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Cool Little Tool

Posted By JSLogan 1st of July 2005 Blog Design, Blog Promotion 0 Comments

My last post asked the question of how you build blog and website traffic. Tim left a comment that caught my interest regarding the syndication of one blog’s headlines to other websites he has an interest in – an effort to create stickiness at the website and drive visitors to the originating blog.

I’ve taken Tim’s example to heart and have done the same thing.

I found a cool little tool – free – that converts RSS to JavaScripts. The service name is simply RSS-to-JavaScript.

Have you been noticing the growing popularity of RSS, RDF and ATOM feeds? Would you like to easily add them to your web-site to create sticky content that’s always updated? Then you’ve come to the right place, was designed to easily convert any valid RSS, RDF or ATOM feed into easy to implement Javascript. No XML or programming experience is necessary.

Use our 100% free tool to easily insert dynamically updated RSS, RDF and ATOM feeds into any web page, blog or content management system.

The way I use RSS-to-JavaScript is to aggregate posts I write on two other blogs and present them on my maim blog, JSLogan. The thought is to make JSLogan readers more aware of posts I write on other blogs and drive more readers to the other sites.

Thanks for the idea Tim!

Are there any other cool little tools like this you use or have seen in the blogosphere?

  • Thanks for the plugs, I’m honored! I use a tool I found called RSS2HTML which you can run from their servers or download and run your own PHP script. You can also use a service like RSS Digest.

    To see this all in action one of my blogs, General Aviation News has content that is syndicated by the Beech Aero Club, the International Aeronauts League of Ballooning as well as others.

  • Tim, Thanks for the additional resources! I will surly be using them in future efforts.

  • A useful tool. If you have some PHP skills I would suggest using something like magpie RSS to parse the feeds.This way the SE will seethe links. If you don’t program then RSS to JS is probably the best option.

  • Jon

    I just did a post [link on my name] on a variation of this technique: pull on-topic headlines in from other sites. now lets you create a custom search and then export the results as XML, which can be parsed into HTML – I created my own tool for this part.
    An example here, the trick is to spend the time ‘training’ your query to filter out the spam in the blogosphere. Of course it will work for your own sites as well.

    Good post!

  • This WordPress RSS Aggregator reads RSS feeds directly into WordPress posts. And CG-FeedRead lets you aggregate them into your sidebar or elsewhere in your template.

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  • Most excellent tool.
    Got it up and running very quickly.
    Thank you!

    Darren wrote:
    “Are there any other cool little tools like this you use or have seen in the blogosphere?”

    I do something rather unique incorporating our Blogs into our PHP forums.

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