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Google Update Underway – Jagger 2 Update

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of October 2005 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

Matt Cutts reports that another Google update (Jagger 2) is underway.

All the hardcore SEO types are speculating on what it all means over here. Seems to me this one won’t show any changes to your page rank – its all about your SERPs (search engine results pages) rankings.

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  • First update was pretty good, my brand new site went from PR0 to PR3 in only 3 weeks (no sandbox or “aging delay”). Now if SERP are also improved, I’m salivating :)

  • Mine went from PR5 to PR6 :-)

  • Jon

    “(no sandbox or “aging delay”)” the sandbox effect is more todo with where you land on the SERPs than your PR. You could have a good PR and still not show up on the results page for anything but obscure keywords.
    I opened shop in January and just in the last 2 weeks has my traffic from Google SERPs taken off. Before that I didn’t come up on the first page, even if I searched for ‘Smart Money Daily’. That’s the sandbox effect.

  • I am finally managing my way out of the sandbox. Or… perhaps I have moved up in SERPS… I don’t know how I would know which was actually happening. But, I am getting more traffic from google now than I am from MSN search (or any other search for that matter) and so I am happy, whatever the reason.

  • my new site went from 0 to 5 which made me very happy. What made me unhappy is that I am moving, so two months’ work is gone down the drain in the form of a pr 5 site. Oh well.

  • These are the updates I look forward to seeing because these are the ones that bring me money. Screw the PR updates as those are cosmetic and at least a month behind it seems on real world results.

  • BA

    Naive question here: Does PageRank have any effect at all on ad rates?

  • Looking at webmasterworld there seems to be an idea that Googles server at is leading the way in the updates. If you just put that in your web brower you can do initial searches in Google and it will search only on that server. If this filters out I am really happy with how things are working out. My blogs got upgraded in pagerank a lot last week and doing this search is even better, I am finding a term where I went from 150 in Google to 15 so I hope it sticks.

    Hopefully we will see all of thee spam blogs get degraded as I really feel that the effect of those crappy blogs really affects the way that people look at weblogs in general

  • Looks like referrals from google are finally bouncing back up, gaining places on the ranking slowly. Hopefully round 3 will return me back from where I came from!

    Interesting times…..

  • one of my sites has been getting absolutely massive amounts of refferals from Google…pretty nice

  • My site has been killed. I don’t know if this google update is the reason or not… but as of about November 4th my google results have dropped to almost nil. I’ve always had a PR of 6, and would usually come in the top 10 of results for most of my posts… but now I’m not even coming in the top 200 in most cases.