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Feedburner Add Customizable Subject Lines to Email Subscriptions

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of July 2009 RSS 0 Comments

One month ago I wrote an open letter to Google/Feedburner suggesting that it might be time to add some more features to Feedburner – particularly the ability to customize subject lines of those subscribing to a feed via RSS.

It seems that they’ve been hard at work on that very feature.

Today I logged into my Feedburner account and noticed this in the ‘Email Branding’ area.


Yep – it’s the feature we’ve been waiting for! All you need to do now is add the tag ${latestItemTitle} into the subject line and it looks like you’re set to have new subject lines on each email sent.

There’s no official word on this new feature yet from Feedburner.

Ironically it was only a few hours ago that I emailed a few questions to Feedburner who have agreed to an interview here on ProBlogger. Expect to hear more from Feedburner in the coming few days – hopefully this is a sign of things to come as they take Feedburner to the next level!

Thanks for listening Feedburner.

A hat tip to Carrie who emailed me about this new feature – nice pick up!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. That is really good news. Thanks Darren

  2. very basic feature. but was not implemented from long time.

    Great to see that feedburner have included it.

    will go to feedburner and change it now.

    Thanks for informing!

  3. I would switch to Feedburner if it had the following 2 options:

    1. Your own header in the feed/email (like FeedBlitz)

    2. The ability to send blog broadcasts to your list (as a newsletter)

  4. I saw that yesterday and added it right away. I like that there’s even the option to say “plus 2 items” if there are more new than just the latest one.

  5. Thank the Feedburner gods!

    Just sent out my first RSS feed with this feature… worked like a charm and very helpful.

  6. That’s great as I have been using feedburner as a method of sending our RSS newsletters, basically the equivalent of email but using RSS instead.

    RSS isn’t just for news feeds.

  7. I just tried it and it wokrs really really fine!

  8. Yay! Finally, after years of waiting, feedburner finally got their act together.

  9. Great news bout Feedburner

  10. Brian:

    Well done. Take the rest of the day off.

  11. That’s what we want from Feedburner! I’ve just made the chances for my Feedburner title. Thanks Darren for telling us about this! I believe that we can get more subscribers to click on the email and read our posts with the attractive title!


  12. Thanks for that tips. Its really useful.

  13. Hmm, looks very interesting.. thanks for the heads up Darren.

  14. Thanks, Darren! I can’t help but think that you are probably the squeaky wheel whose squeak was loud enough to get the “oil” we’ve been wanting. :-)

  15. I just set that up in my feedburner account. Thanks for letting me know about it. Good stuff!

  16. I like this new feature of Feedburner. In fact, I tried changing the subject line to make the email more catchy.

  17. Great post! Can’t wait to start using it. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thanks for the heads up! I just went over and set up all of mine!

  19. Great tips, thanks for the advice.

  20. Darren

    Thanks for all the great posts that you have written here. I was aware of the name ProBlogger blog since long but really never visited it.

    But, now when am reading your blogs, I am just loving them. So nicely and simply written.

    I have gone through your ‘comments policy’ (which I found only here and nowhere else), but I will still put comments on all those posts which I will really like.

    Hope that does not make me get counted in Spam!


  21. defenately useful for me also

  22. Groovy stuff, Darren. Thanks for sharing (and to Tim Walker who pointed me this way via http://www.hooversbiz.com/2009/07/16/tweaking-subscriber-e-mails/)

  23. I’ve actually been using feedburner on my blog and I didn’t even know about this feature. Thanks for suggesting this to Feedburner. It helps bloggers everywhere.

  24. I’m amazed. Feedburner listens to bloggers too. Or is it because of you darren? Anyway, I’ve off to using it right now. Thanks ;)

  25. A nice idea, but it still needs work. When I insert the ${latestItemTitle} into the title bar along with my post title I get my post title AND the ${latestItemTitle}.

    Try again.

  26. Sounds like a nice feature, but truly speaking I was pretty much satisfied with the feedburner they had. Hope they would overload it with a bunch of unnecessary features that would bulk my email.

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