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Chitika Tweak Reports Pages

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of January 2006 Chitika eMiniMalls 0 Comments

It looks like Chitika. have updated the design of their stats pages in the last 24 hours – adding a new menu bar. This is in addition to the new options to view your statistics for specific date ranges.

Apart from this newer option to view stats by date range (a week old) the latest update is purely cosmetic as far as I can tell.


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  1. Is it just me?
    Why can’t I find revenue from my referrals now?

  2. Power Play: it’s all there…just look under reports, there’s three options there (Unaudited, audited and referral)…

  3. It’s still running on PostNuke which is a little frightening for me.

  4. Nice to see they’ve updated their footer to say 2006 instead of 2004 too ;>)

  5. Useful post ..I have been experimenting with my stats ..whilst putting together my new blog ..

    Which site would you recommend for the best performance ..but come to think about it I bet there is a link on your site that will answer the question …sorry if i am wasting your time

    If you want to brighten up your day …although I do know it is bright enough at the mo in oz then check out the skeleton vid on my blog its hilarious



  6. I like the new look, but I’m about to take Chitika off all my pages anyway. Their support cannot take the time explain how they chopped my unaudited income by 37% when 99% of the page’s traffic for the month of November came from an AdWords campaign that was only shown in the U.S. and Canada. I waited 6 days for the first response from support, and it was a canned reply that didn’t answer my question, I’m still waiting for a reply to my follow-up.

  7. Dennis –

    What’s your conversion rate for your AdWords program for that month? It’s possible your competitors could be performing click fraud against you, trying to get your ad programs banned, etc.

    Plus, Chitika’s canned responses are extremely similar to the AdSense responses I was receiving. CPC advertisers are too secretive about their auditing processes and publishers like us are left in the dark.

  8. Resigned from Chitika because I’ve had hundred of clicks in AdSense and none in Chitika.

  9. 37%- wow.
    I was fortunate to only get chopped by ONE click, but I’m still trying to decipher their fuzzy math.
    The numbers don’t add up between unaudited-audited-money sent to me.

  10. Hagrin, my AdWords conversion was very, very good. My AdSense ECPM was very, very good. My affiliate sales for the campaign were spectacular (CJ merchant). My Chitika unaudited ECPM was horrible, and then they chopped it mercilessly.

    I could have understood it if the campaign was running worldwide, or if the clicks were coming from free search engine traffic, since I realize Chitika audits out most foreign clicks, but the AdWords campaign was restricted to U.S. and Canada.

    I’m not talking about 3 clicks being audited down to 2 here, I’m talking about
    hundreds per day being chopped down by 37%.

    Competitors clicking? Maybe, I don’t know. If Chitika support were to respond telling me I had 50 clicks on an ad from the same IP address, I’d take it as a fact and move on, but when they respond after 6 days, say check our blog entry and you’ll get your answer to all your questions, and that’s it, then I’m miffed.

  11. […] Zugleich wurde die Nutzerführung im Adminbereich umgestellt. Wie man hier beim Problogger sehen kann, ist es nun eine Kartenreiter-Navigation, statt einer Liste. Inwiefern das eine Verbesserung darstellt, können wir deutschen Webmaster leider nicht wirklich beurteilen. Denn wir sind noch immer zum Abwarten und Tee trinken verurteilt… […]

  12. I have been surprised by my Chitika experience, to say the least. I started using product-specific links (as I use Adwords contextual links) on my site, and I did receive payment for my first month’s advertising on 1st December 2005. Unfortunately, January came around, and no payment. On 12th Jan I received the following email from Chitika:-

    We are sending this message to inform you that your account ID: xxxx has been suspended. Traffic analysis for your account highlighted plausible fraudulent activity or a breach of our terms and conditions and we are suspending your account until we resolve this issue. We are also working with our ad partners to reject all fraudulent clicks and refund the amounts.

    Please remove our code from your web pages immediately. You will not be paid for any fraudulent traffic or for any traffic going forward.

    To say I was perturbed is to put it mildy. I had not been engaged in any activity that could be considered fraudulent. My click through figures were pretty much in line with the previous month’s. And before anyone starts to wonder how many thousands of dollars I must have been making from Chitika…my first month’s earnings were in the region of $50! The figures I were being being shown on my Chitika account for impressions etc all looked sensible to me and tied in with the numbers I was getting both from Adsense and the stats counter I used.

    Something was wrong. So I tried to log in to my Chitika account to check things. Suspension really did mean suspension, though. I could no longer get into my account to verify my numbers. I emailed Chitika, asking for further explaination. It’s now 2 weeks later, and Chitika’s customer support has not seen seen fit to reply to any of my 3 emails, nor to explain what they think may be fraudulent about my figures.

    If Chitika are going to throw claims of “plausible fraudulent activity” at people, they should at least have the professionalism to respond to queries I have regarding such claims.

    The Chitika honeymoon is over for me.

  13. That’s frustrating Mike – sorry to hear that.

    I know this won’t fix things or make it easier – but I hear from AdSense publishers from time to time that get similar emails – their rejection email goes on about possible ‘invalid clicks’ from memory and they rarely respond with more details than this.

    While it’s frustrating I can also see their side of things in that they obviously don’t want to reveal all the details of how they track invalid clicks because it would give those who do defraud them the amunition they need to do it better.

    Of course this leaves us publishers in a frustrating position – not knowing what we’ve done or what we can do about it. It sucks all around.

    once again – sorry to hear of your bad experience.

  14. It is frustrating as I liked the way you could set up product specific ads, and they matched the content of my website too. Couple that to introducing UK advertisers and, well, the future looked rosy to me. I have used Adwords and Tradedoubler for nearly 2 years now, and have never had a problem with them. The way it looks from my perspective is that I have been defrauded of income owed to me by Chitika – and they can’t even be bothered to reply to my emails.

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