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Google is Updating Page Rank – Future Page Rank Tool

The word on the street from those who watch such things is that Google are currently doing a Page Rank update. These things tend to take a day or two to sort themselves out but there are a few tools that can help you work out what your page rank might end up at. Here is one such tool from SEO Chat.

Future PageRank Tool © SEO Chat

Valid URL

If this is an accurate measure I’m pretty happy because it indicates that ProBlogger.net has finally been given a page rank and goes from a PR of 0 to a PR of 6.

Update: There are a few discrepancies using this tool by the looks of things. You might also like to check your page rank using Page Rank Check or Data Centre Check.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Whoah, thank you Darren. It looks like I’m going to have a PR or 5 on the site I started two months ago. Sweet! Let the blogging continue…

  2. Hei, I worked several years for a 6 on two of my domains, and now you come and grab it *buhu*

    No, actually I suspect to get my 5 ‘back’ on most of my domains, as i recently finally managed to get rid of the www everywhere. It takes some time for google to adapt to that. ;o)

  3. Ehh, it’s a nerd thing, it is amazing that the change of a bunch of numbers can get a lot of people so excited that they will jump up and down.

  4. Wow, Darren, you picked up on this before any of the web developer forums I visit. I’m very happy I’m already showing as a 5, but too bad I haven’t moved up in the SERPs at all. Oh well, at least all the PR 3s and 4s can be jealous of me now.

  5. Thanks Carl.

    I actually find that changees in SERPs are not attached at all with PR updates – instead the shifts seem to come when they update backlinks.

  6. I did a query for problogger.net and only got 4 and some zeroes? And I actually got the exact same result when querying my own site (3 months old).

  7. congrats on the 6 ! :)

  8. Usually takes a few days to settle Uffe

  9. Well, I’m just wondering how two queries for the same URL can give 2 different results.

  10. WOW! Looks like one of my sites is going from a 3 to an 8 !!! Pinch me, can this be true!?! …..Let me check… Yes my toolbar is now showing an 8!

  11. Excellent – thanks for the heads up, Darren. Very happy to see two of my sites get to 5 in a month and a half – without that much effort, to be honest. Now, to get them to 6…

  12. My oldest site just jumped from a 3 to an 8 !

  13. Google must have done an update in the last 24 hours my site has gone from PR 0 to PR 3 and problogger.net has gone from 0 to 4.

    In your tool, I’m getting 0s and 1s?

  14. seems to be a few discrepancies – perhaps the tool is not doing its job after all or maybe its got something to do with our global locations? Time will tell but whatever the case Page Rank Update is underway.

  15. I’m starting to think the 8 I’m seeing is a big Google mistake. When I just did a search for back links for the site that was given a PR 8 today – not a single one of the sites it is displaying has a returning link to my site, or has anything to do with my subject matter. Who broke Google?
    Shucks.. I really wanted to be an 8.

  16. Hopefully mine doesn’t drop again. Last time it went from a 7 to a 5.

  17. The discrepancies occur due to the use of www for the url. If you check with https://problogger.com you will see pr 6, if you check problogger.net you see a 4. That’s why I do this with all my sites.

  18. Thanks for the great info, and congrats on the increase in PR.

  19. We’re officially unsandboxed on all our sites too. Three 0s jumped to 4s wohoo. Congrats on your 6!

  20. @ Uffe, @ Smart Money

    To the confusion with the problogger pagerank: check https://problogger.com and https://problogger.com.

    You will see.

  21. Congrats Arieanna – I’m not sure that getting a PR means you’re out of the sandbox though unfortunately.

    I’ve got some PR 6 sites that get virtually no traffic from Google. It must be a step closer though.

  22. You find some really great stuff. Thanks for ProBlogging.

  23. Some good changes for me, but also some bad ones. I’d say it evened itself out, though.

  24. I’ve seen (current) Page Rank changes across 4 sites. As soon as I saw it, I came here to get the latest.

  25. […] same topic – there has been recent discussion on Google updating their algorithms over at ProBlogger with an interesting comment from Scr […]

  26. Google is updating page rank – future page rank tool

    The word from Darren Rowse at ProBlogger is that Google is currently doing a Page Rank update. Though it takes a day or two to sort out a new page rank, there are a few tools that can help you…

  27. would anyone give any idea on why if you are a 7 you would drop to 5 or 6. Is it because you don’t update it, or is it because if others get better, you have to drop lower even if you don’t do anything?

