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BlogMastermind Launches

As this post goes live the doors at the BlogMastermind blog mentoring program are opening again for the first time in many months.

When he first launched BlogMastermind I was really impressed by what Yaro had put together. He didn’t just rely upon the fact that he earns a six figure income from blogging to draw numbers into his site – he put so much work into developing a teaching site that delivered students amazing value.

This has been confirmed to me many times over from the feedback that I regularly hear from students that enrolled last time around. It was so popular last time that Yaro closed the doors on the program so as to be able to give students the attention that they deserved and to stop it being overrun.

Please don’t be put off by the sales page (that has to be the longest one I’ve seen for quite some time – the video at the top is probably the best part) – Yaro’s training content is first rate.

You can get a great feel for the the type of content that Yaro offers students with some of the free videos and reports that he’s already released:

Those five links alone give bloggers some great insights into profitable blogging and will give you a taste for what BlogMastermind is all about and how Yaro teaches.

You’ll notice as you listen to Yaro teach that he’s not into hype, he declares on his sales page that this isn’t about getting rich quick, his lessons are clear and that he gives concrete strategies. I know from the numerous times that Yaro and I have met in person that he’s a genuine guy and just loves to help people learn how to blog.

As a result I’d highly recommend the program and hope that you enjoy the experience as much as I have in the time I’ve spent in BlogMastermind. You can sign up either on month by month basis (getting a taste in the first month) or get the full access to the program all at once for six months at a discounted rate.

Sign up for BlogMastermind here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Awww crap. I saw your plurk and just went over and signed up. Didn’t see your aff link. Dammit.

  • I’m still debating this one. The entire blogosphere seems to be “in bed” with Yaro, so he must either be a great talker, or have the best course ever. I guess I’ll have to decide today though :P

  • Hmmmm, this program has always intrigued me. Disposable cash isn’t incredibly handy right now, but I’ll keep this on my radar. Thanks!

  • Lol, I’m not sure they are in bed with me, but I think they trust me to deliver to my students, hence they don’t have any issues recommending my products.

    If anyone has questions about the program – feel free to post here and I’ll reply. I’ll monitor this thread all day today.

  • I feel I can get this information for free else where, and that this is not valuable. Yes this is a great way for this guy to make money but I wish people knew they can get all this information for free else where or at least a smaller price.

  • Hey Grant – I agree to some extent that most information is available online, but what you won’t find elsewhere is experience.

    My program is backed with stories and case studies taken directly from my experience starting from nothing and growing my blog and case studies of other students who have worked with me.

    Simply put, you can’t replicate this because it’s unique.

    The same goes for the community we have within Blog Mastermind. The people there are unique in that they have all joined the program and are working together towards the same goal.

    You won’t find the social traffic club, or the unique interviews with Darren Rowse, Brian Clark and other professional bloggers.

    Even of the ideas and concepts you might find replicated online for free, they are not packaged together in a sequential order written using my teaching style and voice.

    There’s so much that is unique about my program – plus let’s not forget that I’m working with the students personally too – you won’t find anything else like Blog Mastermind online.


  • I’m pretty sure that this program is top notch. Just considering that one of his students is now making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of his own blog. He must’ve learned something from the program to make that much money. There is an interview out there with a guy that made this much money and you can tell that he really felt that this program is what helped him become so successful.

  • i would love to know the master mind secrets, im always after tips. thankyou for showing the way and thankyou darren for posting alot every day this is the most updated site on earth by a single person eh?

  • I’ve been watching Yaro’s free video’s for about an hour now. Even the basic stuff is refreshing.

    Though I can’t afford his mentoring program now, I look forward to being able to next time.

    I really like how Yarro talks about the stream and river concept of marketing. It really opened my eyes to why working ten hour days for traffic is just not going to work.

    I have to agree with his push on Pillar articles that review or teach people things. I find that my posts that review products or locations always gained more traffic than my other posts.

  • Yaro, thanks for the offer, it is very interesting. I noticed that a lot of the programs highlighted here on Problogger have to do with teaching people how to teach via their blog and earn money that way (such as Teaching Sells). I’m not quite sure how all that would apply to my celebrity blog, though (not sure what I would be teaching).

    Would your program be useful to a celebrity blogger like me? If so, how?

  • Amanda

    Damn. Just signed up through Yaro’s site and saw your link now. Fingers crossed that I’m still in the first 100! :D

  • Yaro, I echo ElegantCelebBlogger’s question wondering if the nature of content matters. My blog is geared towards self-improvement. I’m seriously considering taking the plunge but wondering if I’d have to create a whole new blog in a different genre to reap the rewards.

  • This is certainly a tempting offer!

  • Doh, always a little too late. The story of my life!

    Either way thanks for sharing Darren.

  • Hi ElegantCelebBlogger – no, I don’t think you would do much teaching in your market – unless it was how to photograph a celeb or something down that track.

    In your case it’s all about raw page views, which comes from breaking news quickly and using lots of pictures of celebs. It means you probably can’t walk away from your blog unless you hire bloggers to write for you, but that’s not a bad strategy – I’ve used it before with other blogs.

