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Gaining the Second Indented Google Listing

You might wonder how you can get Google to grant you a second indented link underneath a primary result in SERPs on a search phrase. To demonstrate what I’m talking about, I searched for blogs and adsense which conveniently, this blog has the number one ranking on. At the top of the SERPs, there is a primary/indented secondary listing:


Addendum: I lost half of my original entry, so I’m rewriting what I wrote though probably not nearly as inspired as I was 4 hours ago when I wrote this. ;)

If you search for a keyphrase that is used on your blog, such as blogs and adsense look for your second entry that is listed in the SERPs. In Darren’s case, the second entry is in the coveted indented second entry. However, if it is not, one way to get that spot is to begin linking to that second entry from within your blog. There are different ways this can be done: deep linking, placing a link in a sidebar, etc. I’d recommend doing this contextually rather than take the appearance of “keyword stuffing”. Google may penalize you if they feel that you are simply keyword stuffing.

After you have done this, it’s time to wait awhile. Hopefully, over time you’ll see your entry migrate into that second and indented position.

  • Hey Aaron, we also discussed this a bit, and one way to achieve this is to build links into a page of your site that also is ranking somewhere in the SERPS for that same keywords phrase. Building links to that second page can help you get that coveted second indented listing. More details here

  • Ack! I lost half of my entry! Nuts. Yes, Patrick. Your entry was what I referred to. Will rewrite what I had wrote.

  • Now I want to know how you get not indented listings, but a mini-sitemap.

  • good advice. I’m going to try this. I have had indented listings on several sites in the past but they come and go quickly. Never really knew what caused it.

  • A bit of OT: while it does bring up this blog as the first result on *blogs and adsense* it is second only without the AND operator.

  • A) One full article with high density on that specific keyword.
    B) Using internal keyword links in all articles and excerpts which also have a rel=”tag” and lead to an internal search result page where the keyword density is high in the beginning of that result page.

    B (the internal search result) is loved by Google and A is the second link on the SERPS in most cases.

    Just discovered that mechanism by accident since using extensive keyword tagging with articles. Primary goal was to have a controllable metadata level beside categories in my article structure.

    As always just my 2c …

  • Jim

    I have had my blog up for about a month now and today I noticed that a visitor to my blog had entered just the right search terms to bring my site up as not only a #1 google spot but a #1 spot with a coveted indented second listing.

    What I really find amazing it that I cannot seem to get a good listing using my domain name, ‘learn to blog.” However, if you catch some of the tags just right in a search, I get listed fairly high.

    I’ll be glad if I can ever make sense of this SEO thing.