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Get 30-40% off BlogMastermind Courtesy of a Weak Australian Dollar (Until Monday)

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of October 2008 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Regular readers of Problogger will know that I’m a big fan of Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind coaching program (you can read about it’s recent relaunch here and see six student reviews here).

This is just a short note to say that until next Monday you can get an unofficial discount of around 35% off the price of the course – simply because the Australian Dollar sucks at the moment!

Here’s why.

Yaro set up the price of Blog Mastermind in Australian dollars rather than US dollars (he’s an Aussie living in Canada). At the time he did this the exchange rate between the two currencies was almost dollar for dollar (the AU$ was slightly less).

Over the last couple of weeks the Australian dollar has quite simply taken a nose dive! Yesterday it hit $0.66 USD (as I write this it is 0.67)!

This means if you buy Blog Mastermind today you’re getting between 30-40% discount (depending upon what financial markets are doing at any given moment). Instead of $97 USD for the month it is actually around $65 USD.

This ends on Monday as Yaro is switching to charging in USD (and I can understand why – the Australian dollar is not a good one to be earning right now). He is also ending the month by month payment option for those who sign up after Monday.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Nice. I’m in Europe and it’s always a pleasure to shop for things online in dollar prices. I know a Euro is not a Dollar, but as a lot of products are prices the same (Apple products for instance), it’s always nice to see how 39 dollars are only 28 euros.

  • The world is in chaos at the moment due to these financial bailouts and bank crisis, but I do like these little occurences of currency discounts in our favour, So cheers to the Wall Street boys!!

  • Cool. I’ll check it out and see if I get to benefit from it. The extra money sure counts.
    Thanks Darren

  • Yaro is a fraud! He artificially increases his feed count, in little over than a month his feed count increased from 22,000 to 43,000.

  • Yep,

    Im moving a large % of my cash into AUD. I did a fair bit of it before the last 20% drop so ive missed out on a fair bit right there, but thats the beauty of foresight :)

    My stock portfolio is also down 35% so good times all round! Have noticed an increase in my earnings online though, so in the end all is still good

  • I understand him very well being Canadian. When I launched AuctionSiteWriter(btw, in the mmo field) last summer, the US and CAD dollars were about the same. I ate the difference but not anymore.

    Today, $1CAD = $0.89US.

  • MattT

    Does this mean if we go for the one time payment, it will be around 330-340 USD?

    And where is the verification that it is so? Nothing in Yaro’s sales page or shopping cart page indicates that the charge is in AU$. It just says $. I’d actually been assuming all the time it was USD–I didn’t know Yaro is in Australia.

    I don’t want to sound too untrusting and suspicious, but…well…you know the saying, “twice burned, shame on me.” Don’t want to get burned again.

  • Yes.. It is good for us to get discount before Yaro change the currency..

  • Hmmmm, good. Nice post. You are too a fan of Blog Mastermind! Well, pleased to know because I am too.

    I watched your video about how you make posts from ideas. Now I am able to make posts better. Thank you for it.

  • He should switch it too a currency that is growing in strength. I mean the dollar is tanking too.


  • nice man, im sure i will try to visit and learn more about that, mean while i have to see how much i will spend for this. thanks mr Darren

  • One one can exactly predict the international monetary values. Btw, at the moment the aussie dollar is losing does not mean that it sucks. after the time is right, i know it will gain.

  • i been following Yaro through email, pretty interesting though but to buy the class, look at my country currency compare to Australian Dolar –
    AUD 1 = MYR 2.46, still expensive though..

  • bench – I think you’ll find that all Yaro did was start using Aweber to deliver his RSS to email updates and feedburner started counting them. This happened for many bloggers.

  • I read yesterday that The Aussie dollar is at a 10 yr low or so? Just another sign of these hard times, surprises me that Australia is being hit hard though. It’s sure to turn up, just stay positive!

  • I’m trying to find out where I lost my RSS url so that I can properly use feedburner. AHHHH

  • I highly recommend Yaro’s Blog Mastermind Course for anybody who is serious about blogging. I’m a former graduating student of BMM and have and always will reference the material when looking for sound structured advice… Yaro’s experiience and down to earth tone can’t be beat…With some patience you wil soon be on your way with a lot more confidence and focus…

  • I expect this sale will only get better as time moves forward….has anyone seen the bottom? We’re looking for the bottom over here still…. :)

  • @bench – wrong, check his feed stats on blogperfume, you’ll see he’s been increasing my ~3000 each month since March.

  • @bench: You really got my attention with that accusation. I am a huge Yaro fan and would recommend you refrain from jumping to such negative conclusions so hastily. Yaro actually addressed the issue personally here:

  • I suggest he uses the $USD Dollar.
    Most currencies will crash versus the Dollar …
    Unless he prefers the Yen :)

  • Hi mate,

    Interesting to talk about the topic of currency conversion for US/AUS bloggers.

    I have let my adsense account add up over the past 6months and as a result made $500AUD on my earnings by letting it sit there as the currency conversions got worse (or better for me!)

    Go the Australian bloggers!! =)

  • Hello! Do any of you commentors think I can learn from Yaro? I really want to work on blogging, but my blog has about 4 readers and I am not technical. am willing to spend the money if you think it will help me. I’d really appreciate your comments. Thanks!

  • To Lisa don’t worry to much bcos everything takes process, just play by the rule and put a lot of efforts for today, tomorrow the sweet fruits will be raining ya:))

  • Lisa— As mentioned above, Yaro’s course will definately help… There are plenty of people in his forum that can assist you with some of the technical aspects of building a blog… I recall there was a 30 day free trial when I started…Not sure if that’s still the case? Perhaps Darren or others reading this can confirm that! Then you can proceed with more peace of mind…

  • How much does they give out as affiliate commission?

  • @Lisa82367: I am a graduate of Blog Mastermind, wasn’t a tech person before, definitely am not one now, and I can definitely vouch for the usefulness of the course. Pretty much any success I have had with blogging has come from Yaro Starak so check him out…….

  • Sounds very good. I like to learn better blogging and also get a discount (on the currency fluctuation) at the same time. Thanks for the tip!

  • Just wanted to say thanks to the people who responded to my inquiry. This blog is visted by a great group! I am going to sign up for Yaro’s course. I’ll let you know how I do!!

  • @Lisa82367: Once you sign up, make sure you say hello in the forum, my forum name is masmilele.
    Here’s to your blogging success, as Yaro always says.

  • Lisa82367: Good Luck …You really are going to enjoy it!

    All the best

  • Looks great, but still too expensive :P

  • Not that we should need another reason to buy it, but in this economy every bit helps!