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Five Things you May Not Know about this little ProBlogger

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of December 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Well the five things meme has circulated backwards and forwards through the blogosphere and I thought I’d escaped it as it does seem to be whimpering out – however Chris Garrett posted today that I was the only slack one in his list of tagees not to respond which alerted me to the fact that I had in fact been tagged. Doh!

Ok – so let me see what I can come up with.

Five things not commonly known about me:

  1. I used to be a goth (you know – black everything, hair, nail polish, lipstick….).
  2. I’ve done quite a variation of jobs over the past decade including – office furniture buyer and sales, youth work, in-flight catering kitchen work, laborer, warehousing, tour manager for a band, stationary sales, minister/church planter… blogger.
  3. I started my first business when I was 11 – selling pictures of Brooke Shields from my mothers magazines to my male classmates to stick on their books. I started my second business at 13, selling pens, paper, folders and other stationary to my classmates out of the spare locker next to mine. Bother operations were eventually shut down by teachers – but not before making me some nice coin (well nice for a kid).
  4. I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.
  5. When studying my Bachelor of Business in Marketing I failed Business Statistics 101 three times before passing it on my fourth attempt.

Ok – so who to tag with this? Is there any blogger out there that hasn’t done it yet? Leave a comment and I’ll tag the first 5.

Tag Update
Here are my ‘tags’ to the first five who asked – Josh, Alan, Rich, Vincent and Tim.

Go to it Fellas!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I have not done this yet and would love to continue the chain.

  2. I’m a new blogger and just got tagged. It was actually fun doing it.

    Ms. Q tagged you. Ms. Q also tagged Digitalrich who in turn tagged me.

  3. I’m a new blogger and just got tagged. It was actually fun doing it.

    Ms. Q tagged you. Ms. Q also tagged Digitalrich who in turn tagged me.


  4. I’ve done a similar variation of jobs over recent years…hope that I can end that run in a similar way to you by becoming a successful blogger!

    Tag me if you like, as I have yet to do the five things meme…

  5. Darren,

    I’d love to be tagged so I can spread some link love around!

    Have a great holiday and thanks for helping out so many bloggers all year long.


  6. I haven’t heard of this – how does it work?

  7. @Dana – You have to blog five things about yourself and then tell five other bloggers to do the same themeselves. They will then do the same – it’s just like that chain mail you get in your spam filter, except this one is actually quite useful and good!

  8. We all have some skeletons. Love it!

  9. A Goth? I never would have guessed that one…

  10. Nice list, I’m going to make one in a couple of days.

  11. I have seen people tagging around for quite some time, but no one actually tagged me. Will you? Sigh, I’m too late I guess, the sixth one.

  12. MikeRo says: 12/24/2006 at 2:41 am


    How about you post up a pic of you in the goth days!

  13. Nice list, never would have spotted you as a Goth!

  14. Its an odd feeling you half want to be tagged half don’t well I’m still untagged but I’m sure its just an oversite and people love me really…

  15. What a coïncidence. I actually blog for the Goth scene, while not being a goth myself, I just like the music, there is a widespread community in that scene. You’ve hidden that very well Darren.

  16. Sister of Mercy, Mission Uk, Bauhaus, Siouxsie And The Banshees
    I’m still interested in goth scene , it’s good to hear that . All of you have a great holiday!

  17. Church planter huh? cool.

    Are you still actively involved in ministry?

  18. There was quite a few things that I didn’t expect. Goth was one. The smoking was a second. :)

  19. Hmmm… Goth turned pastor turned blogger? I am sensing a trend here. Now Darren, any chance you would post an old pic of yourself in Goth? That would be great for the b5 scrapbook!

  20. haha. Wow so how did you decide that goth was not your thing? anything specific, or did you just grow out of it?

  21. You think you’re late? I haven’t even HEARD of this, much less DONE it.

    My Google Reader has failed me. I am sad. ;-)

  22. I have not been tagged! I’ve heard about this — but didn’t realize that you had to be tagged to get into the fun. Since I’m not one of the first five to hit this posting, I’m assuming you may not tag me… but I might just have to jump into this anyway!

    One thing that people might not know about someone like me who writes on the somewhat ‘boring’ topic of insurance: I have Pink Floyd, Extreme, ELO and Jeff Healey Band in my music collection, alongside of Diana Krall, Gordon Lightfoot and Loreena McKennit. (If someone actually browsed my music collection — stored in alphabetical order — they might think I’m a multiple personality. Did I mention that I have Madonna and Back Street Boys? Or that I’m 46?)

  23. I’m a recovering goth, I still do the nail polish every so often… It keeps me grounded.

    Used to smoke a pack a day eh? Did you entirely kick the habit? Hope you did.

  24. So many people who didn’t pick the Goth thing :)

    I didn’t either but Toni took one look at your picture and said – “Yeah I can believe that.”

    Sometimes that woman scares me :)

  25. I never was a goth but am now finding that I like some goth music. A could become a middle-aged goth :) Anyway, nice to learn a few more things about you.

