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Chitika to Launch ‘Local eMiniMalls’

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of November 2005 Chitika eMiniMalls 0 Comments

Chitika have been promising a localized eMiniMalls for a few weeks now and it seems that it’s about to happen. The localized eMiniMalls will find UK ads for UK readers initially and gradually will roll out ads for advertisers in other countries across Europe in the coming weeks. This should lead to more satisfied advertisers (ie UK readers are more likely to buy from UK retailers) and hopefully a higher CTR as readers will see prices in their own currency and online stores that they are more familiar with.

Source – Chitika UK Launches Tomorrow, Europe Follows at

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  • George

    Who else here is seeing a huge decrease in their price per click? The clicks are now way way less than what even Google is paying now. Or is this just me?

  • My Cost per click has gone up if anything George. It’s up about 10% on this time last week.

  • Hey George, I’m right there with you. Just depends on the niche it seems.

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  • Yep, seeing UK ads in the Chitka unit above the comments! It’s a good move, I think.

  • Quick question – Are Chitika launching UK accounts where all ads will be from the UK, or some kind of IP sniffer so that UK ads are displayed if the visitor’s IP address is a UK one?

    Just a bit concerned as I run a UK blog but most of my users are from the US

  • it’s geo targetting – based on where your readers are.

  • Answered my own question – I’m seeing UK ads on all sites that display Chitika so it’s checking my IP address.

  • Geo targetting should increase ctr a little. Only about 5 per cent of our traffic is from europe, still should make the ads more applicable to those from europe when they’re faced with a euro or pound sign, not dollar.

  • kinda ironic that one of the owners of Chikita is an Indian but no mention of localized Indian version…. on second thoughts I can’t blame them, there are hardly 3-4 good online shopping sites in India…..

  • This is very good news, I was not putting chitika in a prime position until UK ads were available, as most of my visitors seem to be UK based.

    Time for a rethink on ad placement, rotate with adsense ads to cover all bases!

  • I think Chitika or the merchants need to sort out the pricing though.

    An ad for a 4GB iPod Nano was just displayed on my site, with prices ranging from £115.14 – £399.95, which surely can’t be right.

    In some of the ads, the third price doesn’t show at all, so they still have some work to do.

    It is nice to see UK merchants being displayed though, because I get a lot of visitors from the UK, and I also live there.

    I also find it amusing that the eMiniMall on their homepage, doesn’t seem to be geo-targeted.

  • Well, perhaps they will then accept more users into their system.

    When I applied, I did not get an answer on why not they accepted my application, but I assume of the speed of the answer that most of it was reduced to having a .de domain – because the presented numbers of pageviews and visitors is much higher than many other blogs I see those ads on.

    Having localized versions may be a trend and will be interesting especially for a language version, not so much about a really localized version – it is more about where to order, how much shipping to pay.

    What I am still disapointed with – and I don’t see this being fixed soon when they try to go international – is their way of checking websites, because I have talked to some people who where denied access also – we as a group will not tell others to use chitika as long as we don’t even know why we where not let in (you don’t tell your customers to ‘go there and be rejected’).

    The ‘not talking’ is not working very good.

  • Yeah, prices in UK ads are all over the place – Nikon D50 for £199, anyone? (usual price around £450). Hope they sort it soon.

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  • My web site uses chitika ads. I can never get relevant ads since localisation. Not too great for me! At present #2 in google for maternity underwear so reasonable traffic but very little relevance and cpc. Guess more advertisers required…where do the advertisers come from…is it chitika or another (MIVA etc)

    Resh (UK)

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