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20th of October 2016 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

161: 3 Things Most Bloggers Don’t Pay Enough Attention To

Three Things That Could Be Limiting the Potential of Your Blog In today’s lesson, I will highlight 3 things that I see a lot of bloggers ignoring – or not paying enough attention to – that could be limiting the potential of their blog. Note: this podcast is available here ...more
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26th of September 2016 Mario 0 Comments

154: How to Grow Your Blogging Income

Grow Your Blogging Income Today, I am going to continue on from episode 153 where I outlined a timeline of how I added different income streams over time.  I felt like there was a little more I could say about diversifying your income in that way and growing your income. ...more
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22nd of September 2016 Mario 0 Comments

153: How I Diversified My Blogging Income and Became a Full Time Blogger

My Blogging Income Streams Today, I’m going to talk about my income streams. In episode 150 I talked about how I make money blogging and broke it down by percentages. Today I want to follow that episode up with the context. People may think that my report seems big and ...more
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5th of September 2016 Mario 0 Comments

150: How I Make Money Blogging – My Profit Streams Revealed

Profit Streams Revealed: How I Make Money Blogging Today, I’m going to go through exactly how I make money blogging. I’m going to talk you through the income streams that I use to monetize my blogs and build an income for my family. This is something that I have done ...more
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15th of August 2016 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

146: How to Write Effective Sales Copy

How Being a Good Listener Can Help You Write Effective Sales Copy  Today, I want to talk about writing great sales copy. Whether that would be blog post, sales emails, creating a sales pages, or even selling on social media. A lot has been written about the topic particularly focusing ...more
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25th of July 2016 Mario 0 Comments

135: How to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic and Income by Setting Goals

Setting Goals to Grow Your Traffic and Income Today’s podcast is about setting goals to grow your traffic and income. Pamela, one of our readers asked this question: “Darren I’ve been blogging now for 12 months and I’ve seen some growth in my traffic and more recently income – but ...more
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18th of July 2016 Mario 0 Comments

133: The Secrets of Making Money Blogging

The Seven Secrets of Making Money Blogging Today, I am traveling back in time and playing for you the audio of a video I made back in 2010. This video is called The Secrets of Making Money Blogging, and I share seven different secrets on how to make money blogging. Of ...more
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13th of June 2016 Mario 0 Comments

PB123: How Much Traffic Should a Blog Have Before Monetizing

When is a Good Time to Monetize Your Blog Welcome to episode 123. Today I am answering a question that I get asked a lot. The question is how early should I monetize my blog? I know a lot of you are starting or relaunching blogs or starting second blogs. ...more
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26th of May 2016 Mario 0 Comments

PB118: How to Find Time to Create Your Blog’s First Product

Note: this episode can be listened to in the player above or on iTunes or Stitcher Seven Ways to Find Time to Create Your Blog’s First Product Today I am talking about the topic of juggling priorities and finding time to do the work we need to get done. In ...more
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