  26. LOL – I thought the Goth thing would get a reaction.

    There are no photos left….. :-) and yes I guess I did sort of ‘grow out of it’.

    Yes I still am in ministry (voluntary) with the church we planted a few years ago (LivingRoom).

    Yes I fully kicked the smoking habit (although I do have a cigar or two at the boys poker nights I go to every few moths). I did it cold turkey 15 or so years ago – not a pleasant week but a good decision.

  27. Congrats on kicking the habit, I know how hard it is first hand.

    Cigars every once in a while don’t count against you :P

  28. Darren,

    I didn’t know that you were a smoker and a goth.Well anyways good luck with everything.

  29. I’ve not done it, but I’m similarly not sure if there’s five things interesting to write about….

  30. Darren,
    Honestly Goth was totally surprise.
    I have a question? how did you quite that one pack smoking? As i am having serious issue with that.

  31. Kamrul – it wasn’t an easy week but I simply stayed at home (away from my smoking friends), told those I was living with to be extra patient with me, made myself as busy as I could doing other things to distract me and used as much will power as I could summon. It wasn’t easy at all but after a week I was a lot better than the first few days. I also kept reminding myself how much money I’d be saving :-)

  32. Thanks for the tag Darren

  33. Congratulations on quitting smoking, Darren. Kamrul, you can also spend your time focusing on what you could do instead of smoking. Visualization helps a lot with things like that. I’ve not been a smoker, but I had great success losing 25 pounds visualizing what a healthier me would do. Give it a try and best of luck.

  34. Very nice Darren-good to see you turned out to be such a nice boy :P

  35. I have never been tagged either, I guess I’m kind of new though and I don’t have a lot of readership (yet, I hope), I haven’t played tag in a while.


  36. Thanks for the tag, I didn’t plan my web site moves very well and now have problogger traffic going to the wrong site, I moved my blog off wordpress.com the same day you tagged me :-( still I posted my 5 things onhttp://www.timnash.me.uk
    Merry Christmas everyone…

  37. ‘Tag’ is something i’ve seen spread on myspace. Is this now the newest fad on the blog interface as well?

    sorry pst 34 wrong site, forgot the ‘blogspot’ long day :)
    Happy Holidays

  38. Considering the light nature of your blog theme, and the wonderful topics relating to blogging, I think the most amazing factoid that you posted here is that you were once…. let me pause, because it is such a surprise….

    You used to be Goth??

    Now, that’s a pretty interesting factoid, that would’ve remained unknown were it not for this meme…

    Hopefully, I won’t be tagged anytime soon…

  39. Darren,

    You are doing a great job!


  40. ha ha ha, Seriously Goth? Can’t imagine it!!!

  41. Proceed to tag me…please?

  42. […] Music. I’m a huge Elvis Presley fan, and have even been told I resemble him, at different stages in my life (including when I worked in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000). I guess my Elvis/ James Dean haircut at the time didn’t help. While I don’t look like him right now (more like a long-haired graybeard out of Lord of the Rings), it’s the reason I’ve been called Elvis Parsley, the Curry Elvis. Other than Elvis, though, I’m not into mainstream music. I compose stuff similar to Moby and listen to a diverse group of musicians including Johnny Cash and Marc Bolan (T-Rex). Obviously, I don’t consider Cash, The Man in Black, as being mainstream. But despite all that, I used to be a “Goth”, though instead of makeup and nail polish like Darren Rowse says he had, I had a 9-inch “unicorn” spike of hair. And a Rockabilly. And into Ska (even shaved my head). […]

  43. I haven’t used these web2.0 sites like digg, friendster, myspace Im getting some decent traffic to my site mostly its thru word of mouth. I write articles and do some blogging.

  44. […] Depois do John Chow, do Darren Rowse e do Chris Garrett, eu também vou escrever five things you may not know about me. […]

  45. LOL
    my name is Darren, I have a shaved head now and I used to be a goth too – what a small world this is. Thanks for all the posts keep up the good work.

  46. OK, you got me with the Goth thing.

    (Trying to picture it, trying to picture it…failing – maybe some clever soul can photoshop you as a Goth. LOL)

  47. Is this the blog version of those mass email surveys I used to get when I was on AOL? Either way, send me a line.

  48. […] Of course Darren didn’t tag me to do this (But if he had? Dude. That’d be killer…) but I saw it on his site. I’m fairly certain I’ve done this before, but I’m too lazy to see. So – Five Things You May Not Know About Me […]

  49. […] Looking at Problogger and his post “Five things you may not know about this little problogger”, I saw that I have done 4 of the 5 things listed. I used to be like that. So taking on his lead, here are 5 things you may not have known about (but probably suspected): […]

  50. […] Wow this meme’s still hot! I saw this “secret-tagging” from Chris Garrett and Darren Rowse a day before Christmas. Scratched Tagged by The Cat. […]

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