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Do You Do Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog? [POLL]

Affiliate Marketing is one income stream that many bloggers experiment with – but how many are attempting to make money in this way?




Once you’ve voted – here’s a few posts on the topic for those wanting to explore it more.

Don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is? Check out What is Affiliate Marketing.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I do it all time espcecially at my niche blogs.

    Affiliate marketing have grown to be more important to me of late and is my main income earner.

  2. I offer it on the side of my blog but it is very passive income, I might finally get a check cut on february 31,2010

  3. I’ve never tried affiliate marketing. I’m interested to see how this poll turns out though so that I can see what others do.

    Nicholas Z. Cardot

  4. I definitely do it and it makes quite a bit of money each month….it’s actually catching up with my Adsense revenue.

  5. Affiliate marketing is a great way for generating more money out of a blog. However, i use it just occasionly . I prefer ppc ads to it. Getting a reader to click an ad is easier than getting them ro buy something.

  6. I am investigating how to use this aspect of blogging. I am in the beginning stages of blogging and want to benefit from all ways of bringing in the green (dollars). Needless to say, I pay attention to all problogger advice.

  7. Definitely! It’s my main source of income! Gah… if I was waiting around for Adsense money I would have given up years ago. And negotiating other banner ads seems like such a waste of time these days unless you’re BIG.

    But you have to have a blog that it works with, I think. In my case, it’s a blog about shopping, about finding good products, about finding deals, etc. So, I can give items the attention they deserve to get sold. And I love Amazon because I actually get a lot more $ from other products that people buy after they’ve clicked through. That’s REALLY sweet around the holidays :D

  8. I admit, I use my blog for some affiliate products am a member of. I good a great deal of traffic off my blog so I decided to monetize it. I think it’s a good practice, don’t you think? :)

  9. I already tried it but didn’t earn well from it.. But I’m thinking to do it again on my new blog, as it’s receiving a good amount of targeted traffic..

  10. I do one occasionally,

    I don’t see a point of promoting
    something I haven’t tested myself yet.

    Igor Kheifets.

  11. I can’t say that I do affiliate marketing regularly because my blog is pretty new. However, I am actually logged into Commission Junction right now browsing through the affiliate programs. The only affiliate programs I have running on my blog right now are for the 31DBBB eBook and the Thesis theme. I plan to add more until I can find some real advertisers.

  12. I use affiliate marketing a lot, but with a twist – instead of inserting links directly into my blog posts, I use Clickbank’s HopAd builder. This way, I avoid accusations of writing blatantly promotional content or plugging self-serving links into my posts while still monetizing the blog somewhat.

    I only started using it yesterday and Fri/Sat haven’t been good to me traffic-wise, but I’m hoping to make some sales next week. From what I’ve read, this kind of ads trumps Adsense in terms of revenue, too.

  13. Haven’t done any yet as my blog is pretty new and I don’t want to lose my small amount of readers by pushing products.

    Will experiment in the future for sure.

  14. I still have adsense on my blog, but no Amazon, Clickbank or Procash affiliate links. I do not have the traffic for it. I think when the traffic is low that conversion rate is also low. I think bloggers need to be realistic. I think it is hard to convert prospects when a blog is 4 month old and traffic do not exceed 100. When the traffic grows I think it is the time to set up an affiliate link on a blog. Thanks for sharing. Great poll.

  15. I can say that I have not really gotten into affiliate marketing as much as I want to. I will have to try that later, but currently I am doing fine.

    We will see what the future holds.

  16. I also used to do affiliate marketing via Commission Junction. I was spending more time dealing with that over writing on my sites.

  17. Occassionally for me. My blog is too small to offer affiliate links.

  18. Those 17% who have done it, yet don’t do so anymore obviously didn’t do it right. If they had, they would have continued doing so ’cause affiliate marketing allows you to earn money without haviing to create any products first…

  19. I have done several affiliate programs with nearly a dozen different businesses. At first I was not getting anything from my affiliate links but after a time as my traffic grew I started getting some commissions from sales. Now it seems that my affiliate links are making just as much if not more than my AdSense ads. What really helped was writing articles about a subject that was highly related to my affiliate products. These posts became some of my more popular posts and very soon after I started getting some sales. So I suggest not just throwing an affiliate ad out on your blog without having some content on your site that ties directly to the products/services that your ads are dealing with. It helps.

  20. I have yet to explore affiliate marketing, as I do not want to bombard my recent loyal users with in the face advertising. But maybe I’ll give it a wait before I put one or two affiliate ads to test my income stream.

  21. I just started with Amazon. google adsense I can’t get to anymore since I canceled my first google account, then re-joined. I had no idea that adsense was seperate. Long story so won’t explain it all here lol.

