Declaring War on Blogger Apathy V

This is post 5 on a mini series on combatting Blog Apathy

• Meme it Up – another way to get yourself a little more interested in and energised by your blog is to start some sort of Meme. Run a competition, start a blogging project, add a quiz or survey – do something fun, creative and interactive to get other bloggers involved in what you’re doing. To be honest this is why I started the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog project – seeing the wonderful response from readers has definitely lifted my blogging spirits this week.

• Subscribe to a new Source of Information – sometimes it’s easy to get into a rut when you feel like you’re just seeing the same sorts of information on your blogs topic over and over again. So subscribe to some new keywords on Google News Alerts or Topix RSS feeds or find some new blogs to follow. If you put fresh content and ideas into your head hopefully some fresh content will come out.

• Short Posts – if you don’t have much to say – don’t say much. Keep your posts short and to the point. Even if they don’t feel profound to you, just the act of posting something might loosen the blogging creativity within you. Short posts can actually be incredibly effective communication tools also so it might just add something special to your blog.

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  1. “Declaring War on Blogger Apathy V

    This is post 4 on a mini series on combatting Blog Apathy”

    Tricky … part 5, the fourth post ;-)

  2. hehe – thanks Ben – changed.

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  5. I like the idea of short posts – I find that they help me stay in a posting rythm when I am short on time.

  6. I like your last point it fits quite well with this series of posts too. However I do try to extend my posts and explain as in detail as I can but sometimes you seem to be dragging it out so the more clear and simple is better.