28th of March 2017 Darren Rowse

Grab Your Earlybird Tickets to ProBlogger Evolve Conference and Mastermind Today

Today tickets go on sale for ProBlogger Evolve – two events in Australia for bloggers. Yes you read that correctly – after 7 previous years of one event per year – we’re trying something new by running two events in two cities over two weekends. We’re calling it ProBlogger Evolve ...more
How SEO Can Help Your Blog Rank Well
28th of March 2017 Jim Stewart 5

How SEO Can Help Your Blog Rank Well

In the final part of our three-part series on the What, Why and How of SEO and how it can be used to improve your blog’s rankings, we’ll be exploring how SEO can help your blog rank well. Ranking well in the major search engines means added visibility for your blog. Visibility ...more
Search Engine Optimization
5 Healthy Work Practices for a ProBlogger
23rd of March 2017 Guest Blogger 23

5 Healthy Work Practices for a ProBlogger

As a part-time blogger and homeschooling mother of three, I often get asked: “How do you do it all?!” In the past, I usually ran through a few different answers: I have had a regular cleaner at times; I usually do my shopping online to save time; I rarely watch ...more
How To Get Started With Free Travel When Your Blog is Brand New
22nd of March 2017 Guest Blogger 13

How To Get Started With Free Travel When Your Blog is Brand New

This is a guest contribution from Dan Bagby of Honeymoon Always. Many travel bloggers start blogging with dreams of getting free travel around the world. Last year, I set out with the goal to see what it would take to make that a reality – and I was surprised at how ...more
Blogging for Dollars
21st of March 2017 Guest Blogger 35

How to Grow Your Fitness Blog to 100,000 Monthly Visitors in Less than a Year

By Alex Chris of reliablesoft.net How do you build a successful fitness blog? What does it take to start a blog and grow the traffic to 100K monthly visitors in less than a year? If you have a fitness blog or planning to start one or even if you are ...more
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Community Discussion: Analysis of Your Most Popular Post
20th of March 2017 Stacey Roberts 11

Community Discussion: Analysis of Your Most Popular Post

So here at ProBlogger we love to look at what has been successful and what hasn’t in terms of content, and learn from it. There is always something to be taken away from each experience, and it’s important to know the difference. There have been times when something unexpected has ...more
Community Discussion
Reading Roundup: Blogging and social media news over on ProBlogger.com
18th of March 2017 Stacey Roberts 7

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

Ok so after reading these articles this week, I’ve prioritised my tasks: double my podcast downloads, and revisit Pinterest. What’s yours? The Most Annoying Things Brands Do on Social Media | Marketing Profs Are you annoying people by being overly salesy? What about using too much jargon? A couple of ...more
Pro Blogging News
Irresistible reading: Psychology’s 6 tip guide to great writing | ProBlogger
16th of March 2017 Ellen Jackson 36

Irresistible Reading: Psychology’s 6-Tip Guide to Great Writing

There is plenty of great advice around for creating compelling blog content. We read it, but knowing something and doing it are two different things. The missing link is often understanding the why. Why is great writing irresistible to your reader? And how to you do more of it? Here’s ...more
Writing Content
15th of March 2017 Nicole Avery 13

3 Tips for a Productive Approach to Email

  Back in 2006 Merlin Mann created a series of posts on the 43 Folders blog called Inbox Zero. I am sure most of you have heard this term, but from chatting with bloggers at conferences and meet ups, most bloggers have misinterpreted the key philosophy behind Inbox Zero. Contrary to ...more
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