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Generating Blog Traffic

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of October 2005 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Arieanna has a good post over at blogging help where she talks about her experience of having some traffic spikes on her blogs and how she recommends others go about Generating traffic. Here’s a couple of her tips:

‘- Write 25-40% original content. For some blogs this will mean reading news feeds, as well as other blogs, to catch news first. You can also consider non-RSS content research to find items or to connect the dots between topics….

– Send emails to big blogs in your area. Pitch a story, write something interesting about your blog, and make that link prominent.’

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  • Indeed, good, original content is the best way to get a dedicated readership. Say something original. Don’t just be an information repeater like many people are. There’s nothing wrong with quoting or linking to other sites/pages — that’s what blogs are all about — but try to add something to the mix.

  • Send emails to big blogs in your area. Pitch a story, write something interesting about your blog, and make that link prominent.’

    Darren, I’ve been wanting to pitch my 32-part (as of now) Blogging tips series, but I’ve been too shy to do that, since it could be seen as competition (not that it’s half as good as ProBlogger)… :)

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  • Thanks Darren :)

  • While I would agree with the principles I’m not so sure that advocating emailing other bloggers / sites is such a good idea. It can be done, but there’s enough spam already without adding to it, so email promotion is something that has to be handled very carefully in my opinion.

  • Darren,

    I asked a question about generating traffic in a post 9 days ago.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

    BTW – I did offer an ebook to the Top 5 answers, so you might want to go leave some expertise.

  • Michele > Hello :) What methods other than email are there with which we could contact other bloggers to exchange links?

    Sending an email to a stranger with an intent to exchange links really can’t be classified as spam.

  • One Arienna left off – probably because it’s so obvious and we all do it – is post legitimate comments on like minded blogs. When I was a newbie it took me a few weeks to discover that one.

    As a still small site, I see most of my spikes from comments left on other blogs. I’ve also discovered some great blogs via other blogger’s comments – esp on ProBlogger.

  • Sometimes you got unexpected surprise by sending email to big blogs. I emailed one of my stories to Engadget. But they picked up another story that I don’t intend to suggest them. Huge jump in my traffic though not much in my revenue.

    Story picked up by these big blogs help a lot in building reputation of the blog. I learnt this when Gizmodo blogged about my post. Then, some other blogs follow up the story :)

  • Hmm haven’t tried the emailing yet but agree with ChrisH. Comments always work well for me including responsible (relevant and courteous) trackback or pingbacks. There are a few trackbacks I’ve left that actually send me steady traffic month after month.

  • The biggest thing that I have noticed is to make sure you have links to articles and links to web sites that are similiar to the subject matter of the piece you are writing about.

  • I’ve only been doing this for a few days, but there are some decent “social bookmarking” sites out there with high pagerank that can generate traffic. is a good one, as is I’ve posted to these guys a couple times, and seen some page views (though again, no revenue).

  • This is pretty basic stuff. Obviously no blogger gives out their secrets, but sadly there are no specific links to anything.

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  • As a newbie to blogging I’ve found the whole traffic generation/monetization thing a chore. I’m not sure if it’s a problem due to being hosted by blogger, but I’ve had difficulties getting my blog info updated on technorati (not updated since it was first added a month ago), and several blog directories have confirmed my blogs addition (by email) but then it still doesn’t appear when you search their directory.

    It’s lucky that I’m blogging mainly for the joy of writing and dropping ‘pearls of wisdom’ to help others ;) – but it is also nice to see my readership *slowly* ramp up from a handful a day to over 30. (whoopee!)


  • I find that when i put a post on a subject… i link it to an adsense rich information articles page that i have put up that is external from my blog… that creates alot of stickiness to your site cause i write about one traffic generation strategy each week… and then post a site which has 30 other articles all in one place to read

  • You need to find the biggest most popular blogs in your area of interest.

    Once you have a decent amount of content contact them and introduce yourself and include your link. If they reply in a postive manner inquire about a link exchange…never hurts.


  • Thanks for the article.