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Bloglines is Down

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of April 2005 Blogging Tools and Services 9

If you’re having trouble logging into Bloglines tonight you’re not the only one. It looks like they are having some sort of database problems. Others reporting difficulties include:

  • miss-information.net
  • Sir Humphrey’s
  • just another morning here
  • Sabre 2/3rd Tiger v3

to name just a few.

Unfortunately this is becoming more of a problem for Bloglines – its the second extended problem I’ve had in a few weeks. Perhaps its rapid growth is taking things a bit beyond what they can handle.

I’m going to do some serious looking for a non web based News Aggregator this week – I can’t afford to have my News Aggregator offline like this – it’s costing me money each time it goes down. What do other Mac users use to track RSS feeds? Interested in others experiences.

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  1. I use and recommend NetNewsWire http://ranchero.com/netnewswire/

    Be sure to download version 2 beta. The final version will be released in a few days and the latest beta is very good.

  2. It’s back up, and working again.

  3. Ah very good reminder to take a look at your last export of your opml file. ;))

    At least in windows, there are some newsreaders who can sync with bloglines.

  4. Before paying for a software based reader, you could play with newsgator’s online service. It’s not as polished as bloglines imo, but it’d suffice as a backup.

  5. Frienster is down currently, too. I wonder why all those high-profile sites like Friendster, Bloglines and Flickr regularly think they can co offline without damaging their repuditaion.


  6. Blah, it’s down again.

  7. Before purchasing a software based reader, you could give newsgator’s online service a try. Not as polished as bloglines imo, but a worthy backup.

  8. Heads up… BlogLines said it’s going offline again for 3 hours at 7PM Pacific time tonight to replace failing hardware.

  9. deewa says: 07/12/2005 at 2:13 pm

    Why not try Bloglines.Bloglines is much better than newsgator. You can synchronize bloglines with blogbot for outlook. Folder hierarchy is synchronized between Outlook and Online via blogbot. It’s much better than newsgator between outlook and online.
    If you like desktop news client, You can use Greatnews to synchronize bloglines like newsgator using feeddemon. Good news is Greatnews is a wonderful free software but feeddemon isn’t.Folder hierarchy is synchronized between Bloglines and Greatnews. Feeddemon doesn’t synchronize Folder hierarchy between newsgator online and itself. Greatnews can be found at :http://www.curiostudio.com/
    If you like newsgator for outlook, don’t worry, blogbot does the same and better job for outlook. blogbot can be found at http://www.blogbot.com/out/.
    Even you uses several computer, you won’t read the same news twice. cause it’s synchronized online, at outlook via blogbot, at desktop by greatnews.
    Bloglines doesn’t offer a desktop service? That’s not true, check out Greatnews!
    newsgator is about to attract you to put money out to their pocket. But bloglines platform strongly supported by blogbot in outlook and gratnews in desktop client is about freedom of goodness of sharing.

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