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Announcing 7 New Speakers for #PBEVENT 2013

July 25, 2013 By

Just because we’ve sold out ProBlogger Event for 2013 doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped adding value!

This morning I announced 9 new ‘Lounge Sessions’ and now I’m excited to announce 7 new speakers and panelists – including some of your favourites from previous events and some new ones too!

But before I introduce them – I have some sad news. Unfortunately Jonathan Fields will not be able to join us live on the Gold Coast this year for his keynote. Sadly he has had a death in the family that has made the trip from New York to Australia difficult to make. We completely understand the situation – family always comes first – and send our condolences to his family.

Jonathan has kindly suggested we run an exclusive webinar after we hold PBEVENT just for attendees and virtual attendees. So we’ll organise this and hold it after our time together (probably in October).

We have rejigged our schedule a little to cover Jonathan’s sessions and I’ll be now delivering the final keynote session and am planning for us to have a fun and hopefully inspiring end to our 2 days together.

Note: we’ll have the full outline of the schedule – including the lounge sessions announced earlier today – in the coming week so you can begin to plan what you’ll want to see.

Our 7 New Speakers

Let me introduce you to our 7 new speakers (see the full line up on our speaker page):

Getting Down to Business


As we looked at how our attendees for this year classified themselves on the survey we ran as part of the purchasing process we noticed that this year we have over 60 bloggers who classify themselves as business bloggers! So we decided we should add in some sessions relevant just to those wanting to use a blog to support an existing business. As we asked ourselves who would be good to run these types of sessions we immediately realized that two previous speakers would be great and invited Trevor Young and Valerie Khoo to present a session titled – ‘How blogging can build your small business and your personal brand‘.

The session will help you to:

  • Map out a blueprint on your blogging strategy (depending on what stage you are at in business – new, growing, established)
  • Determine what your blog can achieve for your business
  • Find your “”brand”” voice
  • Tell your “”power stories””
  • Figure out whether you should include video or audio podcasts (with clear take-away instructions on how to create them)
  • Leverage opportunities to write books and speaking opportunities
  • Build your audience and brand by connecting with other bloggers and influencers.

Trevor will also be involved in one of our ‘Lounge Sessions’ on the topic of using blogging to help launch a speaking career (co-presenting with Yvonne Adele) and Valerie will be involved in a Lounge Session on the topic of launching your freelance writing career.

Technically Speaking


Each year at the end of PBEVENT we survey attendees to ask them what type of sessions they’d like to see more of. Without exception we get requests for more technical sessions – particularly for information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to use Analytics tools on your blog.

This year we’re introducing two brand new speakers to run sessions on each of these topics.

Ned Dwyer will be running a session titled ‘Google Analytics for bloggers: How to understand Google Analytics, use data to make
your blog awesome and kick ass!
‘. Ned’s description for the session is:

If you’re not tracking it you can’t improve it. Google Analytics is more than page views, unique visitors and referral links. Find out how to setup your Google Analytics to track conversions, measure “assists” and work out how to make more money from your blog through science.

I am very much looking forward to this session personally as I’ve heard Ned’s teaching is excellent!

Jim Stewart will also be running a session this year titled ‘SEO for WordPress’. Search Engine Optimization is such a massive topic (whole conferences are run on it) so we’ve asked Jim to focus in upon WordPress for this session (WordPress being the most common blogging platform used by our attendees). We understand not everyone will be on WP but we wanted to narrow the focus so Jim could go a little deeper.

The Step Changers


Last, but not least, we’ve invited Christina Butcher, Andrea Zanetich and Caz Makepeace to run a session that they’re called ‘The Step Changers’.

In this panel style session these 3 successful bloggers will share the turning points in their blogging journeys. From starting out to garnering larger followings, site redesigns and making money from their blogs.

Christina, Andrea and Caz come from different niches (Travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle) so what they share will be relevant to bloggers of different backgrounds.

They’ll share:

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