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Do you Make Money Online from non Blogging Sources? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of September 2008 Reader Questions 0 Comments

Time for another ProBlogger poll – looking forward to hearing what you’ve got to say on this question:


If your answer is yes – tell us what the source is in comments below.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I make money online working as a transcriptionist. All of that work is done via internet.

  2. I don’t make any money from my blogging although I’d love too.
    My money comes from my e-commerce personalized ornament site

  3. I sell stuff at CafePress.com/yougababecafe and have done freelance graphic work online but want to bring in more sales from building my blog to bring attention to my store. I am in the learning stage of what blogging is all about and why I am on this blog right now.

  4. Mainly My income source is adsense. I am working full time job and at night i am doing 2 hour blogging which make some money for my pocket. It is being too handy with my study and i find out two hour for it.

  5. http://www.Beanpods.co.uk, eBay, jabberwoc.deviantart.com.

    Nothing from blogs…yet!!

    Great site, by the way!

    Cheers, Mark (Nottingham,UK).

  6. On my blog Iheartpgh.com I make some additional money from my Spreadshirt shop. My blog has led to my job at Spreadshirt.com where I now write the Spreadshirt blog – http://blog.spreadshirt.com.

  7. I am into paid posting and it somehow helps me to monetize my blog.

    I do not know any non-blogging sources that I am capable to do, and I will appreciate if I will learn more.

  8. Web site consulting, editorial content for businesses, SEO and teaching the basics to newbies.

  9. Yup- our monthly revenue comes from:

    – individual clients (5%)
    – group teleclasses, workshops, retreats (50-70%)
    – information/learning products (25-45%)

    The blog is only just starting to help with the marketing of all of this.

  10. I’m a roofing and waterproofing contractor in Toronto. I have some job quote enquires from my company web. Not much. Normally not a large job. Still, business is business!
    I also have a blog writing about home maintenance – normally pick up idea in my jobs, trainings or faq from my customer. The money from pay per click and a job (can not compare).

  11. I am also a donationware developer of time managment/productivity tools and small desktop utilities.

    My most well known application is Instant Boss.

    I have made 3x as much from that than I have from blogging, which isn’t saying much because I haven’t really made all that much from my software. Not even enough to afford a cup of coffee each day.

  12. As well as having a blog about songwriting, I record my own music and I make money by selling downloads of my music.

  13. I make money through Affiliate Programs and Adsense.

  14. 99% of my income comes from non blogging sources, “but”, my blog brings me 100% of my clients these days.

    My blog gives me credibility. Readers can see my track record live.

  15. I’ve made a few hundred dollars from my site in it’s first month. 50% adsense and 50% ebook sales.

  16. Yup!! I sell a fair amount of stuff on eBay and trademe. That counts right?

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