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Do you Make Money Online from non Blogging Sources? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of September 2008 Reader Questions 0 Comments

Time for another ProBlogger poll – looking forward to hearing what you’ve got to say on this question:


If your answer is yes – tell us what the source is in comments below.

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  1. Nice Poll. At the moment, all my income comes from non blogging sources. Getting a 2.5k blog design done though and in 3 weeks will start using blogging to build my brand

  2. yeh i flip websites if that counts
    and i have a free ebook about it too

  3. I make money from as part of their Partnership Program. I also freelance via the web, writing and graphic design.

  4. My blog is a great tool. It shows people how I write and that I can communicate online. I’ve used it to draw business and also talk to my circle of freinds about on-line media. Right now I consult and help others build their online presence.

    Because I’ve never been able, to actually hang in there and blog consistently, I’ve never built enough traffic to make it interesting for ads, instead I’ve tried to work on my poetry book and a novel. One tries to do it all, but never seems to.

  5. I own web directories, own a SEO company but still blogging is my major source.

    And out of the Internet, am a dental student so that would make my living :)

  6. I have 2 online solutions that I have created for real estate professionals. One is an online briefcase housing all the marketing and technology resources they need to stay effective in the field, accessible from any computer. The other is single property Website solution where agents can create a site dedicated for one listing and syndicate to several online listing aggregators like Trulia, Zillow, etc. I have also several affiliate relationships.

  7. Freelance Business Consulting Services as a Market Researcher and other financial accounting services.

  8. Yes, various online services, business documentation and other assorted management system type things.

    We develop web apps though, so probably not an ideal example.

  9. I answered yes, but it’s really “almost.” I was hired to freelance articles, but then the magazine’s leadership split up, and I was nervous about actually receiving my income, so the articles were never published — and I was never paid.

  10. I don’t make money from my website. I really dislike advertising, but soon I will need a VPS and I’m not sure I want to fund that with my ‘hobby’ money.

  11. Actually I don’t earn a dime on my blogging. (Don’t saying I should either) but I still manage to live without a “job”. :) So, yes, I do earn money from non-blogging sites.

  12. Good question, Darren.

    I earn money from affiliate marketing and Adsense ads on several websites, a couple of forums, a social networking community, quite a few Squidoo lenses, and several blogs.

    This is how I earn 100% of my income and I’m enjoying watching it grow over time.

    Act on your dream!


  13. I teach English as a second language.

  14. Yep, I do Cash Crate and online Surveys. I did have an online business for a while but I just sold it.

  15. I freelance writing articles and also regularly contribute to online magazines.

  16. I got paid from some paid-to-click sites
    yes I know it may sound silly to some people, as the amount of money is too little, and most of the time the sites are scam.
    It may not worth for some people who get a lot more money from other source but I think it worths my time and internet cost and I can’t earn much from ads on my site cuz my traffic is too little.

    I got paid from some blog contest too (that don’t require to blog about the contest, is that count?)

  17. I work from home and make an income with pay per click and affiliate marketing :)

  18. income mostly from directory/website not blog

  19. I am just starting to blog and looking for inexpensive, duplicatable ways to generate blog traffic.

    My primary income is not generated from my blog but I would love to change that.

    I have a feeling you can offer suggestions and I welcome them. You can reach me through my blog. ;)

  20. I make and sell sock monkeys on Etsy, although many of my customers originate from my blog.

  21. My main income comes from POD work with Cafepress. Second is affiliate marketing. Third is blogging.

  22. Darren,

    I flip websites and running a few web directories.


  23. It is always a good idea to spread your income sources around just in case one of them drops. Blogging is just part of my income streams. Others include consulting, web design, web services and affiliate marketing and a few others. Blogging helps each aspect but if I don’t blog for weeks the income from the other sources tend to not drop.

  24. I make money through people signing up for hosting services through my affiliate link (which is on my blog, but I don’t actively blog about it). I do reviews at epinions which payout from time to time. I do online surveys for two different companies – one pays $$, one pays in gift certificates. I don’t make a LOT, but it’s good for spending money every now and again.

