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Don’t Let your Blog Become Like My Sock Drawer

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of July 2009 Video Posts 0 Comments

Got a messy sidebar on your blog? It’s time to clean it up (like I cleaned up my sock drawer today).

Check out the full sized version of this on YouTube, MySpace, Blip.tv and Viddler.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Cool video content. Thanks for sharing and the tips.

  2. Great info and advice as usual thanx!!

  3. Funny! Thanks! I needed that! Right to the point!

  4. Thanks Darren, sometimes when u put it like that, really makes more sense than if u’d just written about it. I sure did clean my clutter from the sidebars:)

  5. I got all holes in my socks in my drawer. The big toe and the heel is where I get them.

    I got rid of most of the things on my sidebar when it started to get out of hand. The less you have the better.

  6. […] to resonate with readers. A couple of posts (this one on declining traffic and this one on my ’sock drawer’)got over 100 comments which is always a level that I look to on this blog to signal a post did well […]

  7. Thanks Darren for such a nice video. I am completely agree with you.

  8. Spot on video, I checked my sidebar immediately but I haven’t been blogging long so not many odd socks.

  9. Messy and cluttered sidebars are such a turn off. They just distract the reader away from your posts. Posts are what’s most important.

  10. Hey Thanks Daren. I need to do it now.

  11. what is fix definiton about messy side bar????



  12. I think it is time to clean my drawers. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. I cleaned my blog up a lot a few months ago. This is a great video, Love how you used the sock drawer as a comparison.
    I really hate to go to a site and see things flashing at me, and saying click me so I can please make some money.

  14. Thanks for the info. I don’t seem to have to worry too much about a messy sidebar as for some reason when I add any more links my links all go to the bottom of the page. So, if I want to keep them at the top I can’t add any more.

  15. I don’t have a sidebar for my blog, which is why I don’t have to worry about it :mrgreen:

    – MENJ

  16. Will definitely clean up mine. Great video! Cluttered sidebars are such a turn off.

  17. hahaha…nice advice and video… i definitely clean up my sidebar… coz it slow my blog 2 load…. thankx :)

  18. Very true, I often find messy sidebars or banners which make me wanna throw up. First impressions are extremely important on blogs. Nice video, thanks for posting.

  19. LOL…Darren, there is a good reason to get rid of “athletic socks” like that one! Too funny.

    This is a great tip that I have a feeling, a lot of people are going to IMPROVE their blog because of!


  20. Great analogy- especially if you saw my sock drawer hehe. It’s got mismatched pairs, socks with holes, a few odds and ends, and recently in the drawer I found food stamps from the 1950s. I wonder if it’s a bad thing that I take care of my blog better…

  21. Wow love the vid will add to my new blog my socks are allways in a mess and allways mixed. i swear my miss does it to pea me off. and love the info again

  22. Amazing video,,, liked it a lot! Its very true we should remove those creepy things on side!
    I cleaned up my blogggg tooo!!!

  23. An excellent post and has got me thinking…

  24. Darren, you do such a great job with your videos and your sites. And you’re just an all-around nice guy who produces such helpful content for the rest of us. Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ and I’m always happy to point people in your direction. Lisa

  25. Brilliant advice, and a fantastic video, I loved the way you used the socks!

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  27. Thanks for the advice, it is funny because I was thinking of a way to clean up my site. So what I will start with is my sidebar. I’m thinking of making some simple navigation through my site so it is easy for the readers. Thanks Again!

  28. Brilliant advice, and a fantastic video, I loved the way you used the socks!

  29. Yes Great Video as long as you are a blogger because my Brother heard this and he asked me what the hell are you looking at that crazy man for.But its something we All have to think about we should at least make these gadgets a new window</A If we want to keep them.

  30. The sock drawer is a good analogy for this. We do a lot of revisions of our clients old websites, and there is always a lot of “dead” technology, broken links and outmoded information in their sidebars.

    Paul Weiss

  31. Thanks for the solid tip, Darren. My programmer hooked me up and said similar things awhile back :)

  32. Darren,
    The video rocks, heck you got got me to even clean out my sock drawer, and work on the my site a bit more. Thanks

  33. Question; how about ranking high my blog? i have several in squidoo and blogger and do not drive traffic.

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  34. It is essential to keep ones blog clean. Good video. Keep up the good work!

  35. I just started a month ago and I think all my socks match! Please feel free to sort through it and tell me otherwise!


  36. I knew it! That’s where my other sock went! Thanks for the motivation to clean out the sidebar. I’ve been meaning to do that for weeks now!

  37. cleaning side bar, good idea, thanks for sharing. i used to think more stuff on my side bar is good, at least fill up my blog with something colorful………but i agree with you, content is the most important……i won’t let my blog like your sock drawer

  38. Hi, this is really a cool tip. I’ve been wanting to clean up my sidebar for ages but haven’t done so. One thing that stops me from doing that is I’ve to get a new template (that’s fine), and chances are, I might have to do all my widgets again. (I’m using Blogger.com)

    I’ll try cleaning it up this weekend.
    Thanks for the great tip.

  39. Did you make that with one cut? Most entertaining ProBlogger vid so far – gave me a good lauch for saturday night. And gave me a push to go cleanup and re-plan some of my blogs. Great stuff!

  40. At least now am getting some substantial help!

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  41. I really have a messy sidebar .
    I will clean it , thanks for the tips .

  42. I think he Could Clean out Some of the Comments here Too.

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