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Feedburner AdSense Ads in the Wild

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of June 2008 Adsense, RSS 0 Comments

Over the weekend news broke of the coming Feedburner and AdSense Integration.

Since then I’ve chatted to one of the team at Google about the integration and asked if I could see them in the wild somewhere. They shot me a link to this RSS feed where you can view them in Google Reader on each post.

Interestingly in this feed I’m seeing a real variety of ads (both in terms of advertisers and types of as) including:

Picture 10-2

Picture 11-3

Picture 12-2

Picture 13-2

Picture 14

So we’re seeing text ads, image ads and at least two sizes.

A little concerning is that the relevancy of the ads are not that contextual as far as I can see. The feed is from a music blog. Some ads are matching – others don’t at all.

He also told me that they’re rolling these out to both existing Feedburner Ad Network publishers and AdSense publishers – a small group initially but it won’t take long for it to be opened up further.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. I wonder if they will ever offer ads for the e-mail delivery recipients? That is pretty much all we use… 99% of our subscribers are through e-mail.

  2. So.. ah? Can you see those only in Google reader or any RSS reader? Or we assume it just supposedly work for everything?

  3. Very interesting. I do have several people already viewing my feed (and ads) through feedburner. I was wondering what ads they would be seeing. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  4. those ads are not at all relevant to the contents at the moment but m sure it will deliver relevant ads once they open it for all publishers

  5. nice.. this is a must :D

  6. Interesting. How does this differ from the existing “Monetize” tab on the Feedburner site? It speaks to enabling AdSense for my feeds. Isn’t this the same thing? Or am I one of the chosen few that is seeing the “Monetize” tab?

  7. Problogger knows all

    Just ask him

    Nah that was mean I respect him very much.

    I too will someday be respected just not fro my Blogging

    See ya…

  8. This opens the market up to a lot more impressions. Do you think that this will decrease the value of the Ads?

  9. interesting. i know i entered my adsense info in the ‘monetize’ section of my feedburner account a while ago but i’ve never seen an adsense ad in any of my blogs.

    i guess now they will?

  10. This looks really great,
    thanks for link to see it in action Darren!
    Now just to see some CTR and good CPC!

  11. bob cobb says: 06/05/2008 at 2:48 am

    Ive been waiting such a long time for these. I cannot wait to get it in my account

  12. I don’t see the ads in the Live Music blog feed…Is it only me? suggestions?

  13. Now I can haz ads in Feeds too !

    Ads in Feed will not be annoying to (Online)readers.. But most of the Peoples who uses Feed Readers will download the articles for offline reading, So I don’t think that FeedBurner Ads will not give publisher some more penny
    And as “sockmoney” said e-Mail ads can over come this offline problem, but ads will make emails to load slower..

    So personaly I will not prefer to use ads in FEEDs, But I welcome sponsored ads for feeds…

  14. This is a much needed integration. Google is always looking for ways to make things better.

    Personally, I don’t like to see the larger ad’s when I’m reading an article through the RSS feeds. But the smaller horizontal text ad’s should be a perfect fit for the RSS reader.

    Thanks for sharing the link where we can see this integration in action.


  15. The big question for me will be what king of CTR you can expect with these ads. Then if you ad these impressions, will you dilute your overall CTR (if they count) and thereby lower your ad quality score.

  16. I have a WP plugin that integrates OpenX ad server and you RS feed. If anyone is interested contact me.

    It’s great for when you have your own product or private ad sells etc. Gives you total control over what ads will served.

  17. Does anyone what the roll-out plan is? I’ve been using FAN, and recently the performance has been terrible! From a reach of over 600 (from 2000 reader) with daily updates, I’ve had about 150 ad views for each of the last two months, a tenth of what they used to do! I wonder if the ads will be CPM or CPC?

    Anyway, I’ve linked my AdSense to my FeedBurner account in the hope that this might speed up the process.

  18. Like Save, you fool! asked – can anyone explain how this differs from the functionality that’s been available by Feedburner under the “Monetize” tab?

    I’m sure I’m missing something here, but as far as I can tell, Google Adsense integration with Feedburner is old news.

  19. MWPaustin says: 06/06/2008 at 12:42 am

    It looks like they’ve improved the relevancy since the original post. There’s a number of repeats but they’re all music related now … at least they were for me. Did your Google contact mention whether you could specify the type of ad placed?

  20. I can`t wait to see the ads in my feeds. When do they expect to announce the integration of the ads? I am really curios how it works out.


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