    I think you do have a great opportunity to start an email newsletter from your blog. Although you wouldn’t likely sell a how-to product, you are more likely to make money from sponsors – you can sell sponsorship in email newsletters too.

    It really depends what your monetization strategy is and how far you want to take your blog.


  • Thanks, Yaro. Actually, I just thought of something today which may work in terms of having pillar articles. When I noticed that a lot of visitors were searching for info on a certain celebrity, I went out of my way to compile a list of links to information on that celebrity. I can start doing that with other celebrities as well, creating general picture posts and info link posts as “pillar” posts, so I could walk away part of the time, provided that I have someone to help with updates, too. The net effect would be that my blog becomes more than just a blog and more like an informational web site about celebs, too.

    But back to my question – do you think your program would be beneficial to me?

  • being an impatient person, and worried when I saw that signups had hit 70 already, I took the plunge and signed up before my other comment was approved. Now I can’t wait to get started! Thanks Darren for the tip. Now pick me for the camera and you’ll make my day ;-)

  • That sounds like a great idea ElegantCelebBlogger – remember, lots of sexy photos using the right keywords in the title tag of the image html code.

    Of course I’m going to say my program has something for you and I recommend you sign-up (through Darren’s link of course).

    I say that not just because I want you to join – I’m certain if you complete my training you will walk away with new insights and ideas to improve your blog.

    No doubt some of it you will know already, some of it won’t be directly applicable to your blog, but if just a handful of new ideas are born and implemented on your blog as a result of my program it could easily result in a big return for your investment.

    Plus you can always try it for a month, if you don’t like it, ask for your money back. There’s no risk in that.

    Most coaching program I’ve paid for are at least 80% information I knew, could find for free elsewhere or I simply wasn’t in a position to implement. However the 20% of new ideas I learned that I APPLIED to my business have resulted in huge gains, 10 to 100 times my original fee for joining the training.

    It takes a leap of faith sometimes, but if you trust the person you are buying from and enjoy what they have already showed you, generally you won’t be disappointed.

  • Melissa Goerke – Self improvement is one of the best topics for a blog – and it’s perfect for my coaching program too. I take a lot of inspiration from Steve Pavlina, who I’m sure you know.

    There’s massive audience to tap in the self development niche, if you can just focus on the content angle that they want (and figure out what that is too!). That’s something we go through in Blog Mastermind.

    Blog Mastermind is primarily about creating the foundation for a great blog and then presenting different ways to make money from the blog. The foundation for a blog is built in the same way for all blogs – through powerful, relevant content. After that, when it comes to making money you pick a handful of methods and test until you find what works.

    I talk about all of this inside Blog Mastermind. Again, not everything will apply to your blog Melissa, but if you are smart and see how things fit into your strategy, I’m sure you will get a lot out of it and walk away satisfied.


  • Just wondering how well the money-making concepts apply to a business-to-business blog. I am sure I could learn something new about blogging, but I would love to be able to supplement my income through the blog as well.

    Is this program most applicable to consumer-focused blogs, or will the money-making aspects also apply to business-focused blogs?


  • I have a response to Grant’s comment above…

    You’re probably right in saying that it’s possible to get a lot of Yaro’s information for free elsewhere on the web.


    Consider this:

    1. How long would it take you to get a hold of all the information? Sure you could get some of it for free, but if it would take you 2 years to find all the right information, wouldn’t it make sense to just get it from someone else who’s been there and done that, and cut your learning time by a huge amount?

    As a personal example, about a year and a half ago, I started doing online videos for my business. I didn’t have a clue how to do it, but I thought there would be enough info available on the net to help me out. To cut a long story short, for some things, what would initially take 3 days to figure out, I can now do in only a few minutes.

    And what is more, if someone were to have a discussion with me about online video for example, I could teach them in an hour, what originally took me about 6 months to figure out through painful trial and error.

    It’s the same thing for Yaro’s program. He’s done the hard yards so you wont have to.

    2. How many costly mistakes would you have to make by following advice from people who don’t have the track record that Yaro has?

    Once again, by just getting stuff for free on the internet, you can surely find your way. But I can assure you that there are lots of “garbage” information online as well when it comes to blogging. And if you’re new to the whole game, it’s so easy to implement information from someone else who don’t really know what they’re doing. This could potentially set you back in both time and money. And I wont even mention the frustration of making heaps of mistakes that could cause you to pull all your hair out! (I know what that feels like!)

    So, in summary, yes you can get a lot of good free information on the internet. And that’s what’s great about the internet. But if you want a much smoother ride, and want to have specific results much faster, it definitely makes sense to cut your learning time in half or more, by getting alongside an experienced mentor who’s figured it all out before and who has already made all the possible mistakes so you wont have to.

    My 2c worth in any case :)

    Gideon Shalwick

  • “remember, lots of sexy photos using the right keywords in the title tag of the image html code.”

