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Google PR Update Underway

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of October 2005 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

The Google Page Rank update is underway – you can check what your PR will/could be using this Future Page Rank Tool to track what the different data centers have your page rank at.

Keep in mind that Page Rank is not the be all and end all – you might like to read a post I’ve written trying to explain page rank if you’re new to the concept.

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  1. My website received a PR2 update back in April 2007 without a single backlink and at only three months old.

    I have updated my blog with nearly 100 post since April last along with about 60 or more backlinks with a PR4 or higher besides I have neglected to use any of the automated backlink generating software even though I have about three to five (including some serious blackhat stuff) sitting as unused on my desktop.

    I received a detailed worded reprimand from Google a few months back about techniques that contravenes their Webmasters link acquisition guidelines that warned against the auto generated links that gives an unfair advantage to a few (cheeky) webmasters.

    I noticed I received this warning after I spents countless hours visiting and downloading all sorts of rss this and rss that type of seo software that put you ahead of the competition, and at the time of receiving the letter I was running some Google codes as a beta test on my website and at one ocassion came across a css history in the Google webmaster tools area of every single blackhat download page I visited, strange enough all the blackhat pages I visited was documented by Google who at the same will tell you they have proof you are breaking their rules but due to company policy you will never find out how they gather their evidence against you.

    Due to this uncertainty (on whether my internet activities are still being monitored) I decided to manually seek out valuable backlinks relevant to my website and blog I have only managed to acquire approximately 200 links so far (a task that has proven quite arduous and time consuming, I wont use any of the auto generators until I have changed my computers along with my adsl service provider) and I’m wondering whether or not these extra 200 backlinks will have a positive effect on my PR.

    I’m hoping that my website moves to a PR4 in the next update which I have heard by the way will occur somewhere near the end of August 2007.

    Well with the 60 backlinks PR4 or better I hope these will show up in the next update.

  2. Can nybody tell me exact date of page rank update

  3. nobody outside of Google Seo

  4. I have recently joined content desk and had one site built for me. I have done some heavy backlink building. I can hardly wait to see my initial page rank. If I get pr4, I’ll buy a drink to all of you guys :)

  5. Please tell me exact date of page rank update

  6. Hi,

    Guys no body knows the PR update Date. it is a long process and google update their database in a sequence, so as soon as your term come your site data will be updated and PR will be given according to google criteria.

    hope we all better PR….
    Me too waiting for PR4 uuuummmm


  7. I’ve been waiting for PR 6 for more than a year now. Site seems to be saturated at PR4. Lets see what happens this Sept 2007, or is it Oct 2007 , Next PR Update I mean ? Any ideas?

  8. PR updating should be happening soon. However, PR no longer has the value it used to have.

  9. I’m waiting for the PR update :-)

  10. PR is crazeee in my opinion. I put a legit site’s (with PR5) files to another domain I own for backup/testing purpose. I left it there once i finished my testing and guess what after 2 months I go back to delete the files and that test domain home page and every inside page has PR5 too!!! I dont need a PhD like some of the overpaid blokes at the big G to know that PR is not what it is made out to be.

  11. OK !
    Nice talk ..

  12. This waiting is making us crazy. How can we calculate PR when nobody knows the exact formula? I usually count the number and PR of backlinks, but those PRs are too old now.

  13. Anyone noticed pr update today. I have seen few days ago drop down pr in directories sites who sell paid links. Also I noticed today pr of general site is changing. anyone seen this update yet.

  14. I’ve lost form 4 to 3, I don’t understand :(

  15. Seen my 1 site go down to PR 0 and i’ve paid to go onto directories.
    My other site has gone up 1 pr and i’ve not done anything to it.

  16. Also seen a site jump from PR1 to PR4 with only 31 backlinks which are basically local authority & other related directories.

  17. yea google is making it a lot harder to monetize websites… which isn’t the coolest thing :/ I dont see why they are so against it; it just makes tons of people irritated.

  18. I have noticed drop in pr of many sites too. Especially for those directories which were selling links. Few of them were realy good site but thier pr dropped.

  19. I appreciate your response. I think we both see this as a move towards better quality content in Google.

  20. I`m waiting this update for a while,but i think this update has passed:).I saw manny websites that changed theyr pagerank..but mine has the same old PR 4.

  21. Well I am glad the rest of you are having good PR, mine was a PR 2 not good I know but for the last few months I have been working hard on my SEO and for the last 2 weeks my site has been a PR O, can anyone help me out with some suggestions please.

    Thanks everyone.
    Good luck to all!

    I hope this doesn’t seem spamy I am jsut asking for some help and advice. :/

  22. Hi has anyone figured how anything new on this PR thing and how often it is updated, I have a site for Free Cell Phones http://www.maxscellular.com
    that I am trying to get some good PR going on.
    I have been using 2 free traffic exchanges sirf sites that bring in decent traffic and I am getting into a few hundred directories and now trying social bookmarking but boy is it a lot of work, you really have to spend a few hours a day and still you may get no sales and get burned out, but I am not giving up just yet, if anyone can offer something that I have not tried that is working good for them please let me know thanks.

    Max Hinmon

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