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Does Frequent Posting Boost Traffic?

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of February 2005 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Susannah is tracking if her blog’s traffic levels correlate with her levels of posting and writes:

‘Generally speaking, it looks like the theory of more posts = more traffic holds true, but of course what the logs don’t tell you is that on the days I was posting a lot I was at a blogging conference and the blog URL was up on the projector between every session. Nor does looking at this graph reflect the posts that were controversial. That first spike is accompanied by a barely significant increase in post numbers, but was on a topic that caught a lot of interest.’

This is something I’ve done a little research into on my own blogs also. What I’ve found (although I don’t have as nice a graph as Susannah) is that my overall traffic does tend to increase on days that I post more – however there are a couple of further observations that are worth making.

1. The increased traffic on the days where I post a lot comes mainly through RSS feeds. My feedburner stats show quite clearly that the days I post a lot I get more RSS readers. That makes sense.

2. My biggest traffic days have little to do with the quantity of posting – instead they have more to do with two other factors:

a. What I post – As Susannah writes – controversial topics, useful tips, posts with intriguing titles etc can all spark an influx of traffic. Similarly – posting on a topic that is being searched for on Google (whether you did it by accident or by design) is obviously another traffic generator. Three weeks out from the Melbourne Cup horse race posting a post titled ‘2004 Melbourne Cup Winner’ (and then adding the winner the moment the race finishes) is one such way of spiking your traffic.

b. Who links to me posts – the beauty of blogging is that a blogs success is so often in the hands of other bloggers. My very biggest days traffic always comes from larger sites linking up to my posts. When a site like Slashdot, Gizmodo, Engadget or a major newspaper link up the rollercoaster ride can be quite staggering. I still remember the first day Slashdot linked up to one of my posts and crashed my server in three minutes of them linking up – that had nothing to do with post quantity and everything to do with some unknown person submitting my site to a megablog.

So – yes quantity of posting helps and is a good strategy for building traffic levels – however the heaviest traffic is generally a result of some other factor.

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  • This has come up before, but I see it here again so I’ll ask it here. When you blog about an upcoming event hoping to position yourself in search engines for when that event happens, how do you handle the technicalities of the posting? If you’re writing about the 2004 Melbourne Cup Winner, do you just go ahead and post that live on your site–visible on the homepage–and include something about how you’ll fill in the winner when it happens? Or do you somehow do a future-post or post it live but not on the homepage so the search engines can find it?

  • I tend just to post it as normal and write a preview of the event (which helps with keywords and getting ranked well) and say I’ll publish the results later.

    The other approach would have been to post it at an old date – so its not on the front page but the search engines will find it.

    I prefer the first approach though because it ensures that the SE’s find it.

  • I agree. I think frequent postings that are on topic help promote.

    So does cross-posting (in a friendly manner).

    That’s why I am putting my link here:

  • Are there any blog sites that accept links to other blog sites? thanks.

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  • RSS had become real important to me.
    I try to post often myself, and it helps.
    And always stay on the subject.

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  • I’ve also been wondering the same thing.

    Creating more posts is a dilemma. On the other hand creating more posts equals more content but downside is that quality may actually decrease.

    I’ve also been worried about the effect of some sponsored posts I’ve made.


  • xrumer is the best program for promotion!
    It’s have CAPTCHA recognizer, email verificator, and a lot of other functions…

    But. I forgot link to it :(

    Can you give me URL to the xrumer description? screenshots, etc.


  • Rightly said, for example on our blog Auto News America, we write scoop stories on to be launched cars. Once a popular and eaglerly awaited car is launched search traffic goes ballistic.

  • I am looking at ways to increase traffic to
    I have tried to post my blog on lots of blog sites – email me if you have any other ideas!

  • This is an old post, but may be the best spot to ask this question:

    Is there an ‘average’ in the progression of readers of a blog?

    Is the average closer to 100 or 250 or 500 unique visitors/day after 30 posts or 2 months online (making up stats)?

    Where is the level off point? Do people tend to be ‘stuck’ at 100 or 250 unique views/day before making the jump to 15k/day?

    As a side note, I do not necessarily believe that more views means a blog is doing better, just been unable to find this sort of information. thanks.