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Google Page Rank Reappears

SEO addicts are breathing a sigh of relief today after the Disappearance of Google Page Rank seemingly being rectified in the last few hours. The green bar on the Google Toolbar has returned.

For the average web surfer and blogger the loss of PR would have had little impact but I know a few SEO experts whose businesses rely upon it who will be very relieved today.

Update: Reading between the lines on what ‘Google Guy’ has to say on the WebMasterWorld forum it looks like this was just an upgrade of infrastructure that was timed to coincide with a holiday weekend in the US. It is not an roll out of ‘Trust Rank’ or even an update of PR. Things should be back to normal by now.

About Darren Rowse
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  • Darren,
    Indeed this was a much talked about topic. It seemed as though like you said many seo experts were in a frenzy wondering if it was ever going to show back up.

    keven j

  • I lost my PR rank of 5 and my head went spinning … then I thought, so what! Many think that PR is overrated and I’m heading that way myself too.

    I’ve seen huge, popular sites with PR of 3 and 4’s and I’m a 5 … with only a handful of backlinks. Now maybe if PR was out of 100 then that would be a better gauge … and wouldn’t that get the seo’s in a frenzy

    – For over 3 years, our Explore the Taj Mahal website was number One in Google when searching for: Taj Mahal
    Now we are #11, and despite your article, we have NOT recovered our position. ALL of the websites listed above us have Fewer link-to’s and poorer quality link-to’s that our Taj Mahal site.

    How do you explain that?