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Do You Call Yourself a Blogger?

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of February 2008 Video Posts 0 Comments

This might sound like a strange question for someone behind a site called ProBlogger to be asking – but do use the word ‘blogger’ to describe what you do? In this post I want to explore some reasons why I’m using the term less.

In short there are three reasons why I’m using the term ‘blogger’ less and less to describe (and think about) what I do:

1. Your Competitors Don’t Limit Themselves – Why Should You? – to think that you’re competing just with other blogs can actually limit the potential that your web publishing might have. I spoke to one blogger recently who told me that he had one of the biggest blogs going around in his niche – he spoke as though he’d ‘made it’. I congratulated him but then pointed out three other sites in his niche (a review site, a forum and a news site) which had significantly bigger traffic than him (according to Alexa).

2. Your Readers Don’t Really Care What Format Your Site is – I’ve lost count of the conversations that I’ve had with friends who tell me that they’ve never read a blog before – but whom when I question them about the sites that they read find that they read blogs everyday week without knowing it. As bloggers and web savvy people we are often very tuned in to what type of site a site is – however most web users couldn’t care less and read sites not because of their format but because it meets a need for them in some other way.

3. Positioning Yourself for the Future – blogs have had a ‘cool’ factor about them for a year or three now – but there are constantly new types of websites constantly being developed. More and more we’re seeing bloggers morph with other types of websites. While they continue to have a blogging component – they’ve been adding forums, social networks, bookmarking, newsletters and other mediums to them.

Let me say before ending that there’s nothing wrong with calling yourself a blogger or even marketing your blog as a ‘blog’ – however there are good reasons to explore stepping out of this mindset also.

What do you think? Do you call yourself a blogger? Why? Why not?

I’m looking forward to some good discussion.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Well, at the time being I consider myself as a blogger. I’ve yet to see my blog take off so I’m only worried about it at the moment. Maybe, as time goes by and my blog becomes well established, will I consider expanding.

  2. I am an information publisher and I do some blogging.

  3. I think you actually have to do it, rather than thinking up the idea.

  4. I do identify myself as a blogger when it makes sense to. You can use blogs for other templates that are search engine friendly beyond blogging like affiliate marketing, etc. I think you have to look at your target audience, ask yourself what their perception of your title is going to be, and then label yourself accordingly. It’s all in what you are marketing.

  5. Darren, I completely agree with you. Blogging is simply a form of web publishing and web publishing continues to evolve as more and more of the various media technologies are being merged into the web. I was an early adopter of the web in my business, but then sort of went away from it and now getting back into it from a personal perspective because I have something to say and share and also because I have some time to learn and relearn things I put away, Intuitively I understand what you are saying. I just started two blogs within the last 4 weeks. I am very interested in learning more about how to attract more readership. So I will be coming to your site often and want to have conversations with you. Peace

    The Yogi

  6. Darren, What blogging software do you use to publish your blogs. I would be very interesting in trying it. Also what do you think of ning, the social networking software.

  7. I would have to say that I call myself a blogger. I have heard many people call themselves something else or even switch the name up a bit. This is a very interesting subject to talk about and i don’t think that anyone has ever really asked me what I wanted to be called or what i call myself. I am also a freelance writer so I guess that would make me a freelance blog writer who also writes other articles, maybe?

  8. I am little in disagreement with you on your second point. Any site, as a matter of fact, has to look simple but attractive. If the site is full of ads and information, one may get lost in it. A site has to be well laid out.

  9. More than info being laid out. What you are talking about is information mapping. where information is broken down in to chunks, 7 to be exact. There is a company that specilaizes in it called http://www.infomap.com, they derived it from the US Military having to train fighter pilots by having them learn reems of documentation in order to fly a fighter jet. it is applied to the web as well as print.

  10. Just stumbled on your site – again, I remember seeing it about 6-12 months ago. It really looks different, Great! Thanks for the video- I will be checking back to see how I too can blog and hopefully do so as a career choice- thanks again- Brian Morgan / USA / Indiana

  11. Really enjoyed the video especially as it is a subject I have never been comfortable with. I discovered blogging only last year and for me it was a fantastic and very easy not to mention cost free way of reaching more people looking for sales tips and help that you don’t normally get when starting a career in Timeshare. In Europe it’s bad enough to admit you work in timeshare without adding that you also blog about it. So I prefer to tell people that I am a professional sales trainer and marketing consultant (Which I am) and I also have a website that I update weekly with the latest Timeshare sales and marketing techniques and industry news.

  12. You are absolutely correct! And thanks for helping me make the turn simply by saying that using the term “blogger” is “so 2007…even possibly 2006.”

    Makes me want to make sure I stay awake for coming attractions!

  13. Well, I consider myself a blogger even though I only have a little time working on my site. But I’m really looking forward to become a full blogger someday, who knows right? nice post Problogger!


  14. I personally like blogging because it’s a lot easier to manage and deal with very cost effective. I do agree that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to just blogs but they are great for beginners like myself. Great Post.

  15. is this a weekly video or biweekly?
    May be you didn’t have time to do another video.

  16. Hi … I don’t really think of myself as a blogger. I think I’m a “noticer”. My inspiration is everywhere. I simply take the opportunity to “notice” and then I like sharing it with friends.

    On my site, I have a Blog tab. I should probably change the name though because instead of it being a daily log of my life I actually post a tip to inspire, challenge or motivate others.

    Blogger … noticer … I dunno … just a girl trying to make it in this webworld! And workin’ at being Sexy!


  17. metal – i’m on a biweekly(ish) schedule at the moment

  18. I’ve been calling myself an Infopreneur and like the sounds of that but have to admit that I like the term Web Publisher. To me, it has very broad connotations. As a web publisher, you could work with any publishing medium and publishing outlet. I may have to rethink what I call myself after listening to your video. Thanks for the brain stretch.

  19. Darren,

    There had been many times when I called myself a blogger in my blog only to realize that maybe (just maybe) I’m more than just that. Why? Because I usually use my blog as a medium of instruction as most of us do (unconsciously).

    Perhaps at this time when I have gained a deeper insight on “blogging”, I might as well call myself a web educator. The topics in my blog are varied and I just can’t force myself to stick to a single topic (I admit). Despite that, my first and foremost objective in writing my articles is to educate my readers and provide them information that they can possibly use. Whether they care or not about the things that I write about is out of the question. For as long as my objectives in writing the article is fulfilled (which is primarily to educate) are fulfilled, then, that’s just fine with me.

  20. Cindy Szponder, you call yourself infopreneur. I like the sound of it. This word is whose invention?

  21. i like the word blogger, yet hardly to explain to colleagues and friends/family about the thing i do, and then i decided to tell them i have a website, and thus make me an admin. that’s how i explained.

    took me years before i can actually make them understand that i am a blogger

    surprisingly i love the word ‘blogger’, and till i came to this, you really make me think. something normal that look and feel better with just a little twist

  22. Wow! I wish I would’ve seen this video post earlier Darren, lols most of these people completely didn’t get the point. What Darren is trying to say is bloggers are only considering other blogs in the same niche as competition and nothing further, as opposed to considering both blogs and large websites with large companies backing them. If you have a blog in a certain niche look at your blog as better then anything else in that niche, websites, forums, everything not just other blogs in that category. Giving you a wider realm of what you can call yourself. But don’t limit yourself to just “blog” not in terms of what you call it but in terms of your “mindset” sure you can call it a blog but you should know that your blog is out to beat websites and everything else in its niche. Broaden your horizons people

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