because the majority of bloggers who report on the news will also include a link to you as it’s source. Some blogs have perfected the scoop post to the point that they’ve really launched themselves into the A-list as a result of them.
  • How To Posts – I always find that these posts generate a lot of incoming links. Once you help one person work out how to do something – they often like to keep a record of it for themselves but also to pass it on.
  • Opinion Pieces – arguing a point strongly is great for getting people to comment and link up to your posts as you generally find that two camps rise up as a result – firstly those who agree with you and want to write about why – and secondly those who disagree with you and want to state their case.
  • Group Projects – while I don’t force participants to link back to my blog I do ask them to consider it. Even if only 50% do this can result in a hundred or more backlinks per project.
  • Humor Posts – one of the frustrating things of having a serious blog is that quite often the heavier and serious posts (that you put hours and hours into writing) get ignored and it can be the lighter and humorous ones that you post off the cuff without thinking about them that get all the attention.

These are the type of posts that seem to generate links here on ProBlogger. On other blogs that I own there are similarities but I’ve found that each blog seems to have it’s own type of post that works best.

Lastly – Keep in mind that links are not everything. While they definitely help, concentrate on producing great content and keeping a holistic perspective and you’ll find the links will come in time.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Interesting. Thing is though, that the problem with this post is that it only helps blogs/sites that already HAVE TRAFFIC to get more backlinks. It doesn’t help the sites that want backlinks in order to get traffic.

    Best Regards

  2. A very fine and precise advice you give it’s really great, but how can a small web site realistically build up enough links to get some serious traffic.

  3. great tips, i will definitely use all of them.

  4. ok, I agree with you. This is amazing and quite new information for me. What about getting back links other than blogging?


  5. You’ll only get backlinks if the content is “useful”

  6. this is what im looking for to increase my affiliate sales on my blog…

    thanks a lot darren…i mean it… ;)

  7. Thank you for sharing the different ways a site can acquire back links. I must admit that it is not easy to get them. It takes perseverance and time!

  8. very nice post ! .but its a hard thing to get backlinks


  9. Great tips, I will use these in one of my 3 months blog.
    I have created many css templates with a link to mysite in the footer, I think this is a great way to get backlink too.

  10. There is alot of helpful info here. Does these backlinks apply to websites or just blogs?

  11. Excellent tips, they have been very useful to me. Thanks

  12. quite informative. and very handy for bloggers.
    but most of these dont apply if your a ‘services’ site..?
    then you dont have – “breaking news” or “lots of content”..


  13. Some good information! Thankyou very much.
    Just getting into the whole backlinking thing (starting off really). I would like to ask if anyone has any knowledge of using text links? Is it worth spending money. Or is the info I have read recently regarding them and the changes that Google have made true…that Google will mark you down for using them?
    Anyone got any thoughts?


  14. I agree to make this work you would have to have useful content otherwise it would never work!

  15. “concentrate on producing great content and keeping a holistic perspective and you’ll find the links will come in time”

    i totally agree with this.

  16. I am trying to get backlinks to my website as well. It’s new and trying to promote it.


  17. I might be totally wrong about it but I thought you need traffic first to establish links.

    I am not sure by the way if I understand the concept of a backlink. Any link pointing to a blog = backlink?

  18. … Halo, I am very sad… my backlink web still low….my web already online 4 month….. the trafic increase slow….would you like to give me some suggestion to solve my problem….thanks before

  19. Does anybody know where I can get a service that writes to different blogs in order to get more backlinks?

  20. Backlinks – Help
    Any good ideas how to get these one way links? My site at http://creditcard-debtsolutions.blogspot.com/ still has zero backlinks. If you know the secret, then please share it and give me a backlinke to credit card debt solutions.


  21. Does google have a problem with subdomains?

    I’ve built these two sites,

    http://www.hp88.ink-republic.com and http://www.easypartfinder.com/rat-rod-parts.

    For some reason, the main domains were indexed within just a couple hours and showing on google. The subdomains, why I don’t know, are getting indexed differently. Maybe some backlinks from a good site like this one will help?

    Worth a try. Any comments on subdomains vs domains would be good info.

    Thank you.

  22. Thanks for such a valuable information.

    I was trying since 3 months for a high PR for my blog and by your technique i have achieved the result.

    Keep it up!

