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Do You Make These Mistakes in Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is a great way to get your name out there. Today Chris Garrett from ChrisG.com (and co-author of the ProBlogger book) sheds some light on some common mistakes made my those doing Guest Posts.

You will notice this is a guest post. This isn’t Darren writing, it is some other guy filling in while The ProBlogger takes a well earned relax.

When Darren asks I always try to send over at least one guest post. Guest posting is a great way to get your name out there, build links, enhance your credibility and gain subscribers. If it is done well it is also a good deal for the blogger who posts this free and fresh content.

No surprises then that many people are out there now shopping around their guest posts. Just make sure you are not making the following mistakes, foul-ups and pitfalls:

10 Common Mistakes in Guest Posting

1. Making Demands

A guest posting arrangement is supposed to be a win-win arrangement. Making a fuss, being a diva, badgering the host, or just generally a nuisance will not endear you and don’t expect to get any referrals or even asked back. Nobody is going to give you an administrator account for their blog on the first article, and guest post means exactly that, you are just a guest so act like one.

2. Being a Doormat

The flip side of the first point is the arrangement should be fair for the writer too. One or two guest posts is a great arrangement, a regular gig might also be worthwhile for the visibility, links or traffic, but don’t be taken advantage of. There is a point where guest posting should cross over into blogging for pay. Agree on deadlines, word count, what you will do and how the content can or will be used by either party.

3. Holding Back

If you want to create the best outcome from your guest posting you need to bring your best stuff. Make sure you hold your self to high standards and work hard to create unique and valuable content. Don’t hold back your best tips, advice or humor. Otherwise you are just adding filler.

4. Ignore the Audience

There are two ways guest posters ignore the blog audience. First is not taking into account the particular likes, needs and style of the host blog, and secondly not responding to questions. Now, a good host blogger will notify their guest writers of any comments or feedback directed at their guests, but the guest should also look in once in a while.

5. Over Self-Promotional

Of course there are benefits and any writer will want those benefits, but if you make your guest article all you-you-you, full of links, or maybe dropping affiliate codes, don’t be surprised if it backfires.

6. Not Delivering

It seems some wannabe guest posters send out so many enquiries they are surprised when someone says yes. If you make an offer, ensure you can come through with the goods. Otherwise you will not be asked again.

7. Hindering Rather than Helping

The reason why you accept a guest post is because it is supposed to make life easier. If you are causing hard work for the blogger don’t expect your content to be used. Do your own spell check, read through for grammar goofs, and make sure all your links work.

8. Causing Problems

Writing one guest post does not make you a representative or voice of a particular blog. I have seen bloggers use guest posts to try to make connections or open doors that they are not really due. Also, don’t court controversy on someone else’s blog. If you are going to be snarky, damage your own brand.

9. Offer No Credibility

Why should the host blog accept your guest post pitch? What do you have to offer? What are your ideas? Do you have writing samples to show? Have you got real expertise to share? What will you add to the blog? “Just because I need the link” is not a valid reason for anyone to accept your guest posts.

10. Duplicate or Steal

It shocks me that this still goes on, but if you accept a guest post, make sure it is unique and original. As a way to short cut the writing process people are taking content from ezine directories, other blogs, or running content through rewrite software. Don’t be tempted to do it or accept it. Another aspect of duplication, much more innocent, is writing about something the blog has already covered – d’oh!

I am sure there are other guest post goofs that people make. Have you got any more to share? Please let us know in the comments …

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I have a couple of blogs that I own and write on, and I’ve recently been asked to guest-write on another blog that has recently started up, about a subject that I enjoy but don’t often write about.

    I have to say I agree with the comments about acting like a guest. I would always try to be careful not to bring the blog I was writing for into any kind of disrepute; after all, if you’re writing for a blog with a much bigger audience than your own, it’s your opportunity to get some good exposure outside of your normal readership if you do it to the best of your ability.

    Screw up in front of enough people, and you’ll probably not only not get asked to guest write for that particular blog again, but for other major blogs either.

  2. It is all about putting the interst of your audience ahead of anything else .

  3. This are tips for Guest posting. How about tips for your site after Guest posting?

  4. I agree, but I know you are a great writer and will do very well! Someone thought that you were and ask, and if the subject you’re writing is what you liked best and knowledge, am sure you’ll do just fine! :)

  5. no instant ways to build the success blog or web….great learning,thanks

  6. Great tips on guest posting, it has a big return for bloggers if done right :-)

  7. I have written a few guest posts myself in promotion for my blog. Something what I adhere too is bringing out the best in me. Writing awesome contents would make the readers curious about you and may be pleased with your article writing capability. Guess what, these readers would definitely check out your blog to read more of your articles.

    If you write “garbage” and for the sake of writing, you would tick off the readers, who might never bother to read any of your further articles….

  8. Gosh, some of your point really spot on me, well you can’t blame your commenter for making such mistakes. Just try to ensure them not to do that kind of mistakes

  9. Some good tips here about posting. We have a wholesale company and finding good resources is hard. It seems a lot of places are just spam posts with copied content.

    I am sure many bloggers will learn from these tips offered here.

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    Is it worth the price…? and has anyone used sony bravia can give any input.

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