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DISCUSS: What Was Your Most Popular Post in the Last Month and Why Did It Succeed?

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of September 2013 General 0 Comments

At our ProBlogger Training Event last Friday I had a great conversation with 3 attendees during a lunch break where we each shared a post on our blogs over the last month that gained more visitors and/or comments than normal.

We had to say what the post was about and why we think it ‘worked’.

The exercise was fascinating and revealed a few similarities between the posts. I enjoyed doing it so much that I thought it might make an interesting group discussion here on ProBlogger.

In comments below – please share a link to a post in the last month on your blog that got more visitors and/or comments than normal and tell us why you think it worked with your readership.

Once you’ve shared – have a look at the links others share and the comments that they leave. I suspect that by doing so we’ll all probably learn a thing or two about creating successful blog posts.

PS: Here’s my answer. The most popular post on ProBlogger over the last month was ‘Don’t Fall Into This Trap That Could Destroy Your Blog‘.

I think it worked partly because the title makes you want to know what the trap is… but also partly because the post is based upon a story and is on a topic that most bloggers can relate to.

Over to you!

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  • This post looks at beauty, which I think is a subject that people generally find interesting.
    The article, however, looks at what real beauty is, not what is splashed all over magazines.

  • I wrote a post called “I Don’t Have It All Together”

    I think it was successful because I was honest about the struggles that I face as a blogger and writer.

    • Cat – having read your post I would agree with you. To be transparent and honest about the struggles you are having is very appealing and makes you much more relatable in my mind.

  • Mine is this post:
    I believe it gains a lot of attention because the post is quite useful. Quality of article is still much more important than anything else. I even don’t have to share it on social networks to make it popular.

  • My most popular post this last month was about adding pinnable images for your blog posts on blog pages (and your sidebar): It’s gotten a lot of pins, mainly I think because people are bookmarking it to try at a later time!

  • My most popular post for the last month was this one:
    I think maybe it did so well because it was a confessional-type post, and also relatable. We’re all just trying to do the best we can, and are at different points in our journeys. I was very surprised at how far it reached, though. Especially since the title of it gives away no clues, and isn’t normally a title I would write. I really liked writing it though, so perhaps that was infectious!

  • My most popular in the last 30 days and for a while now has been How to add your blog to Facebook: Add a Blog tab to your Facebook page (

    I’m told it’s because the steps are super simple and easy to implement and there is no other clear tutorial on that on the web ;) It’s also #1 on Google for “add blog Facebook” my chosen keywords.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, Darren!

  • I actually wrote about the Kardashians. People really like these people

  • My most popular post of all time, and the post that received twice as many views as the next highest viewed post is one about using apple cider vinegar to treat eczema. I think the reason it has connected with so many people is that it offers a solution to a problem which affects millions of people. Good SEO has been essential, as this is a problem that people use the internet to search for remedies.

  • This one: It is a comprehensive list of ways in which you can earn Bitcoin online. It gelled well with my readership because it is very resourceful and contains comments about each service, so they can take a look at whatever works best for them.

  • My most popular post this month has been this one –

    It’s always brought in decent traffic, but I recently wrote another post related to that one and linked the two together. The first post moved up to the first page of Google for 12 different keywords after I interlinked the two. The plan now is to write a third post that is related to both and link them all together. :)

    • That’s a smart plan Tiffany. There are lots of great tips on this thread and this is one of them.

  • “How to create a Balinese garden in our Backyard”
    was the post that garnered the most views for ZigaZag last month, and it continues to do well each day. It didn’t attract masses of comments whereas “Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup” did!

    ZigaZag is about travel in Western Australia, but now you’ve got me thinking Darren – maybe on this analysis I should be writing about Flowers and Gardening instead!

  • Good morning,

    I found your link via Facebook and would like to join the discussion. Here is my link on naked beaches in Sardinia, Italy.

