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Cancer NewsWatch

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of June 2005 Case Studies 0 Comments

Cary just emailed me to let me know about a new blog he’s set up. We were chatting the other day and he told me the sad news of his wife’s battle with cancer. I suggested he and/or she start a blog to cover the journey and to give them a space to talk out what they learn. I suggested it might also be a good way to connect with others on the journey.

Out of this conversation Cary started the Cancer NewsWatch Blog. He’s written some very nice words about me and his decision to start it here.

Cancer NewsWatch is a commercial blog with Adsense ads. I hope that it not only pays for itself but more importantly provides a place of wholeness and healing for the many people around the world suffering with Cancer. All the best with it Cary.

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  • Darren…you are too, too kind. Have an excellent vacation : D

  • Jon

    I suspect starting a blog on that topic is partly motivated by cashing in on the high value ad keywords. I would say it is a too depressing topic to be writing about every day.

  • Jon, welcome to my world…my wife, who is only 29-years-old, has been fighting stage IV cancer since we were married in October 2002. Depressing to you or not, terminal cancer is a subject I deal with every day, and one that people like me all over the world are searching for information on. When a loved one is dying, you search, and search, and search. Being a loving husband, I have learned all that I can about this terrible disease, and I have a lot of useful information to share. Your cynicism helps no one.

    Also, you are badly misinformed if you think cancer keywords in general are ovely-profitable…the ONE keyword that is, Mesothelioma, is not something I will be writing about, as I know absolutely nothing about it. I am sincerely glad that you don’t have to confront this disease daily, the way that I do; it is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. But the law of averages say that ALL of us will be touched by cancer one way or the other. Luckily, there are people all over the world that are dedicated to bring this disease to it’s knees.


  • Darren, my sincere apologies for responding to Jon’s comment here. I have taken it to his blog.

  • Jon

    Ok, I see that that was a dumb comment. I appologise for it. It is totally legit to write about something that is concerning you. I first thought is was going to be a blog without any personal content.

  • No problem Cary. I was wondering how to respond to Jon myself as I know your motivation is good as I suggested in my main post.

    Jon I would echo Cary in his comments and would ask you to reconsider your comments to him.

    Yes Cary has ads on his site – but I don’t see that as evidence of him wanting to ‘cash in’. Rather from my experience of Cary I know that he and his wife have been through a terrible time recently. From my experience of people in similar situations I know how helpless this can feel. A blog like what Cary is putting together is a way of responding to this helplessness – it’s giving him a way to do something positive in a hard time.

    Anyway – I encourage you to rethink your comments Jon.

  • Looks like our comments passed in the night Jon – I’m sure Cary appreciates the apology.

  • Jon…no hard feelings. Darren…thanks for sticking up for me. Sorry I got my hackles up.

    It does bring up some conflicting feelings in me. As a rhetorical question, I’m bothered by the fact that any Joe can write about his life on his blog, throw a few ads up, and no one will accuse him of cashing-in, because he has nothing to cash-in on but his own life…but if I write about my own life, which happens to revolve around my wife’s fight with terminal cancer, someone might see ME as cashing-in, just because I’m unfortunate enough to be dealing with a topic that is such a hot issue. Oh well, I guess if I’m gonna’ blog about it I’d better develop a thick skin. If I also happen to make a little money for all the pain and grief that my wife & I have suffered, I will have no problem with that. Cancer owes me that much. I will almost surely lose the woman that I love.

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  • My sympathy to your wife and you. It’s a hard road and we must each follow it our own way.

    The website is not mine. It gives access to the breast-cancer mailing list, a worldwide collection of folk (mostly with the disease) who may think about cancer a lot but show there are other things of interest to them.

    Recommended for all patients and their carers, no matter how long ago the diagnosis. Despite the numerous, sometimes frivolous, postings (up to 150 a *day*) response is always rapid if someone posts a request for information or emotional support. Members include health professionals and experienced researchers – even some who can make sense of medical statistics.

  • Sorry – misunderstood the system. The website is:

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