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Google Algorithm Update in Progress?

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of February 2007 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

A number of readers have emailed me today asking if Google is updating it’s algorithm. I’ve noticed some slight shifts on two of my sites – but nothing major. Aaron Wall from SEO Book has noticed some significant shifts though and is reporting that an Algorithm Update / Refresh could well be in progress.

I’m not seeing too much discussion so far in the forums that I follow (not much beyond the usual) – but time will tell.

Have you noticed any shifts?

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I know that they are updating the quality score component on the adwords side; perhaps that will also somehow be implemented with search results? Not sure, and haven’t heard anything.

  2. I had been watching it since two days.I was feeling weird to get 60 hits in last 2 days from google.From everywhere France china uk and more.It feels good to have hits from search engines as those can get u money.

    My page views have decreased a little though.I have just 110 on average including the searches but now they are 40 page views and 60 searches.I don’t think google has to do anything about my page views may be ppl coming to my blog went for feed as i see it increased by 20 after feedburner update of google.

    I would come back to see more comments for sure.

  3. The other day I was getting some decent traffic from Google, today I’ve gotten hardly anything though.

  4. I’ve noticed a pretty steep decline in my web traffic over the past five days but then again, I also posted an article asking my readers to start using RSS to engage my work. My RSS readership did jump after that post but not enough to account for the decline in traffice I’ve been seeing this week.

  5. I had a huge drop in the past few days for many of my keywords, I’m not sure how much is post-Valentines-day slump (i.e. people not searching as much for those keywords) and how much is Google, but definitely some of that is attributed to Google. Anyway, I don’t like it! ;)

  6. I’m not sure if that is the reason, but my website has been indexed really fast and I am in first place for the keywords I’ve SEOed.

  7. My traffic actually spiked in the last week or so–mostly more hits from Google. This is despite a huge drop in posting new stuff on my part!

  8. My traffic dropped tremendously for about 10 days but is back on the upswing.

  9. I’d like to see another PR update soon…

  10. Cannot comment as my blog in my new domain is only 22 days old. But i think it is a refresh not an update.

    The result of a previous update was extended to all DC’s.

  11. I have noticed that my site dropped from PR6 to PR5 … I don’t mind at all since I get at least 3 times more google hits.

  12. I noticed a drastic drop on my visits and page views since feb 2, it dropped to 1/3 of the statistics I used to have. Also the adsense income has dropped in the same rate.

    And I don’t see it going up in a significant way.

    I did some research of position in search engines, specially Google, and I found that with some words that I used to be in the first page/results, now my blog appears in the 2nd or 3th page.

    Hope it goes back to normal.

  13. my views have been UP UP UP UP!!!!…I love it whatever they did but anything with starting a clothing business almost has my blog on the front page.

  14. […] Google Algorithm Update in Progress? – ProBlogger […]

  15. For my sites this has been a pretty uneventful update, although I did have one site go from #6 to #1 for it’s keyword. That’s provided a pretty nice traffic boost. But otherwise I haven’t seen anything earth shattering. Some sites are down just a bit, others are up just a bit.

  16. One of my blogs was #1 on Google for a very popular keyword phrase (it was in the iphone niche). A few days ago it totally disappeared from Google and the traffic drooped to almost zero. I hate when Google does that!

  17. […] I’ve related the whole Google PageRank saga on this blog before and I’ve also told how FreshBlogger.com’s PageRank has not showed up for me from my home network. Though I’ve been confident of the actual PR of this blog, it’s been a little disconcerting that it hasn’t appeared consistently. Well, this morning was the first time it has ever showed up for this blog. ProBlogger mentioned a few days ago that another PageRank update or refresh might be going on, but I haven’t read about it from any other source. […]

  18. A Google search for my first and last name returns drastically different results at different times each month. It’s at around 800 results now but there are times when it has been over 15,000.

    I once managed a site that gave free user “moblog” web sites and I was an automatic “favorite” on all new sites (sort of like Tom on Myspace–your friend even if you didn’t know me). That particular service is slowly killing all the free accounts on their service now but leaving RSS feeds and all the “favorite” icons and links still exist on all the other users’ pages, not to mention all the external links to these user moblogs from real web pages, so I assume that may be the reason for this tremendous fluctuation.

    I have seen a difference in my organic Google search traffic when Google search results for my own name jump up and down as I have described above. I recently blogged about how over the counter cold medications are used to “make meth at home” and this was more than half my search volume for over a month. I was getting tired of it and am glad that a search for Shawn Honnick (no quotes) is now back down to around 800 results because I now get very few Google hits for that meth post.

    I guess this will continue until my former employer finally joins the ranks of the dotcom deadpool (they have already announced they will no longer offer any service later this year). It was such a miserable failure but a great learning experience for me in so many ways.

    Of course, I may be wrong about the idea that Google is having trouble with my former employer and this all may have to do with the algorithm as you have suggested.

  19. I have noticed a big change towards localised results.

    For a particular competitive keyword I am #1 in google.com.au (my site ends in .com.au), and used to be #3 in google.com. After the update, I have remained at #1 in google.com.au but have moved to #21 in google.com. I have also noticed 2 sites that are .co.uk sites that used to be in the top 10 have now moved to the 20s in google.com – however they are still in the top 5 in google.co.uk.

    I spoke to an Adsense rep about this (I don’t know anyone in the indexing team) and they ‘thought I might be right’. Not very conclusive, but if anyone else knows anything I’d love to know about it.

    While I think localised results are great for restaurants/shops etc, this is an absolute killer for international sites that provide services over the internet.

  20. I noticed a huge change – and not for the better. One of my blogs has been riding high in the search and engines and traffic and revenue were flowing. Three weeks ago, traffic and revenue both dropped by half. I analyzed my stats and found Google dropped my blog.

    I wrote to them for reinclusion and found myself reinstated yesterday. Why did this happen? I don’t know. I’m glad to be back to normal though.

  21. Kinda new at this, but experienced this: last week, my site ranked #6 on the first page (I was very proud of this). This week, less than 7 days later, I’m buried on the bottom of page 7. I don’t get it! … although I can’t help but wonder if there’s any correlation with reinstating an adwords campaign using some of the same keywords that originally had my organic results so high. (at least, high to me!)

  22. I seen many of the websites PR felt down and many of the unbelievable sites get good PR….but I didn’t get where it does effected and how can we come to know whats the latest algorithm of Google now…!!

  23. As of Sept ’07 it would appear there may have been another change in the algo, mainly concerning websites with forwarding urls, the most common change would appear that the .com domain takes prescedence over the .co.uk, for example, if your main site is domain.co.uk and you have domain.com pointing to domain.co.uk then the domain.co.uk would be removed from the index and replaced with domain.com, the best way to rectify is to resubmit the main url and through Google Webmaster Tools re-submit your sitemap.xml.

  24. today is February 16th, 2008. This is very interesting, this year February index update starts in the same time or not? What do you think ?

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