  23. Could you please just have a look on my blog and give your valuable suggestions on what further needs to be done if I want to get it some Google Rank of at least 1 or 2. Thanks.

  24. Well I’ve just started a French recipe blog and I’ve been told ‘you gota get backlinks’ so if someone could tell me how to get ’em I’d be very grateful !

  25. you should place some more info like list of dir;s list of bookmarking sites etc…

  26. another great way to get backlinks is to hold some sort of a contest. This creates a good amount of backlinks and a good increase in traffic for the duration of the contest. In my experience, my contest was bringing in about 50 – 100 additional unique visitors a day

  27. You’ll only get backlinks if the content is “useful”

  28. When I see the amount of backlinks you have it is difficult to think that it only comes from natural linking.

    Are there any other “secrets” that you use?

  29. well just like this post, if the content is good, then it will be linked back without any problem. cheers

  30. @ GyZ , yes Any link pointing to a blog or a site is backlink. It is link that you received from other websites.

  31. i think, get backlink from content, yahoo answer, blogwalking and bookmark

  32. Unfortunately, I don’t think its as easy as getting links from content, yahoo, blogwalk, and bookmarks. Those are great places to start, and must haves for any link building campaign, but I think it takes alot more than that on its own.

  33. This is very useful information, can you please share more information regarding quality directory submission.

  34. My web site has been up for about 4 months and I have seen incredible traffic but I want to get people’s opinion on the site. Is the content useful? Where can I improve? I also heard that most site’s take at least a year to develop a decent stream of traffic. Is this true? http://www.fitnesswonders.com

  35. The good way is truly writing useful content in a way of being picked up, which is pretty hard in this competing atmosphere. Even by CNN, gardian, etc. if the content is written the way they want as well as useful for the visitors.

  36. The best way for me as a small web agency to get links is to create good websites for my customers and get the valuable backlink as the creator. Most of my links come from my customers. It´s a long way, but i think it´s worth it.

  37. Thanks for the post. I’m a big fan. I think my blog has a good variety of posts, but it’s over two years old and I’ve gotten very little attention, despite following the usual protocol (submitting to directories, commenting on other blogs, posting (semi-)regularly, attaching my URL to email signatures and social network profiles, and cross-posting. So I’ve given up on seeking out backlinks. I just gave my blog sort of a makeover, and am trying hard to figure out what I did wrong.

  38. The good way is truly writing useful content in a way of being picked up, which is pretty hard in this competing atmosphere. Even by CNN, gardian, etc. if the content is written the way they want as well as useful for the visitors.


  39. I agree. Useful content is always the best attribute. There is far too much fluff and marketing jargon on the net. Keeping content clear and concise is best for the net and its users!

  40. Unfortunately, it is now becoming trickier and trickier to get up on the SERPs. Things that worked 2 years ago or even last year may not be effective any more…

  41. Too many people focus on PageRank…and forget about their content.

  42. oh yeah, and i’ve been wondering…does Yahoo have an equivalent to PageRank? Like YahooRank or something? sorry for the newbie question :-D


  43. Getting backlinks is one of the hardest thing ever. Especially when you’re just starting out

  44. I agree with you, how-to posts and anything unique or humorous can be magic, not only in terms of content but it can also be a handy way to generate backlinks. I did a rant a while back about all the things that were driving me nuts, and it worked wonders because so many readers empathized with what I was saying, and referred friends and peers to the post. It was also a heck of a lot of fun to write :)

  45. I find backlinks a double edge sword. First if you have a low Page rank people don’t want to give you a links, but in order to get a higher page rank you have to have links… It’s a lot like kissing you mom or sister… there is nothing exciting about it!

  46. Thanks Darren, you have yet another good post about blogging. I have been following your content but this is the first time I leave a comment here. I think as long as your content is viral and has valuable content people will come to you. So, I fully agree with you that link is not everything. You are the best blogging guru in this world ! Love~

  47. Great Post. Also the commentators have made good additions! great job to all. And a big thanks! I’m sure this post has brought in many inbound links to your site.

  48. Thanks for all the info. I have had a hard time trying to generate backlinks and increasing PR for some time. I appreciate your tips!

  49. Backlinks to high pagerank page is important. I just launch my site which is this is few of them with different theme on SEO and free stuff (at least that’s what I’v planned for this site).

    It’s better and even lot better to have 2 backlinks on high pagerank compared to have 1000 backlinks on PR0 website.


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