  25. I’ve made a little bit of money selling PDFs online.

  26. I occasionally make money as a consultant, typically reviewing publications. The blog is how folks find me though.

  27. I currently sell t-shirts through my hyperlocal site and plan on adding t-shirts and some affiliate items. I eventually hope that advertising becomes the main source though. I don’t even try to make any money using my personal blog, though I suppose I should probably should at some point.

  28. I make some money through video downloads and DVD sales, and I’m looking to branch out with more products in a shop-style format.

  29. I actually make more money WITHOUT using my blog most of the times. It’s pretty ironic since I started a blog for the sole purpose of making money from it. :)


  30. I wish.

    Obviously I have not yet found a way to do it.

  31. I have earned a bit of money online (less than $300 in one year) through user generated content sites like and the Triond family of websites, although I’m much more active on my blog these days than on these other sites. Short term vs. long term gain, I guess. :)

  32. The bulk of my online income comes from a content website that I maintain as a hobby, focused on hunter pets in the MMO World of Warcraft. I actually run my blog just as a fun adjunct to the content site — a fun place to share news and chat with the community — and it makes relatively little income itself.

    My husband and I also have a separate blog for our professional work which has brought us a few contracts and some networking benefits. Most of our professional income, however, has come from previous contacts in our industry. We don’t spend enough time on the professional blog to make it count.

  33. I don’t really know if this applies, but I make online flash games and get them sponsored. It’s a really great source of money, if you know what you’re doing. I once earned $2000 on one game that I only spent about 2 months developing.

  34. I don’t make any money directly from blogging…we sell fine foods via our webstore. But, we do have a blog.

  35. First affiliate marketing then my blog. Through last month they make almost even earnings!

  36. I’m a teacher and tutor in e-learning enviroment.

  37. eBay is the only other source at this current time.

  38. I do freelance graphic and web design

  39. My blog does not directly produce income but sends traffic to my website for RiverStone Gallery which sells a useful amount of art. The gallery website also led to my being asked to produce a book on painting flowers in acrylics which was published last year by Simon and Schuster in Australia, Search Press in the United Kingdom, and North Light Books here in North America.

  40. While it doesn’t earn as much as my blogs, I have created a social community site ( for garden bloggers and gardeners alike.

    In the future, I plan for it to become my primary source of income but that will be at least 12-18 months away and my blogs to supplement that.

  41. For me it’s freelance web design, site flipping/advert revenue and IT consulting – nada from my blog, but given it’s just a neglected adjunct to my site and I don’t think I’ve got anything worth saying on it most of the time, that’s OK.

  42. blogs are a smail part of online income, I will be laying out a way for everyone to work 1 hr a day and bring in 50k per year from home. Max 2 hrs a day…

    but you have to sign up to my rss to to get the goods…

  43. Yes, I have other sites that bring in revenue via affiliate programs as well as a few products of my own. Looking to go deeper into product creation in the near future.

  44. I freelance, writing online web content and e-books. I do occasionally use one of my blogs as a “portfolio” for those types of projects. Most of my freelancing comes from elance and constant content.

  45. I use my websites and blogs to sell my products, which include an RV newspaper, travel and RV books I self-publish, and to promote our RV rallies. I also earn about $500 a month in AdSense commissions

  46. I make money by doing Poetry Fishbowls on my blog for donations:

  47. Amazon Mechanical Turk

  48. Richard Wilson says: 09/01/2008 at 8:43 pm

    I live off of my blog now – thanks to I didn’t know what a blog really was 15 months ago and now I earn money from it through:

    Book Sales
    Certification Program
    Business Referrals
    Training/Workshop Invitations
    JV Opportunities
    Book Writing offers
    Market Research Projects
    Email Promotions (pretty blog related)

    I have recommended this website to at least 100 people since I found it. I can’t get enough!

    – Richard
    Richard Wilson
    Hedge Fund Blogger

  49. i generate income from blog itself
    then as the poll says i generate other online based income from my blog.
    I have consulting fees, software development and mentoring / training fees requested by readers. I have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of income through this way. some of it is ongoing while others is once off.
    i also source work externally for our businesses, but the new leads and business generated from blogging has been incredible
    i have met most of my staff (all bar 2 so far) online as well.
    the internet rocks!
    im a solid 6 figure blogger! but most of my income is not generated using advertising or affiliate sales – though i do make some money from them.

  50. Yes, I own an e-commerce store!