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Group Writing Project Winners

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of December 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

200612181504Now that the final submissions are all in for the Reviews and Predictions Group Writing Project it’s time to announce the prizes from our wonderful and generous sponsors who in total gave $2500 USD in gifts as incentives to participate.

The following 10 winners were selected randomly (using a random number generator) to win the prizes. Congratulations to each of them and better luck next time to the 282 participants who didn’t come away with a prize this time around.

While there’s no formal judging in this project to determine a winner the true judging now happens from you the reader of these posts as you surf through the list of participants searching for your favorite to link up to. Post your top 10 and share some link love.

Thanks for everyone who participated.

Here are the 10 winners.

Winners have been notified via the email addresses that they submitted with their entries and sponsors will be in touch with them shortly.

Thanks again everyone.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. […] Entre 300 concorrentes, este que vos blogga ganhou 100 dólares escrevendo aquele post sobre a blogosfera brasileira de 2006, no concurso ProBlogger Group Writing Project! […]

  2. Congratulations to the winners, this was a fun contest and I see some of the ones I hoped would win got something. WTG.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners! You’ve done good, Darren.


  4. Congrats to the winners!

    I missed the deadline by one day, but here’s my late contribution:

    Merry Xmas for all!

  5. Congratulations! :)

    Good luck for me and the rest next time ;) ;) ;)

  6. Great Job Everyone! Can’t wait to read through!
    This is just a great idea to do a group writing project… When is the next one LOL?

  7. Congrats everybody! It was great fun participating.

    Happy holidays!

  8. Guy who won the Nintendo Wii: We are all jealous of you!

  9. This was a lot of fun to participate in. Glad I was able to join in on the fun and win something too… This rocks! :) I’ve mingled with some really excellent bloggers and had a great time with this. I’ll definitely participate again.

    Thank you!

  10. congratulations to the winners, and Darren, thanks again for hosting a great writing project. I always enjoy them!

  11. […] So I entered the ProBlogger Group Writing Project this week, and the results came in today. In a random drawing for ten prizes (I definitely had my eye on the Wii), Myself and 281 other contestants walked away empty handed. […]

  12. Yes, thanks Darren for hosting this great project. Look forward to the next one.

  13. Congratulations to all the winners. It was a fun project and I enjoyed reading the posts!

  14. Great job hosting this project Darren! It’s so fun reading through all the different posts and discovering new blogs to read! :)

  15. Darren,

    Thanks so much for this exercise and coordinating all of it. Fun stuff!


  16. Congrats to all the winners. I’m hoping htat there is going to be another project like this.

  17. If we wanted to start a group writing project ourselves, how would you recommend we announce and promote it?

  18. […] Acabei de receber do The Blogging Times via Paypal os 100 dólares que ganhei no sorteio do Group Writing Project do ProBlogger depois de escrever sobre a blogosfera brasileira. […]

  19. […] My post Baby Name Stock Market: My Picks for 2006 has just won a ProBlogger prize! The prize is sponsored by Information for Her Australia. What a nice way to start the day… :) […]

  20. […] This is a tip for anyone who is remotely interested in blogging or anything else for that matter. Blogging is a remarkable way to share your expertise, opinions, rants, etc. in a public way.  I am very new to blogging myself, and it is a lot of fun.  I wish I would have started sooner. via Problogger – Group Writing Project Winners […]

  21. […] The winners have been posted on Problogger. […]

  22. […] The actual official winners have now been announced, but I wasn’t one of them. Then again, they were picked at random so it doesn’t mean much… I just missed out on a free prize dammit lol. […]

  23. […] I had submitted recently to ProBlogger’s Writing Project on Review and Predictions hoping to be one of the ten randomly picked winners. Ah well, the list of winners are here. There’s one with the longest title as one of the winners. […]

  24. Congratulations to all the winners, good job everyone.


  25. […] The group writing project from Problogger is now over . Even though i didnt win a prize a still feel like a winner as i got a chance to meet lots of interesting bloggers and read there amazing articles . Now its time to spread the link love …i am going to mention some of the fav posts … […]

  26. […] The Problogger group writing project Reviews and Predictions is up. Ten lucky winners were chosen at random to receive prizes of cash, gift certificates, an iPod, a Nintendo Wii, a coaching course, and web hosting. (I was not one of those lucky winners. I blame the random number generator. Bah.) […]

  27. Congratulations. I am still reading through these lists, so I plan to post my favs soon. Happy Holidays.

  28. excellent initiative Darren. hope to take part in similar projects in the future. and A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  29. […] Fellow blogger Rob Schaumer, who found this site like many of you through the Problogger contest, decided a few months ago to start podcasting. His first topic? This very site.  Not only did he sing the Cal Drinking Song for me, but he actually pronounced my name correctly. Rob, you totally made my day. […]

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