  28. It does not appear that the update is very stable for me…In an hour I went from 0 to 5 and back to 0….

    Realistically, PR is largely about bragging rights rather than SERPs. Which I tell myself when I see the 5 crash to a 0.

  29. Darren, you say problogger may move from PR 0 to 6, but my toolbar says your PR is currently 3?

  30. D’oh sorry Darren, I forgot this was an old article. :)

    Can anyone interpret this: for two of my new domains, where traffic is steadily increasing, all datacentres but two are showing a PR of zero, which is true. However, the same two DCs are showing a PR of 5 for the two domains.

    Could this be the change in progress? Please someone tell me that these are two servers ‘ahead’ and the rest will follow. Oh please! :)

    Even if I don’t get a 5, anything above zero would be cool – I already get good ranking on relevant search terms so this could be excellent!

    Am I just deluded? Is the tool flawed? Do I just have to wait and see what the mighty Google bestow upon me?

  31. I am on 4, but I don’t think I fully understand how PageRank works. I dig into it :)

  32. Several other DCs are now also showing 5 for both. I need to stop checking that page…

  33. 3 for both sites, 2 months work…and now a 3! Cool. Thanks Darren!

  34. […] Google is, at this very moment, updating the visible PageRank (PR). You can see the update almost in real time by using the Future PageRank Tool – it shows the PR for a particular URL in several of Google’s servers. A few hours ago, the PR for this site had only been updated in 2 servers; right now it’s been updated in 6 of them. […]

  35. […] Darren at ProBlogger points to the Future Page Rank Tool which tracks which different data centers have your page ranked at. It looks like the Search Engine Journal (this site) is now ranked across the board as a PageRank 7 which is updated from yesterday’s PageRank of 6. […]

  36. Certainly seems to work accurately now. Both my corporate site and my Blospot blog have PR and it shows them she same as does the Google tool bar. About time Google started releasing a little rank here and there, IMHO

    Best regards

  37. Certainly seems to work accurately now. Both my corporate site and my Blospot blog have PR and it shows them she same as does the Google tool bar. About time Google started releasing a little rank here and there, IMHO

    Best regards

  38. Certainly seems to work accurately now. Both my corporate site and my Blospot blog have PR and it shows them she same as does the Google tool bar. About time Google started releasing a little rank here and there, IMHO

    Best regards

  39. PageRank is too hyped up. At one point I had clients with a PageRank of 9 and I had websites with a PageRank of 7 and 8. The problem is that PageRank does not necessarily mean an increase in positioning on Google. In many cases sites with a lower PageRank rank higher then sites with high PageRank. The main factor people should concentrate on is content, which is what most blogs already do.

  40. […] It looks like Google is dealing with a bunch of blogging issues recently including a Page Rank update. Darren Rowse has got some good Page Rank tools here and here which you can use to see what rank your blogs could attain. […]

  41. Hi

    Please can any one help me to manage a stick up footer on the website for IE 5.0 +. Its designed in CSS or JavaScript or Both.

    As you can see 1 on http://www.bmw.co.uk . Any kind of help is highly appriciated.


    Imran Hashmi

  42. You can predict your pagerank from MULTIPLE Google datacenters at http://www.futurepagerank.net

  43. Hello Everyone,

    I just checked the future pagerank for my website http://www.itsallaboutlinks.com on different sites and I got different results on different tools.

    Why is that? Dont they use the same algorithm to predict the future pagerank or check the same datacenters?

    Please advice.

    Paras Shah
    ItsAllAboutLinks Web Directory

  44. […] If you want to see how the different data-centers are raking your page you might like to use the Future Page Rank Tool that I have on a previous post. […]

  45. I agree with Paras Shah. When I try this on http://sniggs.blogspot.com it isn’t consistent anywhere? Does this mean my rankings are all over the board?

  46. Does the tool not work on blogs? If I enter http://clevereviews.blogspot.com/ I get no response.

  47. Eric – works fine. PR 3 as of today.

  48. my pr is now 2

  49. How come future page rank shows diff. in diff. sites: My web http://www.beatyourprice.com site has pr5 and in fufute page rank shows pr-6 and some shoes still pr-5

  50. Future PageRank from SEOChat…

    Check your future pagerank with this SEO Tool from SEOChat. This tool will query Google’s various data centers to check for any changes in PageRank values for a given URL.
    You can check your future pagerank here: Future PageRank
    I’ve check …

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