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Pick your own PBEVENT Pathway

May 20, 2016 By

Schedule Avatars

This year’s schedule is, without a doubt, huge! Our event has grown as our attendees have grown and we’ve recognised the breadth of experience and demand for differing levels of content.

We also know that there are many different reasons why you come to PBEVENT and that you’re not all on the same journey, let alone the same point on your journey!
So, let’s take a look at the different PBEVENT adventures you could choose!

Firstly, there are two days and each day starts and ends with everyone together for keynote sessions. Everyone then breaks out into 4 different tracks for two sessions before and after lunch – so that’s 8 sessions you can choose to mix and match the event any way you want. You can even add on Masterclasses on Thursday or Sunday.

We’ve created some PBEVENT Avatars to help you find your way through the schedule. Let’s introduce them!

Just starting out?

We’ve noticed there are lots of new bloggers coming through and 10-15 % of our attendees are yet to start a blog, so don’t feel like this event isn’t for you. Also, you have the benefit of getting to know more established bloggers and learn from them too.

We’ve got a whole track pretty much just for you. Our Fundamentals track kicks off with with wise insights from one of Australia’s most established bloggers, Nicole Avery as she shares 10 things she wishes she new when she started back in 2008.

The rest of the track takes you through the key foundations of blogging and an opportunity for some serious Darren time. This year will be the most he’s ever spoken at a PBEVENT, so make the most of it! These sessions are not just for beginners – if you need a bit of help in any of these key areas, it’s a good place to get the fundamentals in place.

Meet Nina Newbie

Nina Newbie Avatar

Click on the image or check out Nina’s schedule selections here.

Blogging for love the love of it?

Not everyone comes to the event to learn about making money, and that’s more than alright! Making money is alright too! The value of blogging and creating an online presence will be different for everyone. We all get different things out of it – from the love of writing to connecting with a community, or the freedom from a typical 9-5 job.

Meet Hannah Hobby

Hannah Hobby Avatar

If that sounds like you, click on the image or check out Hannah’s schedule selections here.

Blogging for Business?

Small businesses and consultants make up one of the bigger blogger niches at the event each year. At first glance it may not look like there’s anything specifically for you, but if you take a closer look you’ll find all kinds of nuggets that will help you in your business.

Meet Benjamin Business

Benjamin Business

If you’re a small business or consultant, click on the image or check out Benjamin’s schedule selections here.

Creating and Selling Products?

Taking your passion and knowledge and turning it into an online product you can sell is a great way to provide mutual value to the audience you’ve grown through blogging. The schedule has some great sessions specifically about creating products, and also the processes and systems you’ll need to have in place to sell them.

Meet Pippa Product

Pippa Product

If you’re keen to create a product or hone your selling process, click on the image or check out Pippa’s schedule selections here.

Want to use your influence?

A big part of growing your online presence and audience is understanding that you may also be growing your influence. There are a number of ways you can use your influence, and on different platforms too. There are some great sessions and workshops to help you navigate working with brands and other organisations.

Meet Ivanna Influence

Ivanna Influence

If this sounds like you, click on the image or check out Ivanna’s schedule selections here.

Maybe you don’t really blog?

This year we’ve definitely moved beyond just blogging and included sessions on livestreaming, video, YouTube, Instagram and three workshops on Podcasting. There is also a great session on managing the content creating process across different platforms from international podcasting expert Colin Gray, who is also running a Podcasting Masterclass on the Sunday.

Meet Mike Media

Mike Media

If you’re into creating more than blog posts, click on the image or check out Mike’s schedule selections here.

We hope this has helped you dissect our schedule this year and shown you the sessions and speakers most relevant to where you are on your journey. We’re looking forward to seeing your schedules – you can share from your Sched profile and tag #pbevent so we can check them out!

Need a ticket?

Tickets are still available via Eventbrite. Save $100 until 30 June 2016.

Workshops will also open for booking on 1st July, so get in before then for the best chance at getting the workshop(s) of your choice.

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