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How to Create and Launch Profitable eBooks – the ProBlogger Way

August 18, 2011 By

Today I’d like to give a little information on a session at the ProBlogger Training Event that I’m really looking forward to – How to Create and Launch eBooks – the ProBlogger Way.

Over the last 3 years my blogging business model has changed significantly – and its mirroring a trend that I see happening in the wider blogosphere.

Whereas I used to almost completely rely upon advertising revenue for my blogs – in the last few years my blog revenue increasingly comes from developing and selling my own products – mainly eBooks (both on dPS, FeelGooder and ProBlogger). To this time we’ve produced 12. I still earn from advertising and see it as a very valid option for bloggers to monetize (we have a session on this scheduled for the training day too) – but eBooks have taken over as the #1 income stream in the last year.

In this panel based session I’ve lined up the team who helps me produce our eBooks to come and talk you through how they do it. I’ll also share how I did my first eBooks when I didn’t have a team to draw on

In addition to myself – the panelists involved in the session are:

  • Jasmin Tragas – who leads the production process
  • Rachel Devine – a Professional Photographer and one of the authors I’ve been working with on a brand new dPS eBook
  • Naomi Creek – the designer behind most of our eBooks
  • Georgina Laidlaw – ProBlogger’s content manager and involved in editing our eBooks
  • The Web Marketing Ninja – ProBlogger blogger and involved in marketing and launching our eBooks (he’s also the author behind a new eBook to launch on ProBlogger in the next week).

This team each have a lot of experience in different aspects of what we produce and will talk you through how we do it but also share tips on how individual bloggers who don’t have a team can work through different parts of the process.

We’ll leave plenty of time for Q&A in this session – so if eBooks are on your radar, come prepared with some questions!

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