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Google Updating?

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on but I suspect that Google is doing some tweaking/updating at present as I’ve had a number of bloggers emailing to report that they are seeing greater shifts than normal in their SERPs (the position of their site for certain keywords in Google). There also seems to be quite a bit of discussion going on in a variety of threads at WMW (more than the normal level anyway). It could be one of Google’s normal minor updates or maybe something bigger is brewing.

I’ve also talked to a few Australian bloggers in the last few days who have noticed significant changes in’s results and some UK based publishers who are noticing changes – perhaps what we’re seeing is the results of localized updates.

My own sites are a little higher than normal in terms of Google referrals but it could just be a seasonal thing. Time will tell.

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  1. I’ve actually had two sites move up recently in PR … one from 0 to 4, and another one from 2 to 3. I noticed this change about two weeks ago or so. One is a blog, and one is not. The blog is getting a fair amount of traffic from Google, while the other picks up most of it’s traffic from MSN and Yahoo at this point, although I’m not really sure why – I figured I just got out of the ‘sandbox’.

  2. today i noticed someones site who has almost no links to it and has very little of interest had a pagerank of 4.
    This site gets no traffic, so something must be going on…

  3. I’m noticing increased traffic on a couple of blogs but that’s not simply down to Google and to be honest I haven’t been tracking it all that closely.

  4. I understand now why 2 days ago as I was on our Forum, I saw a page rank of 9. The site has a PR of 4, and today there is no page rank at all, the PR bar is blank. I don’t know what’s going on.

    Also. I received an email from google adsense. It is the first time. They was talking about sitemap, robot.txt, and adsense channels tutorials.

    I hope we will benefit from these changes.

  5. I have noticed my organic Google referrals climbing significantly starting about a week ago. I still struggle to receive any traffic at all from MSN or Yahoo.

  6. Big Daddy is at it again… :-)

  7. I would guess it’s still some of the dust settling from the ‘Big Daddy’ update which was more than just an algorithm update. ‘Big Daddy’ invloved a new datacenter for Google and I wouldn’t be surprised if we still see a few oddities from time to time in ranking and page ranks. I’ve notice my homepage bounce back and forth from a PR0 to a PR9 which is what it usually is.

    When you go to Google you may actually be at any of their datacenters and the different datacenters will often present different results which is why PR may bounce a little or your position in the results pages may vary.

    I’m thinking with the new datacenter some of the Google servers are just a little farther off from the norm as they first get put into action which is why the differences seem to vary a little more than normal.

    Then again it could just be another update of some sort.

  8. I recently added Google Sitemaps to my blogs and will watch with interest whether or not this has any ‘tangible’ impact!

  9. Something is going on…We noticed discrepancies too.

  10. I’ve noticed a 15-20% increase in Google referred traffic on at least 2 of my sites over the past 4 days (including today). I’ve also noticed some of my images pulling in a lot more traffic as well. It helps when they’re branded with the site url. Every little bit of exposure counts ;-)

  11. While my pagerank didn’t drop, I noticed something is up with Google too. My traffic from them dropped significantly. I was thinking of adding a site map to help allieviate this problem. Has anyone found that blogs with sitemaps get better Google results?

  12. CX,

    I’ve only recently added sitemaps to my blogs (using my original Atom Feeds). However, I’ll be watching with interest as to whether it has any impact +/-


  13. Is there an average percentage of traffic that people experience from organic google searches? Generally speaking I receive about 5 percent of traffic from google searches, is that high, low, etc?


  14. Thanks for the tip John keep us posted on how the sitemaps work out.

  15. That’s a good question, Hadley.

    And is it okay if we get more hits from Yahoo! and MSN?

  16. […] ProBlogger reports “I’ve also talked to a few Australian bloggers in the last few days who have noticed significant changes in’s results and some UK based publishers who are noticing changes […]

  17. Hello ,

    I am bishan from india i interested in add google adds on my blog i have been singh up before 7 days ago but i did’nt found any reply so please tell me what i can do.


  18. all the page rank predictors said my website would be a 4, but it remains a 2. Is there a set date when google updates or is it just when ever it feels like?

  19. how often does google update page ranks? is there any website that keeps track of the google schedule?

  20. Yes,
    Google has been updated his backlink but not PR,
    From my opinion google is back approx 6 month.
    I am waititng his PR updation