    Lol, my focus is more on elegance and glamour, but I supposed “sexy” would fit in there somewhere.

    Sounds like a great program, though. Now, if only we could get college credit or continuing professional education credit for it!

  • Hi Becky Carroll – Give me an idea what sort of business-to-business market you are talking about and I’ll let you know what I think of the application of Blog Mastermind to it.

  • I am talking about my blog, which focuses on helping companies and organizations understand how to improve customer loyalty. I use lots of examples of companies that have a great customer experience, and I often highlight specific organizations that do it well. I use a combination of marketing and customer service concepts.

    The blog gets several thousand views per month, and the audience is mostly businesses as well as consultants and bloggers.

    I am just not sure how well the “direct income streams” would work on this type of blog, as most of the blogs I see as examples are consumer-focused.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts! I am very impressed that you asked. :)

  • Hi Becky,

    I’m thinking for a blog like yours you could build a list (if you are not already) that has a fairly focused offer to your current blog audience (teach them something specific – like an e-course) and then offer your own information products to sell.

    I’m sure a course or report or video series or audio series for managers/staff within companies to learn how to improve some aspect of customer service is a viable model to follow.

    What do you think?

  • Yaro, thank you for all of your thoughts and ideas. So, would I learn how to accomplish these things (build lists, create focused offers, etc) in your Mastermind course? :) How much of the course would I be able to apply to my type of blog?

  • Becky – we cover a lot of this, especially in the final lessons in Blog Mastermind.

    I introduce people to list building early in the program and have an entire lesson devoted to it later in the program.

    I can’t really say how much of Blog Mastermind is applicable to your type of blog because it’s entirely dependent on what you want to do with your blog and what you do and do not know how to do already.

    It’s one of those questions – I can’t tell you how much you don’t already know :-)

    As I said above in a reply, if you are uncertain, join, see what is there, if you don’t think it’s right for you just cancel within 30 days and I’ll refund your money.

  • Thank you again, Yaro. I will most likely be seeing you soon!

  • No problem Becky – make sure you clear your cookies and then click Darren’s link if you decide to join.

  • I have downloaded Yaro’s book and checked his videos. It is an excellent resource. I have no luck in winning this type of things. But I will sign up again with your link.

  • I want to take the course some time. Maybe after the Olympics! My Olympic blog might even be a good case study for blogging a sporting event.

  • Okay, sounds good. I’m going to try it…I have a blog/website which focuses on the African American literary community. I’m trying to build traffic to my site. Hope your tips work across ethnic groups. ;) I only took a plunge with the one month trial membership…if it doesn’t work I’m out less than $100 bucks.

  • I decided to give it a try! I had looked into this previously but the program was closed so I don’t want to miss out on it this time!

  • This is great stuff…nothing better than blogs giving out bloggers the chance to win big… cool stuff!

  • I have to say that Yaro comes across as very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I find his work most inspiring…

  • I have been watching Yaro’s teachings for a while and just ordered the course today.

    He has a unique and great way to teach people which I believe is at least part of the reason why he is so successful.

    With all the hype about blogging out there these days, it’s nice to find a guy that is down to earth. If that guy can teach you how to make a six figure income on the side – all the better!

  • Yeah i see yaro is doing a good thing here he is earning himself in six figures and i guess he has that kind of experience to teach about blogging…if i had enough funds would have gone for his course.

  • On the strength of the Blog Profits Blueprint and the Conversion Blogging video, I decided to take a chance and plunk down the $97 for the first month as a test drive (actually, it’s $97 AUD, which for me was $92 USD). For the record, I’m not an affiliate, just an ordinary blogger.

    So far I’m been extremely impressed. I’ve only been part of one other subscription program before (in a completely different topic area), and I would say this one offers three times the content at twice the price. But it’s not the sheer volume of material, but how well organized it is. That’s what’s always impressed me about Yaro, not only on Blog Mastermind by on Entrepreneur’s Journey. He’s got a very clear sense of not only what beginning bloggers need to focus on, but when and how.

    It’s easy to find a ton of free material on problogging, but Yaro excels at laying out the critical path for people like me, who are uncertain about which information to act on first. If anyone is skeptical about BM, just spend a few hours reading the “pillar” articles on EJ’s “Articles” link.

  • You ve got an awesome deal with your one hour of consultation as a bonus

  • tnx for this one.i try to download the video but it didnt work.

  • Hey mate,

    Thanks for pointing this out. Yaro pays a great rate for each sign up so can see why you are pointing your readers towards him.

    My blog at doesnt use many affiliate links – though i do have a few. Its quite hard to convert readers into affiliates of finance programs like credit cards and bank accounts.

  • Hi Darren,
    Can I set up a 1 hour session with you? I have already done a lot of research and would love to receive your feedback.
    Thank you.

  • Bloggers who make money…is this not against most search engines ethics?

  • Yaro is not only a blogger mastermind but a business mastermind! Check out his site he knows what he is talking about.

  • thanks a lot , I’m grateful to you because this is an excellent article .