    I wrote this piece to inform travelers that not all beaches in Italy are nudist beaches, and tell a little story of my own about when I went topless and a tourist snapped my photo only five feet in front of me. There is one beach in particular that I frequent which is not a nudist beach, yet, people still get naked. My point for the post was to tell people that there are large fines for those going in the buff on non-designated beaches. In the last month this post received over 2500 hits – I’m sure the seo I set up sure helped as there are a lot of people searching for nudist beaches in Sardinia.

    Thanks for listening and I’m off to discover some new blogs.

  • My most popular blog post is ‘How to make a frilly tulle toilet seat cover’

    I guess it is probably still the only online instructions for making this kitsch seventies craft novelty, most of us can probably still recall a relative who may have accessorised their toilets with these frilly covers. I made a post with a downloadable pdf to keep the idea alive.

  • This was a post I wrote based on an idea from Tsh at Pbevent. It’s still going nuts as it’s all about the comments and reader involvement. Dashing photo of you too!

    • Gosh and such a short post. what a beautiful photo – is that you Nikki? So is it better to write a short post or longer, meatier one? I’m never sure..

  • Kim

    Thanks Darren ! Great opportunity to share and learn!

    My most popular post during the last month was a Side Hustle Success Story ( interview)- ,

    I believe it was popular because so many of us want to be successful and when we read about the success of others, it motivates us and we believe we can be successful as well.

  • Definitely It would have to be my 25 succesfull entrepreneurs under 25 years of age post:

    People love lists, people love stories and people love to get inspired. I through a bit of gossip facts in there and I had a good recipe for a good post.

    Great way to get a conversation going Darren, good work


  • This is a great exercise. My most popular post is here I’d love for someone to tell me why it’s the most popular as I don’t know! I would guess it’s a combination of the fact that I am getting more followers, getting better at marketing the blog and it’s a pretty universal topic with wide appeal. I find this entire growing a blog thing a complete mystery. While I’m plugging along, I’m not sure how what I do/don’t affects traffic. Hopefully this will to me with time and practice.

    ALSO- all you pro bloggers out there, tell me what is the secret to getting people to comment?

    • Tracy – I think a lot of people liked the post because it’s a human story and one which many people can probably relate well to. I’m not a pro-Blogger but asking people to comment – that is giving people direction, works. Surprise eh?

  • For us, this article got the most visits, basically it contains the major basic components of cardiovascularr system. This why I feel it has got more visits.

  • Mine was this:

    It talks about how Facebook had Etsy shut down a shop selling their custom icons and how to protect yourself as a blogger or designer. I think it was successful because it created concern and then answered that concern.

  • My most popular post of the month?

    Why I Don’t Compete On Price

    I think this post did well because it went against the grain of popular thinking with regards to freelance services.
    That is, that you should lower your prices in order to compete with others.

    For a freelancer, price should NEVER be the most important factor that you offer your customers. Above all, it should be quality.

    And once you can offer a quality product, then you have no need to compete with the bargain basement offers of other freelancers who can afford to work for $5 an hour.

    I enjoy my work more and deliver a higher quality product BECAUSE of the fact that I charge more than the cheap writers.

  • Most popular post was the first post. All because it was linked to your comment page, sending me tons of traffic.

  • Chris Hammond

    I dont think any of these ideas can create any type of real footprint on the web

    Check out how I do it… I made $ 6,000 yesterday alone

  • Jay

    MY most popular post was I think it got so much attention because it was a tutorial on how to make baby shower invitations.

  • The most popular post for us in the last month as been a post giving practical examples of how to make your visual content look a little bit different without having to use complex software. Here it is:

    I think it was popular because it helps to look at images in a more creative way and the suggestions are simple to implement.

  • Wow, there aren’t many cooks commenting, perhaps an opportunity to differentiate myself : ) In my most popular post this week, I shared a few tips about becoming a smarter, more efficient and more creative cook. People liked it because I’m saving them both time and money, a rarity in this world.

  • I write almost a month ahead, and list upcoming posts on my home page so readers always know that something new is going to be posted. I post about three times a week