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Chitika’s Response to CPM Ads Concerns

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of May 2008 Chitika eMiniMalls 0 Comments

Ryan Travis from Chitika was kind enough to respond to some of the concerns mentioned in my previous post (and it’s comments) about their CPM ads:

“We have seen that there are a LOT of times and situations where a publisher’s ads simply will not get clicked on. In these situations, it makes the most sense to show graphic ads in order to bring in the most revenue possible.

Right now we have rolled out graphic ads to countries where our publishers are currently NOT making revenue. We have done this because we want to ensure that when we fully launch this in the US (and other revenue-generating countries), that we are bringing in the highest-quality ads that are paying the highest rates.

Our only goal here is to make our publishers the maximum amount of revenue possible. As we move forward, we are fully-focuesed on working out the kinks (and filtering out all of the low-quality, “spammy” ads) in order for this program to be a major success and at the end of the day, our publishers will be receiving bigger checks because of this.”

I’ve already seen a few improvements in the CPM ads. It seems that they have a system in place to weed out the lower quality flashing ringtone ads. I’m hoping it’ll continue to improve to the point where we’ll start seeing brand ads that will not only earn more but ‘fit’ more on most blogs.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. How much do you get paid on a avg CPM ad in chitika. Just an approximate figure or is it dependent on the niche.

  2. At least they are making an effort to help the publishers and keep them informed.

  3. I agree with David. It’s refreshing to read the effort being made towards better quality.

  4. I’m glad about this too, hopefully their change helps us earn more as publishers. Makes me want to go check my stats right now!

  5. How is Chitika as compared to other click ads like adsense ? Anyone? We tried Chitika once but abandoned it as it did not seem to generate enought revenue.

  6. At least Chitika is working their way.

    Chitika is a great company and well, great companies do face problems, don’t they?

  7. I’m glad they are looking into it. The Chitika ads were becoming a waste of space.

  8. I have not yet dived into chikita as my blog is a finances blog (not a blog that talks about specific products) should I try chikita?

  9. I don’t earn many from Chitika but more than Amazon..
    It is true

  10. I don’t earn many from Chitika but more than Amazon..
    It is damn..

  11. I tried out Chitika about a year ago with almost no success at all and just put their ads back on my blog a few days ago, I have high hopes for Chitika, I like the company and I love what they are doing. I’m glad that they continue to improve and offer more and more innovative ads, I just hope that this turns into more success for me as a publisher.

  12. Chitika doesn’t perform very well for me. I wish it did. No matter what I try to increase daily revenue, the end result is just poor. Adsense beats it in droves for me.

  13. Chitika is not as Big as Google so it has to work its way up. Thus, in doing so it has to keep the publishers happy too. Otherwise they have many options these days. with YPN (for US only) MSN Ad Center around the corner and other PPC Campaigns …..

    Thus, if any PPC Advertiser other then Google Adsense is to survive they need to take good care of publishers too who are working hard on their behalf :-)

  14. I think the best move an ad provider can make is to weed out flashing ads, which Chitika seems be to doing. Most readers won’t click on them and most publishers will go to great lengths to get them off their site.

  15. I’ve just logged in to Chitika and opted out of the program. Chitika started serving up the new ads this morning at duncans.tv and they are still crass. Many of them don’t fit the size of the ad, leaving unsightly gaps in my posts. With eminimalls and related product units often on the same page I’m getting double whammies. I’d rather put up with small amounts of income or none at all than have my site cheapened like this.

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