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Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Links’

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of March 2005 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

Wayne over at SEO Chat has a good article on Links – Links: Frequently Asked Questions. It might be of some use to those of you interested in optimizing your blogs for Search Engines. Don’t be put off by the basics at the start (ie first question is – ‘what are links?’) – it gets deeper than that (I guess you’ve got to take account for all stages of knowledge when writing these pieces). Here’s a snippet:

‘While quantity of links is important, quality is even more important. Some inbound links are simply given more value than others by the search engine algorithms. Links from pages deemed to be more relevant, in terms of topic and theme, are given more weight. Also given more value are links that are labeled with more keyword rich anchor text, links from pages with higher Google PageRank, and links that originate within content pages rather than from the ubiquitous “links pages.” There is even some evidence that linking out to other Web pages provides some benefit to the link sending page.’

Read more at Links: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • As you correctly pointed out, that FAQ article starts at a very basic level to ensure that everyone is up to speed about the topic. Once the basics are covered, then I could touch upon some more advanced ideas. Even then, as is the nature of an FAQ article, not much depth is provided, as each of the questions is an article in and of itself. As a basic primer on the importance of links to SEO, I hoped that it was helpful to as many people as possible.

  • Question for all —

    If I plan on having a contest or giveaway at my blog, but I want readers to do soemthing to enter the contest…which of these do you all feel is the most useful to have contestants do in building worthwhile traffic:

    — Add blog to delicious
    — Add a comment
    — Add a trackback link
    — Subscribe via RSS to blog
    — other

    Thanks for the advice.