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FeedBurner offer Pro Features to Everyone

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of July 2007 RSS 0 Comments

Exciting news was announced for any blogger using Feedburner to manage their blog’s feeds today. They’ve made two of their Pro level features (MyBrand and Total Stats) free for everyone.

This is great news – I’m particularly excited about the Total Stats package which I’ve been able to use for a while now and which gives some nice extra metrics on your feed – particularly stats on the number of people clicking on specific items in your feed.

MyBrand allows you to match your feed address to your domain name.

Those previously paying for these services won’t be charged as of June.

Get more details of how to turn these features on at the Feedburner Blog.

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • What marvelous news! Now us newer bloggers who feel like we could justify paying for Feedburner Pro will have access to more of the features. I’m particularly looking forward to being able to brand my feed to my domain name!

  • Very nice! Thanks Google!!!

  • Bes

    That is indeed good news. So Google is making available such tools for free to drive the market more towards itself, which is at this moment good for consumers like us. So, if I understand this correctly, the Total Stats Pro has one more feature that the standard package didn’t have, which is tracking how many people click on individual feed links? I see that this is the case for my account, but just wanted to make sure if these were the only things separating the standard package from the Pro package.

    The MyBrand option requires e-mailing instead of online activation, which I guess should be ok for now, given the nature and priority of the service. Sending people off to a feedburner url did confuse a lot of my readers, and having all current feeds forwarded from our servers to other servers can get messy after a while if one wants to track all the clicks [like what urls are people clicking or typing in to access feeds].

  • I just posted about that too! The only feature I’m expecting to like is MyBrand. The other one, FeedBurner Stats, it’s just another set of numbers and statistics.

  • HH

    Did anyone paid for that?

  • HH

    Did anyone pay for that?

  • Now if only Google starts offering free Adword campaigns for contests…

  • It’ll be interesting to see how Google plans to integrate Feedburner into Google Analytics (they’d be stupid not to) and AdSense.

  • I just wanted to drop you a thank you. I have learned so much from your site, I could never repay you. I started my own blog a few days ago, “Easy seduction You can sleep with more girls this week than most guys will this year. Seduction and the pickup Guaranteed!” I would have never done it without you. Thank you so much for what you do here.

  • This is great. Thanks for the information, Darren. I appreciate it.

  • m.d. I’m sure Darren will be ever-so-thrilled that you’re making such, uh, productive use of his suggestions.

    Regarding the main point of this post, I too went over to Feedburner, clicked on the “pro” options and went “huh? Is that all there is?” Makes me glad I never bothered to pay for it, and it certainly isn’t going to change anything about the way I blog.

    And while I’m commenting, has anybody else noted the offer that the pinging service pingoat has up right now? They claim they are about to unveil something that can help drive traffic to blogs. I have no idea whether it’s bogus or legit, but some readers of this blog might be interested.

  • Dao

    Haha, did you check out MD’s site? That’s high praise Darren, high praise indeed. You should be proud for helping such a fellow.

  • Great news! I’m a big fan of stats ;)

  • Feedburner has been acquired by the Big G so it obvious why these features are now available for free.This is one of the reasons why people are made to love Google.Excellent features and all available at no cost.thats what makes Google popular and kills the competition against them.

  • This is indeed excellent news. We’ve been paying for both pro features for a few months now; I’ve found Total Stats extremely useful in determining what my readers do and don’t like.

    MyBrand is almost a necessity in my mind, I think it confuses everything to send people to a feedburner URL (though many bloggers do use it very successfully, like Darren)

    Also, I really hope they integrate these stats with Google Analytics.

  • Thanks for the info Darren!

    It’s good that Google, as usual, provide great service for free!!

  • Fantastic news and I can’t wait to see where FB+Google takes us next.

  • hi…

    maybe Google wants that

    but, what do you think….it is good for me as a consumer, but what about competing companies….

    I mean if Microsoft tried to bundle in things with their operating system, wouldn’t (sooner or later) providing it for free (JUST because you can afford) come under same…

    I am afraid that Google just might not inhibit innovations by startups, or maybe it could be the other way round?


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