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Google and Amazon Partner Up to Integrate Amazon Associates Program into Blogger Blogs

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of December 2009 Affiliate Programs, Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

In the last few minutes Blogger.com has flipped the switch on a new way for Blogger blogs to be monetized from within their system – an integration with Amazon Associates program. Expect an official announcement from Blogger/Google shortly on this new partnership (update: here it is) – but in the mean time, here’s the scoop.

Previously the ‘monetize’ tab on the back end of Blogger blogs only had options to set up AdSense – but today you can now do the same with Amazon.

If you’re a Blogger.com blogger log into your blog – click the monetize tab and choose Amazon Associates. Here’s what you’ll see:

Monetize Tab

You can either set up a new Amazon Associates account if you don’t have one or login with your existing one.

WIth it enabled you can enable a product finder in your blog editor which will enable you to add Amazon links and/or images as you’re posting blog posts.

Blogger Editor with Amazon Associates

I’ve only just tested it but it all seems pretty seamless and I’m sure for those wanting to make money from a Blogger blog it’ll be an appreciated new feature – particularly in the hottest buying season of the year.

It’s also an interesting story on the front that two major online players – Google and Amazon – are working together on this. It makes sense for it but as far as I know it’s the first time the two have done anything on this scale. It’ll be interesting to see if the partnership leads to any other areas of their empires.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. what a nice…
    i may use Blogger.com next time :-)

    However, does WordPress follow Blogger’s move ?

  2. Google always take a brilliant step to JV with an huge organisation or buy them directly. I’ve tried to promote Amazon (as an affiliate) for a couple of months but resulted nothing. Maybe because lacked of strategy. So, I don’t do Amazon affiliate anymore. By the way, if Blogger do give the easy option to use Amazon affiliate, why not if I try to promote them again. Thanks Darren for sharing the info.

  3. This news came same day as confirmation that Netflix affiliate program is going to Google as well. Soon, all things will flow through Google, while Washington sleeps.

  4. Clever, but I don’t use the Blogger posting page to edit my posts – I use Windows Live Writer. I would be happy to know if there is a good, working plugin for WLW that will allow me to do something similar to what Blogger+Amazon is doing.

  5. They should have merged long ago! It makes things easier for us.

  6. Thank you very, very much for this post.
    As a relatively new blogger, this is invaluable to me.

    Thanks again,

  7. I love this idea, but don’t use Blogger. Quit using WordPress due to security issues…

    I wonder if some sort of AmazonSense is in the pipeline for the rest of us poor saps? ;)

  8. Wow! Im using blogger. Now Im doing IM! haha

  9. what a nice…
    i may use Blogger.com next time :-)

    However, does WordPress follow Blogger’s move ?

  10. This is good news for Blogger users. However, some cannot become Amazon Associates if you live in certain states.

    From the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement:
    “if you are a resident of North Carolina or Rhode Island you will not be eligible to participate in the Program or otherwise earn referral fees.”

    My state of North Carolina and its tax crazy democrats passed the “Amazon Tax” this past summer. Amazon said it would not pay taxes to NC on sales made by NC Associates. It is able to not pay taxes to NC by ending all NC Associate relationships.

    Amazon now has no Associates in NC, NC gained no more taxes from Amazon, and NC Amazon Associates saw their Amazon income disappear with a stroke of a pen made by lawmakers. A whole lot of nothing for everybody.

    Before NC passed this tax, it was getting tax income from the individual Amazon Associate’s NC state personal income taxes. That income was lost, and so the state received no tax on it.

    This Amazon Tax was strongly fought in NC, all the detrimental consequences of the Amazon Tax were explained to the lawmakers of NC. Gov. Bev “Tax You” Perdue happily singed it into law anyway.

    These Internet tax laws (other states are considering them) are something you should be concerned about if you hope to, or do earn, money through affiliate relationships. Your source of income can disappear overnight.

  11. Hi everyone,
    I just tested it and I noticed that every 2nd post, my amazon ID changes to widgetsamazon-20…. it’s replacing my ID! I’m wondering if people know this, I didn’t see any disclaimer when I signed up under the monetize tab that is will takee 50% of my postings… is this supposed to happen?

  12. And I bet it will give Amazon a boost in the search engines (not that they need it), I very much doubt the text links will contain a nofollow.

    They could eliminate even more competition with this as many bloggers begin to use it.

  13. Maria says: 12/28/2009 at 1:57 pm

    I am blogger and I love the idea. .. great post as always!!!

  14. Thank you so much, there aren’t enough posts on this… or at least i cant find them. I am turning into such a blog nut, I just cant get enough and this is such an important topic… i’ll be sure to write something about your site

  15. Thank you, I love to read articles that are informative and beneficial in nature.

  16. I like the new feature a lot. I post a blog carnival onto a couple of blogger accounts and adding the amazon ads at the top is great. I just wish they would add trackbacks to their interface. The Greasemonkey script stopped working recently.

  17. Finally, they have collaborated. I am also a blogger but I am going on with typepad. After reading this news, I am thinking about turning back to blogger to make more money by blogging.

  18. Howdy, great day.. Your work is incredibly impressive. I never believed that it was possible to do something like that until after I looked over your write-up. You certainly offered an incredible perception on exactly how this whole scheme performs. I will always visit for more advice. Thanks!

  19. Thanks for sharing! it is good to encourage people to comment, not just reading. The only reason I writing blog rather than diary is because of the feedback.

  20. Awesome stuff!

    My website is starting to look good because of you!


  21. I loved this option I will surely use this in my Blogger’s Blog

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