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How Long Have you Been Blogging? POLL

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of September 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

It has been a while since I ran a poll on ProBlogger but thought it might be time for another one.

This week’s poll is one we’ve run before (over a year back) and it will be interesting to compare the results.

Please note – there is a formatting issue with the ‘results’ part of this poll that we’ll try to fix in the next few days. You’ll still be able to see the results – they just won’t be graphed as a result of some kind of incompatibility between my template and the Democracy plugin that I’m using to run the poll.

Anyway – on with the poll:

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  • I think your poll results may be off. Most of the results are over 100%

  • Adele

    I really wasn’t sure how to answer this. I’ve been blogging seriously (i.e. regularly, with a view to building a readership) for 1,5 years, but I’ve had a personal LiveJournal for the last 3 years.

    I’ve decided not to count the LJ years, because I’m mostly using it to keep in touch with my family, rather than to entertain people I don’t know.

  • Blogging for less than 2 years, wish I could say I’ve been blogging for 10, but better to be a blogger than not a blogger!

  • Wow, I feel such a veteran. Passed my five year mark earlier this year, but my blog has only been earning worthwhile money in the last year or so.

  • Not a Square,

    I have had problems with this plug in. It has been so long since I used it that I can’t even remember why I abandoned it.

    TheOzz (Almost 3 years of blogging)

  • I’ve been blogging for 4 months and im loving it!

  • Been blogging one and a half months. I feel like I’ve been doing it forever. Not sure whether that’s good or bad!

    This site has been a terrific resource for me.

  • Looks like there are a lot of newbie bloggers around.

  • Been blogging for a year. Being building websites for 4 years.

  • Not a Square – The maths is fine. The first 2 figures in the results are the total number of people voting for that option. The next 2 are the percentage of the total. The problem is just that there’s no formatting, so no separation of the 2 figures. :)

    I’ve been blogging for one month now, and I’ve enjoyed every minute so far!

  • I’ve been blogging for 3.5 years, but only full-time professionally for a year-and-a-quarter.

  • personally blogging for about 4 years

  • I’m a newbie but hoping to go professional soon, keep trying to reinvent the wheel or ‘out-content’ older sites – but I’m learning. I want to be professional and semi-passive in a year.

  • 4 or more years for me, but it’s only been in the last year that I monetized my blog…and created a few new blogs!

  • Coming up on the 1 year mark for me.

  • My first anniversary coming up this 11 sept!

  • I’ve been blogging for around a year. Been a fun year, with many mistakes made by lessons learned.

  • I’ve been blogging for around a year. Been a fun year, with many mistakes made but lessons learned.

  • Nine months for me…

  • I have just started my second blog as I had to close my first one for some reasons. In total this comes out to 6 months of active blogging.

  • Still around after 2+ years

  • About 3 months and loving it.

  • 18 months for me now.

  • I’ve been blogging for about 1.2 years and I’m still doing it :)

    How have you been blogging, Darren?

  • On one blog or another, I’ve been doing this since the year 2000.

  • Wow it seems like there are a lot of new bloggers including me.

  • I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 years now. I haven’t made much money from it, but it sure is an outlet…..I get cool toys, though and rockin’ CDs :)

  • I blog because I have something to say…but it must not be very interesting based on my stats!

  • When I tried to figure out how long I’ve been blogging, I’ve come to realize that it has already been past 3 months. Technically, I’ve started blogging in April of this year, but that was before I got my in June. The days are just whizzing past by because of blogging.

  • I just celebrated two years of blogging (same blog, three different platforms) and I’m lovin’ it! Especially when it comes down to helping other bloggers out. I’m no Pro but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

    As a side note I just took Technosailor’s Self Importance Test and the results said I was most like Darren Rowse. Take a look at my site and compare and you’ll get a chuckle out of it in fact I’m still chuckling. Made my day.

  • I have been blogging for about 3 years. It is only recently that I started blogging about SEO.

  • Five years blogging (four blogs now on the go), but New Music Strategies has only been going just on a year, and that’s the one that has made all the impact.

    Amazing what a decent topic and a free e-book with a reasonably compelling title (The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online) will do.

  • a year and a half flew by in no time

  • Since April 2004.

  • It’ll be four years in just under two months. :)

  • wow I’m glad to see that there are a bunch of bloggers out there under 3 months

  • Blogging since July 2005, and a lot more since I started blogging funny stuff about 24. That branched out into theories about LOST, and other shows that interest me.

    Sometimes it seems like a lot longer…

    What I’d really like to know is how many posts people have done in the time they’ve been blogging.

    I tend to write one really long one each week (either my attempt at a funny “24” summary when the show is on, or a crazy “24 meets another tv show cast” mashup episode like I’ve been doing this off season). The rest of the posts are quite a bit shorter.

    I think I’m over 650 posts, if I count all the categories together. Even with that, I think I’m behind on my blogging.

  • Since August 2003.

    Took about 3 years to really get the hang of creating content.

    Now looking forward to using what has been learned over the last 4 years (and the vast amount of knowledge picked up via ProBlogger thanks to Darren:) with our new Blog which will be top notch.

  • I have been blogging for 7 years, but only started blogging for profit 3 months ago.

  • Me..since August 2001 ( but stopped for 4 years and got back into action last December 2005 when I got my domain back.

  • I feel the same with Kathy. Only for 2.5 months, but it feels forever. So much learning since I started.

    I am glad to find there are many newbies. And also surprised to see 9% of your readers do not have their blogs. 50% of your readers is less than 9 months. It feels I am a part of “early majority” of the “Crossing the Chasm”.

  • Whoa – vote number 666! The number of the beast! (Hell and fire was spawned to be released!)

  • Six years, on and off – a mix of daily thoughts, personal travel diaries and now money-and-blogging stuff. That makes me an old lady in Blogging Years! :O

  • 10 years, off and on (mostly on). I’ve never done it for a profit. I write because I like to write.

    My photoblog is almost at 3 years old (October).

  • I have been blogging for over 2 years now! I can hardly believe it! But when I checked some of my older blogs I see that they go back quite a ways and it doesn’t even seem that long!

    Now it has come to the point where I am an actual professional blogger! How do I know that – because for this year it will be the first time that I actually have to file an income tax return for my blogging income! On the surface it may seem like a bad thing but along with having to declare it as income comes the added benefit of being able to deduct some nice little blogging-related expenses like my internet access and so on!

  • Since back in 2000 before most people called them blogs:

  • I think your poll results may be off. Most of the results are over 100%

    You are reading them wrong. Example:

    The first result reads:

    I don’t have a blog
    568% of all votes

    If you’ll notice, the 56 is in bold type while the 8% is in italic type; which means 56 people who voted don’t have a blo and that those 56 people make up 8% of the votes cast.

    as for myself: my answer was 4 years +

  • Like some others before me said, there is some bug with your polling software. There should be a space between the two numbers.

    By the way, I have been ‘blogging’ for 2.5 years.

  • My answer was 1 and a half years.

  • Binny – yep, I mention this glitch in the post. I’m waiting on the support team at b5 to get to my support request on this one (weekends are slower).

    everyone – As EelKat says just see the bolded number in the results and you’ll see the votes number and then after that is the %.