  22. I just started putting some affiliate links on my blog, about two weeks ago. but i haven’t monitored how they work. at this time i am still applying for international APs that would accept my blog. it’s kinda hard to find suitable for non-english blogs like mine.

  23. Affiliate marketing is now my blog’s main source of income. With the likes of Amazon you have loads of material to write about (e.g. product reviews, comparisons, bestseller lists) that can make you money in a subtle way, instead of stuffing your blog with enormous adverts.

  24. Salman says: 06/21/2009 at 4:00 pm

    Hi Darren
    Really awesome post.I am awaiting my google PR.
    Can anyone tell me how to keep a poll on my site.


  25. I guess I’m one of those who don’t know what it is. I see that term thrown around a lot though. After blogging for over a year, you would think that I would know!

  26. I’m still new to affiliate marketing and so far it’s been a learning experience. Haven’t started making money from it though I see the potential. It’s discouraging though knowing people will have to buy something before you benefit from it, while with adsense the mere click gets you something.

    Three days ago I got my first sale on an air ticket affiliate on my travel blog and I was so excited. Having introduced this affiliate two weeks ago, which gave me hope that I’m in for something.

  27. I have been seeing so many posts about affiliate marketing. I’m hopefully going to get started in the following week!

  28. It’s good to have options rather than stick to just one solution. Just voted for the first option.

  29. I find it interesting that you folks with new blogs are steering away from affiliate marketing. The most interesting thing I hear you saying is about being concerned about losing visitors or not wanting to do ‘in your face’ advertising.

    Keep sight of the fact that its your blog so you can advertise as aggressively or as passively as you choose. My blog is literally 4 weeks old. I have done almost no work in terms of driving traffic yet the readership is doubling each week with a good RSS subscriber base and a nice start to my list building efforts.

    I have so far promoted 3 individual programs through posts and 2 of them (with a a bonus offer) to my small list. I have already made a couple of sales which I realise is nothing to brag about but I am a virtual unknown and I have no network to speak of. I am literally starting from scratch at all levels.

    I guess what I am trying to convey here is that how you think about it is a direct reflection of your results. My blog is nothing more than a test on myself, with a little leverage, to succeed in creating a money making blog. These very early results are promising but then its been no accident. I am determined to make a success out of it so its only natural that I would be promoting products. Most of you would have far more traffic, and much bigger lists than I have and if you set your mind to it you should be able to effectively montize very easily. If your readers like you (they must because they keep visiting) then build up a trust relationship and you will have a very easy time converting them to sales.

  30. I have done it for couple months, but I don’t get good earning from there, maybe because lack of promotion :(

  31. I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing for many years now. I mainly post banners on my blogs – and once in awhile I’ll write a review of a service or product that I’ve used.

  32. I’ve done a couple of review-posts on products with affilate links, but nothing more then that.

  33. Hi Salman, I see you having a blogger platform site, so just install any poll plugins for blogger and fire away.

  34. Hey Darren, thanks for pulling those links into a single post. Makes it easier to get access to them. I don’t really do affiliate marketing on my blog (Amazon links rarely count for any, since it’s just occasional text link mentions in my articles). By the way, thought you might want to know that there’s a typo error in the word occasionally in your post (occassionally)

  35. Well, I regularly do affiliate promotions and make money from different programs and networks.

    I have divided this promotion into 2 main parts.

    1. Putting affiliate ads as text and banner on my websites.

    2. Writing review posts on special products and services.

    I find both of them effective and I do believe it only works if you run a high quality website or blog. If you just make a web page full of affiliate offers with garbage content, visitors would not take action and buy something through your links.

    Thanks Darren for this interesting poll.



  36. Shopzilla is the main source of affiliate income for me. So far it is my favorite affiliate program.

  37. Well those who have done it and found succes with it, wont leave it.

  38. We do it often on our blog. We’ve been surprised by how much money it’s actually made us!


  39. I am about to try affiliate marketing. I am looking for a niche right now.

  40. I tried but gave up as I’m obviously not very good at it.

    What little money I did make I never received anyway and so I’m now very wary of earning and promoting others’ work and products for zero return.

  41. I already tried it but didn’t earn well from it.. But I’m thinking to do it again on my new blog, as it’s receiving a good amount of targeted traffic..

  42. I don’t post affiliate links, but I do have an affiliate program on my blog so kind of backwards on the idea.

  43. I do better with adsense, but do do affiliate advertising as well.

  44. I feel frustrated the first time I do affiliate marketing because there’s no feedback / result from my effort. But then I learn some tips and techniques on how to do it and it works!

    Now I do it occasionally and it give me frequent income per month. Love it =)

  45. I’ve never done it. I just about know what affiliate marketing is!

  46. it’s actually catching up with my Adsense revenue

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