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Chitika Publishers Report Increases in Earnings for October

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of October 2006 Chitika eMiniMalls 0 Comments

I’ve had emails from 5 different Chitika (aff) publishers this morning all asking me if Chitika have made some sort of change to their system because yesterday’s (1 October) earnings were significantly up.

Publishers are reporting 20-40% jumps in earnings for the first day of October. The increase seems to be coming from higher click values (Avg Cpc) with CTR much the same as usual.

I noticed the increase also (my increase was around a 25% jump) and thought it was just one of those freak things but as 5 others have independently contacted me I am wondering if there’s something bigger going on.

The other reason that i suspect that this is wider than just me is that my unaudited referral revenue went up by 26% on 1 October. This indicates that publishers I’ve referred to Chitika had higher earnings on that day than normal.

Ultimately time will tell whether this was just a one day glitch for some reason or whether Chitika have made some sort of change to how much they’re sharing with publishers. Lets hope it’s an ongoing increase because it’s not everyday that you get a 25% increase in earnings.

Did anyone else notice a bump in their earnings on 1 October?

I’ve sent an email to Chitika asking for more information/explanation on the bump and will report back on anything that I find.

Update: Since publishing this a number of people have contacted me hypothesising that this could be linked to Shopping.com (one of the advertisers on Chitika) increasing the amount that they are paying per click for the last quarter of the year in the lead up to the holidays (something I wasn’t aware that they did). No word from Chitika as to whether this is the case.

Also – I note that the figures for the 2 October (which just came in) were back down to a normal CPC level for me and were only up by 15% or so in my referral payments. Maybe it was just a one day thing after all. What were your first two days like? Up, down or normal?

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  1. Interesting post. I noticed the same thing when I checked my stats this morning.

    My chitika earnings for yesterday are up about 250%, a huge jump (all from the CPC value) I thought it might be a one off thing, but as it is the 1st of the month, im hoping it will be a change they are keeping.

    Time to rip out the prime adsense units and replace them with chitika lol. (maybe if it keeps this way!)

  2. I’m not a Chitika publisher (well I am but I don’t use them) but I may have a explanation for you. Chitika uses Shopping.com and CNet to provide their ads. Shopping.com puts on a 30% CPC price increase on all clicks during Q4, which started yesterday. I am not sure about CNet but I suspect they do the same thing.

    Enjoy the extra cash!

  3. Makes sense. It’s the holiday season and alot of people are looking in the spending spirit.

  4. John – thanks for that. I’ve actually been told that by three publishers now (ie that it’s probably a shopping.com thing) which makes a lot of sense.

  5. I just removed Chititka from most sites except a few since Chitika had over the past 6months dropped a few percent each month.

    In fact it had dropped signifigantly for me the past 4 weeks, so they got the axe.

    I have put them on a new site and an not excited yet about the amount they are paying… fingers crossed though for us all.

  6. ours went up almost 50%…we’re not where we want to be as yet but this is a good sign

  7. Chitika is still going… ok, I’ll be honest, I got a $16 USD payment for them this month, and credit there, I get somthing from them everymonth, but having said that even the affiliate program is 12 months, so most of my revenue therein is gone.

  8. I noticed about a 50% increase in Chitika compared to about a 15% increase in AdSense. My traffic for the month increased only by 7% so both Chitika and AdSense increased at a rate faster than traffic.

  9. Its quite simple really, I work in a bookstore in Sydney, sales start increasing for christmas around october. Its a fairly common occurance in retail.

    Chitika has only been around for a year, so this is probably the first time you are noticing it. I think chitika has allowed for “browser buying” (ie somebody that browses in a stall virtual or concrete). Traditionally much of e-commerce especially amazon has allowed for spercific purchases with maybe a few recommendations, but chitika’s intiface genuinely imitates that walk buy and see a gift experience that is common in real-world retail.

  10. My YPN has jumped considerably now after 2 days, bt Chitika still lower than what it used to be in months past.

  11. i see a 15% increase, not much but i hope it will continue

  12. Looks like it was just a one day increase, earnings for the 2nd seem to be about normal, no where near the 2.5X on the first.

  13. Anyone else see a nice increase with YPN?

  14. Duncan said> even the affiliate program is 12 months, so most of my revenue therein is gone.
    Heh .. your comment initiated this: http://chitika.com/blog/?p=79 ..

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