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How Long Have you Been Blogging? POLL

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of September 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

It has been a while since I ran a poll on ProBlogger but thought it might be time for another one.

This week’s poll is one we’ve run before (over a year back) and it will be interesting to compare the results.

Please note – there is a formatting issue with the ‘results’ part of this poll that we’ll try to fix in the next few days. You’ll still be able to see the results – they just won’t be graphed as a result of some kind of incompatibility between my template and the Democracy plugin that I’m using to run the poll.

Anyway – on with the poll:

About Darren Rowse
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  • i think problogger means for people who blog, not necessarily professional blogger.

    But i do have dream to be pro-blogger, still dreaming..

  • Its amazing to see the spike in people blogging in the last 3 months through this poll, I wonder however if thats because most of the people viewing this blog and article came in through searching recently for how to start a blog?

  • What I’m noticing is spikes after each change in polling times…

    For instance, when it changes from measuring every three months to measuring every six months, there’s a spike (currently, 55 votes for the 9-12 months compared to 67 votes in the 1 to 1.5 years).

    That tells me that it is just a matter of more of Darren’s readers being newer to blogging overall. The spikes are just artificial, a result of changing the time spans covered by each polling option. In fact, this gives a good idea of the drop-out rate in blogging: 11% of people are in it for the really long haul. 27% have at least two years under their belts… and 32% are still quite green (less than 6 months).

  • I had a hard time deciding how long I’ve been blogging for. I’ve had blogs off and on (mostly “off”) since 2001 (when I first heard of this strange thing called blogging).

    But only in the last 9 months or so have I been seriously blogging – and this is also the longest blog I’ve maintained. So I chose the 9-12 month category.

  • Hey, I’ve been blogging for a a little over three years now and have just -this week- turned a new page in my online life.

    I have retired my original blogs (feeds and all) and starting from scratch. I’m using a new name (not my real name anymore) and will be concentrating my articles on online marketing (my domain of expertise).

    This is totally scary, starting something this new, after all this time is pretty hard. I’m hoping to gather a new kind of reader base and climb slowly but surely for the next few weeks and months.

    Can anyone imagine what’s it like to shut down 12 blogs with thousands of views every day and go back to one single blog with 6 page views which are your own for the time being?.. hehe. Yep, like I said – scary!

    I’m not done with blogging, it’s way too much fun and I’ll tackle this new blog as an experiment to try and figure out if I can manage to do it all over again.

    Wish me luck :)

    Insane Seb

    P.S. Also if anyone is interested in submitting their own articles, I’d be happy to post them and give you credit. As long as you fit with my description.

  • Maybe a better poll plugin or just any free poll service on the web will display the results in a cooler way. I started in June last year, so, more than a year.

  • I’ve been blogging for four years but have been serious about blogging for more than three years after somewhat tentatively giving it a test run.

  • If comparing to last year it may also be worth noting you’ll have a larger readership than then.. for example I came here via the facebook ‘blog friends’ application. I’ve been blogging for 4 years but until today had never seen this blog and possibly wouldn’t have stumbled across it and taken your poll were it not for facebook..

  • Hey Darrin, I started my first blog after reading Problogger.
    I love it, and will continue until the day I cannot write any longer.

    Keep up the great work…

    Jim Moon

  • (Just) coming up for 3 months so I’m a newbie. I’ve learned so much from ProBlogger and thanks Darren.

  • I have been blogging more than a year, personally, but as soon as I found a better tool I really got serious about it. I was using google’s tool and linking to individual posts from a basic html page, what a maintenance nightmare. I finally got on WordPress and it has been so much more fun and I have been much more active.

  • I started my photoblog somewhere in July. I already had two completely unstructured blogs in 2005 and earlier this year (I deleted both in the meantime). They were to general and to negative (about work, personal life, etc.). After talking to a friend and reading lots of articles on ProBlogger, I started a far more serious blog which is more structured and well-thought off. Now it’s all about photography and other related topics.

  • Steadily blogging at ‘Serge the Concierge’ since March of 2005.

    Launching a companion blog to my ‘Just over 50 and not dead yet’ Panel for ‘South by Southwest’ (being voted on right now).

    The focus of both panel and blog will be to highlight the fact that the online world is not populated just by 20 somethings.

    Here is the link if you want to find out more (and/or vote on it)

    Merci beaucoup

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

  • i have been blogging for less than 3 months ….

  • I just started blogging recently and loved it so much that in that time I’ve created 4 blogs!! I am still learning and growing as a blogger.

  • I’ve been blogging for a long time, but only recently have I started to do it a bit more seriously. I’m surprised by the amount of new comers to the game known as blogging.

  • I’ve been blogging since 04, but running web sites since 1993.

  • Have been blogging for … oh god… 9.5 years! Argh! Only just started niche blogging though.

  • It’s true, you are one of the answers and in fact the answer that I got. “You are most like Darren Rowse.” I giggled because yours is the only blog I’ve subscribed to for over a year (love it by the way!).

  • My humble weblog has been in existence since December 1999. It might be the longest-running political weblog still going.

  • I just started blogging and I love every aspect of it

  • Hmmm. Since Live Journal started. It was brand new when I started a blog there. So after checking to see it was started in 1999, so I got started around year 2000 I suppose.

    I have a good memory, just short.

    Hey Darren, start a poll about how long people have been doing blogs for business, blogs for politics, personal blogs, etc. It would be interesting to see how long people have been doing different types of blogs.

  • Have been blogging for … oh god… 9.5 years! Argh! Only just started niche blogging though.

    thanks you . good

  • Enjoy my blogging thats why I have been doing it so long..

  • Since I’m insanely proud of this, I’ll be more specific: I started online blogging 11+ years ago and I’m still going. Started 18 January 1997, which according to the Online Diary History Project makes me the 21st blogger on the net. That’s not for any profesional stuff, just “let people know how I am” personal blogging – I keep it at LiveJournal at the moment but before LJ I did it with homegrown scripts.

    My ATMac blog which I think of as “business” even though it’s not monetized (yet) is about 2 years old IIRC.

  • Since back in 2000 before most people called them

  • On one blog or another, I’ve been doing this since the year