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Food Blogs

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of September 2005 Blog News 0 Comments

I was chatting to a couple of people today about blogging (surprise surprise) and explaining to them that it’s getting to be that there is a blog now on almost every topic you can think of. One of the people I chatted with is a big foodie and asked about whether there are many food blogs out there.

“Are there food blogs out there?” they asked.

“Oh yeah… I’ve seen a few” said I (hoping I was right and making a mental note to check when I get home.

So I’m home – and I’ve checked – and WOW – there sure are some food blogs out there.

Check out Kiplog’s Foodblog links page if you doubt me.

Wow – what a list – it is massive!

The interesting thing is that quite a few of these foodie bloggers are experimenting with advertising and affiliate programs so it’s not only an active part of the wider blogging community – but it’s also a commercial segment.

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  • Having looked at several of the blogs I thought that now there’s a ne source of answers to the ‘what we’re going to cook today?’ question.
    New recipes everyday!
    How fortunate I am that I’m not that kind of a man, so that’s just less blogs for me to read.

  • Interesting, and there are plenty of niches within food and drink as a whole subject.

    I’d be interested to hear what people perceive as being the least well-served subject areas in terms of blogging, in comparison with their offline popularity.

    It may be that there are no blogs on that subject, or they are not of a sufficient quality, or only a few areas of that subject are covered.

    Sorry for steering this topic off-course.

  • Darren,

    Thanks for pointing us to this site.

    We’ll use the info to our advantage.

    My wife loves posting on her food blog as much as any blog she writes for.

  • Interesting question, Andy. At the risk of offering an idea publicly before I have a chance to run with it, I’ll tell you my thoughts. One underserved group that comes to mind is professional/careered/educated women around 35-50. There are loads of blogs and sites out there for women who want information on raising kids, cooking, home/family management, etc. However, I find there to be a great void of sites for women like me: women who want more than cooking tips or taming the Terrible Twos.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a mother myself and struggle with lots of challenges related to raising my family so I’m grateful for the information that’s out there. But I’m also a working woman, a freelancer, concerned with finding balance between my job and family life, worried about walking the line between “having it all” and “doing too much.” I wonder how other single women in my demographic handle single motherhood and dating, social and business networking, how they stay up-to-date within their profession if they work from home, etc.

    Like I said, I think many of the websites/blogs out there for women are very valuable but when it comes to finding information outside of raising a family, the options are few. Or perhaps I just haven’t found them yet.

  • There is a great food blog by Jennifer over at Domestic Goddess who I met while running my own coffee/cafe blog CafeGeek (apologies for the self promo).

    Domestic Goddess is one of the nicest sites I’ve seen for a long time, and apart form the blog, it has recipies and great photos.

  • @Lisa: You might want to check Pause. Great reading and I think that’s what you’re looking for.

  • Ron

    Isn’t it interesting how someone as knowledgeable as you Darren are about blogs and blogging could be totally unaware of and entire blogosphere. I think we bloggers have a tendency to think we know what’s really going on among blogs and then suddenly we realize there is a whole new continent to explore.

    I have/had a food blog and used to keep up with them. There are probably as many food blogs as there are church blogs, or gun blogs, or fitness blogs, but unless you go looking you wouldn’t know they are there at all.

    This comment isn’t making as much sense as I’d like, but the point is there are tons of blogs out there we never find until we either go looking, or find a cross over blog. A blog on multiple topics that points in to other spheres.

  • I just counted 9 san francisco foodie blogs, woo hoo!
    Its great having someone else do all the work, then document their experiences so I know where to eat next.
    Williams Sonoma and sur la table should do affiliate programs.
    edit, looks like sur la table does do affiliate

  • Cooking for Engineers:


  • There is a huge number of food and wine blogs. Two good starting points (apart from my site obviously!) are

    There is a thriving community involving photographs (does my blog look good in this), eggs (end of month egg on toast extravaganza), food parcels (euro blogging by post), desserts (sugar high fridays), wine (wine blogging wednesdays) and many more.

  • Aj

    I’ve found both food and knitting bloggers to be incredibly passionate, knowledgable, refreshingly fun, and incredibly compassionate and active in mobilizing to help others (rallying together in cases like the tsunami, Katrina, and other outreaches): they’re a great bunch!

  • Just wanted to note that wine blogs seem to be exploding as well. I have one, but I’ve noticed a LOT of new blogs in this area. Lots of fun!

  • Vix

    It’s a big blog world out there and there are a number of topics just waiting to be covered.

  • Duncan over at Blog Herald highlighted a new booze blog, Liquor Snob which looks pretty imressive.

    I guess there are many blogs out there on numerous topics that we just don’t know/think about … the interesting thing I find with these “lifestyle” blogs is that they are more and more these days trying to earn some revenue from them – which shows that there is revenue potential in just about any topic or niche.

  • ı want to give an other site …it is in Turkish … ı think we can add this site to that list …it is very good site …

  • As editor of that list, I can tell you that not only are there probably thousands I haven’t found yet, but that there’s a large growing number of blogs in niches within the food niche.

    For example, there’s several pizza, bacon, hot sauce/pepper, pie, burrito, cereal, and many other food item specific blogs. There’s no doubt these are enormous commercial segments and persistent bloggers can quickly qualify themselves as expert sources in these specific fields. If nothing else, it’s a good way to get some free stuff from the industry and their PR people who certainly notice us.

    Rob, I bet there are hundreds of SF food blogs, unscientifcally, they probably are the largest food blog regional population, slightly beating out NY.

    I’m a long time blogger and understand how it’s easy to miss a large portion of the blogosphere since I still do, for instance, I myself added Problogger to my must read list only a month ago, and am astounded by the number of pro-blogging blogs.

  • Food and wine has certainly exploded driven by the popularity of the Food Network and Fine Living channels, and growing the whole celebrity chef scene and their followers. It’s the reason we started our site Good luck to all other food bloggers. There’s so many niches in the field, and plenty of opportunity for all special food interests.

  • Here’s another to add to your list: (though my host seems to be having trouble at the moment so hte site is not responding).


  • I only read food blogs, so its interesting to me that there are so many NON-food blogs!

  • I only read food blogs, (and write one. so its interesting to me that there are so many NON-food blogs!

  • Nice link rachel .Thankyou for sharing it.