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Chitika Linx – Beta In Text Advertising

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of May 2007 Chitika eMiniMalls 0 Comments

Chitika have today added another new ad unit to their growing line of options for publishers – this one is called Chitika Linx.

It’s still in beta and I’m not one of the lucky few to be invited to test it – but from the overview page it looks very similar to other in text advertising options like Amazon’s Context Links system, Kontera’s ContentLink product and Intellitxt (and others).

All of these systems will look at your content for keywords that they can match to an advertisment. They then make those words links (usually with some different kind of formatting so that readers are aware that they are different – in the case of Linx a double underline) and then when readers hover the cursor over the link a small popup appears with the ad.

In the case of Linx the popup seems to contain an eMiniMall ad unit (as pictured).

Linx Demo

The ads are CPC (you get paid if someone clicks the ad).

Publishers generally have a fairly extreme love or hate for this type of advertising.

They do interrupt the reading flow which is a cost publishers should weigh up before installing them – however I do know of a few publishers who find this type of ad converts quite well – particularly on product related sites (which I suspect Chitika will have as their focus with the invitations that they offer).

I’ve been testing a couple of other similar systems in a very limited way on a couple of my blogs with limited success but will be interested to see what the earnings per click is like on these.

You can read more about Chitika Linx Beta here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I just cannot seem to get any luck with Chitika. It looks great and is placed well, reviewed, everything… amazon still works best.

  2. Is pop-up era coming? :D

  3. I don’t know how well this will work. I find that if I’m reading and my mouse brushes by one of these types of links it is more frustrating that interesting. I may have clicked once on an ad like that, if ever.

    I guess that if it’s totally something about a product, and you can control what it links to, then it may work, otherwise it’s probably going to be annoying like those snap previews.

  4. I have to agree with MinTheGap. The problem with this (and SnapPreview) is it interferes with the user experience. Yes, there’s an option to close the box immediately, but being forced to do so can turn off a visitor. I definitely don’t want to return to a certain site that already has these.

  5. I have had decent success with Kontera ads on my site and think that this will work great on a gadget/IT related site. I do agree it can screw up the flow a bit, but big sites us similar ads so i don’t think readers will be confused by them. I was not one of the lucky few to get an invite, but if anyone here tries it out let me know how it goes.


  6. MInTheGap said> totally something about a product
    Definitely. It is completely product related. And it even has the “Related Products” angle. So you are giving your users more information — not an annoying ad.

    MInTheGap said> you can control what it links to.
    Yes. There are two options:
    a) You control what it links to.
    b) The system decides.

    You can use either of the two options or both.

  7. darren, i dont like this form. it is too confusing, too similar to my own hyperlinks that people expect will lead them to similar or more helpful information.

    there needs to be something to let people know that are clicking on to an advertisement. otherwise, i certainly will not be using it.

  8. I’ve always disliked any advertising that ‘pops-up’ – they tend obscure what I’m reading, especially long text that I follow with my mouse pointer.

    Any conflict of use with adsense with these kind of ads?

  9. Love it or hate it, in-text advertising is pretty unique. Unique enough that it makes me wonder why intellitxt didn’t patent the technology. Does anyone know?

  10. These things are the new pop-up ads, and anybody that uses them will be hated just like everybody hates pop-ups.

  11. Hate it. I agree with MIn (I usually do) and I will unsubscribe from the blogs of all but my closest friend if I ever run into one of those type of ads.

    Period. (Thanks for posting this. I didn’t realize I felt so strongly about it.)

  12. I was one of the lucky few who got to alpha test it. I found it quite interesting, and although only a couple 100 or so saw the ad, the CTR was alright. However, I got to test the RPU type and that converted a little better. the only problem I have with this unit ATM is that customisation is very limited, but I hear good things coming out of the chitika camp with CSS and more :)

  13. Hey Darren,
    i have been seing this Linx for sometime now in the Unwired VIew Blog?.. Chitika released these some weeks before .must be like that . or was it just some sites in testing phase?

    Anyways these are quite irritatiing on many sites.THey pop up suddenyl and takes some time to load too..

  14. I appreciate such popups only when they are snap shots of websites that are being posted with their urls otherwise like what NGen says, irritating.

  15. These are rubbish…. pop-ups do not work, they never did, and this is ann even more offensive kind of pop ups. This method is simply irritating and useless, and will only server to loose viewers to a site. I for one would love to see all this crap blocked.

  16. I’ve been using it on a few of my sites for about a month now. seems to out do kontera by about 100%. I signed up for both at the same time.

    Linx is worth trying

  17. All of the points regarding in-text advertising are valid, the balloon or bubble that covers the content and interferes with the text is intrusive and affects the user’s ability to enjoy the site.

    BrandClik is an in-text advertising company that does not use any intrusive balloons, but rather direct hyperlinks that allows Content Providers to monetize their content and Advertisers to generate direct, targeted traffic for their brand names or products. Plus, content providers are able to choose their CPC cost or exit traffic, no more guessing or only accepting what is given to you. You select your exit cost!

    BrandClik is a Beta program but we would appreciate your feedback and feel free to register for the service or learn more at http://www.BrandClik.com

    Better ads, less intrusion!

  18. Chitika is definitely a good option when considering In text ads but you guys should also consider shopping with Kontera, VibrantMedia, EchoTopic and Amazon Context Links. They all seem to be running smooth as well. I recommend reviewing each one of them and than choosing one to go with.

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