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Have You Ever Guest Posted on Someone Else’s Blog? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of February 2009 Blog Promotion, Reader Questions 0 Comments

As a followup to yesterdays post on Guest Posting as a method to promote your blog I thought I’d ask how many readers have tried the technique?


Feel free to add a comment below to tells us more about your answer – I’m particularly interested to hear from those who have guest posted about how you found the experience.

PS: thanks to all my Twitter followers for suggesting poll topics and for @rustylshelton who inspired this one.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I guess posted once but got tricked. They didn’t linkback and just used it. I just got merged in as one of their contributors.

  2. Yes, I just did a series of 3 guest posts for someone, all of which just went up in the last 2 weeks.

    I have another post I am about to start for a different blog this week.

  3. No I have not guest posted on someone else’s blog nor have I been approached by anyone wanting to guest post on my blog either. I guess it’s something to think about however.

  4. i have did not really see no big gain from or i could be wrong

  5. i have did not really see no big gain from it or i could be wrong

  6. I’ve been invited a few times. I submitted just one a few days ago because I could write one related to the requester’s niche blog but still there’s no guarantee he’d publish it. I did however, told him I’d appreciate if he changes his mind because I have another blog I can submit my post to! lol

    I don’t know about the existing guest-bloggers but I feel that if I guest-blog for you, only YOU should have that blog post. A little like a gift but I am still taking credits for the post.

    Guest-bloggers do not have contracts of any kind. Pliagarism is the worse kind any blogger has to deal with, apart from bad publicity on another blogger’s blog and spam, or writers’ block

  7. I have never made a guest post but i’m looking forward to do some. I think it’s a good way to get some reputation on the niche.

  8. Yes i have but only if the content are good,

    Btw Darren, you seemed to have a problem with your database, why don you upgrade your hosting or remove some of your old blog post, cause i think Problogger is getting heavy to load and have much problem,

    – My 2 cents

  9. I have guest posted on a couple of other blogs upon request. I’ve never approached anyone about writing a guest post and so far I’ve turned down any offers to guest post on my blog because they haven’t been a good fit with my subject matter/audience (someone wanted to guest post about a Christian single’s Web site….ummm….I write an atheist parenting blog).

  10. If you have trouble keeping up the content on your own blog…I think I have too many blogs but I like the varied topics quite a bit.

  11. @Annie @ PhD in Parenting I can actually see some of your articles on a friend’s website (a couple). They distribute toddlers’ care ebook and have good advise in their blog. Find them here:—> http://www.twitter.com/dominiquegoh

    I am currently exploring and considering a few requests of guest-posts. But like Annie, I can only guest-post on subjects I am familiar with. I don’t like giving crap content.

    And of course, I am learning A LOT from the interactions here! Thanks to Darren!

  12. I just started a “new blogs” website to help people with new blogs, market and promote to readers. This is a valuable resource to new blogs, because having other sites link to you is important for SEO, plus, it shows your blog off to thousands of bloggers looking to network with people like yourself and exchange links. It also showcases your blogs to readers, specifically looking for new and interesting blogs to read. To get added, visit http://newestblogs.wordpress.com/, review the submission guidelines, and email me :)

  13. I’ve guest posted on another blog and found it a really good experience. It brought a lot of visitors to my blog and was a nice cross-connection to make. I was approached directly by a blogger and it was a compliment to be asked. I was also asked to do further collaboration which due to time constraints I had to turn down – however it shows that there can be a snowball effect.
    Both of my blogs are very much ‘my own’ so I’m not looking for guest posters but I would like to think I can guest post for others more in the future.

  14. I would love to guest post or have someone guest post for my site but I have no idea really how to approach it? What are the expectations from either side.

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