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Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of April 2006 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

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A couple of months ago I asked readers to share which blog tools they use the most in some of the following areas. The suggestions were a nice start but I’d like to see the list expand as I’m certain there are more blog tools and services out there.

Please note that I’ve decided not to add ‘hosting packages’ to this list and am attempting to keep it to products that directly help bloggers blogs improve rather than more general organizational/business products. Lastly I’m not including actual blogging platforms – if you’re interested in these and how to choose between them you might like my Choosing a Blog Platform post.

Here’s the list of suggestions so far – what would you add to it?

Statistics Packages and Metrics Tools

• Sitemeter
• Google Analytics
• My Blog Log
• WebAnalyse
• Performancing Metrics
• AWStats
• Mint
• Extreme
• Webalizer
• Stat Counter
• Measure Map
• Slim Stat

Blog Editor Tools

• Ecto for Mac and Windows
• Qumana
• BlogJet
• Zoundry
• w.bloggar
• Blog Desk
• Post2Blog
• Performancing for Firefox
• Mars Edit

News Aggregators and News Sourcing Tools

• Bloglines
• FeedDemon
• Technorati
• Google Reader
• Website Watcher
• BlogPulse
• Blogarithm
• Topix
• Blog Bridge
• Grazr
• Rojo
• Memeorandum
• NewsGator Online
• Net News Wire

Email Subscription Tools and Newsletter Services

• FeedBlitz
• Zookoda
• Aweber
• Yutter
• RssFwd
• Feedburner’s Email Subscription Service

Blog Poll Tools

• Blog Polls.com
• Vizu
• Free Blog Poll
• Blog Poll
• Blog Flux Polls
• WP Polls

Other Blog Tools

• Pingoat – pinging service
• Pingomatic – another pinging service
• AudioBlogger – audio post to your blog via phone
• BlogRolling – a service to manage your blog roll
• Creative Commons – copyright protections service
• Feedburner – RSS tool that adds a variety of features to your blog’s RSS feed
• Picasa – find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC
• Flickr – Store and share your images – good way of hosting images if you don’t have a stand alone blog on your own domain.
• Flock – A browser that enables sharing and blogging from within it
• Copyscape – allows you to track down other sites that are stealing your content
• TalkDigger – ‘find, follow and join conversations evolving on the Internet.’
• Blog Flux – Stats, Pinging and Directory

• Backpack It – A place to organise your to do lists, notes, files, reminders and more – all online
• Basecamp – Like Backpack it (same people behind it) but great for collaboration on projects.
• Ice Rocket – Blog Search
• coComment – Keep track of the comments you leave on different blogs in a central place
• co.mments – Similar name to coComment but not to be confused with it – a way of bookmarking and following comment threads via RSS
• Gabbly – Add live chat to our blog posts (like real time comments combined with IRC)
• Del.icio.us – Social Bookmarking site – good for sourcing stories but also great if you get linked to on it to get traffic
• Digg – Another major Social Bookmarking site
• Only Wire – a bookmarklet that submits posts to multiple social bookmarking sites at once
• Odeo – a tool for recording and sharing audio/podcasting
• TagCloud – produces Tag Clouds for your blog from RSS feeds
• Indie Karma – a micropayment system for bloggers
• Tiny URL – Turns long URLs into tiny manageable ones
• Swicki – a new type of search engine that harnesses the power of a web community – sort of like a search engine and wiki combined
Filmloop – photo sharing
• Stock.xchng – Free Stock Photos
• Favicon Maker – allows you to make a favicon from a photo
• YouTube – a tool for putting video on your blog
• blip.tv – another video uploading tool

Do you know of other great blog tools? Feel free to share them in comments below.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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  2. For text generation I’d also reccomend YourGen.com Text Generator

  3. A nice place to adverstise blogs http://www.onlineoutdoor.com.br

  4. This is kind of a weird one, it tells you how relevant your page is to other blogs in the network. Downside is you need to add a widget to you rpage. Upside is its super easy to integrate and links directly to other relevant blogs without jumping througha middle man page. No registration required.

    See: Arkayne.com

  5. there is also an autocomplete service and live search
    for bloggers at

  6. Roboform http://www.roboform.com for saving and filling in login details is a real timesaver when visiting social networking and bookmarking sites, filling in your details when making comments and logging in to other sites I use for blogging.

    MWSnap http://www.mirekw.com/winfreeware/mwsnap.html is the easiest and quickest free tool I have used for capturing sections of web sites – eg to include an image or logo from a site you are linking to in an post

  7. Addendum to my comment on Roboform – ensure it fills in your actual name and not your blog site name on comment forms. Sorry about that.

  8. Karma says: 09/23/2007 at 7:33 am

    Hello. Is there an opiton for bloggers, if we post one blog on our website, can we, at the same time, send that same blog to each social network we are created with such as myspace, facebook, etc? That way we don’t have to sign into each different account? Thanks!!

  9. Thanks for the list theres some really useful tools in there

  10. i am using Feedburner for tracking RSS, MyBlogLog for community, Editplus for writing blog. i had a bad experience with zoundry. its not placing HTML well.

    i will try the tools you have mentioned in the list.

    thank you for the information


  11. i never knew then that these tools exist. thanks for the invaluable info

  12. Feedjit!
    It is live traffic reporter. I felt it better than clustrmap!

  13. don’t u think it would be too much if a blogger uses everything in the list in his blog/s?

  14. Now i use flock for blogging now.It is a very nice browser.Must try that.

  15. yes i agree.Flock is really a social web browser.Many blogging & social bookmarking related things are present in it.I prefer feedburner over feedblitz.

  16. You missed blogging platforms my dear!!!

  17. A helpful program to enter text into blogs: Those Buttons

    Like a lot of clipboards you can see. Very Nice.


  18. I run a few different blogs and I found a useful tool when I need to create a poll. It is at Polls.

  19. Great List, thanks! I am wondering if anyone knows how to add digg and similar services to your blog on blog.com. I am on the free blog plan hence i cant code the template and there is no function to add any script to the dashboard… Thankful for any tips!


  20. I recently have been presented to an interesting new concept (at least for me). I am testing their services and possibilities in the last few days and they have overpassed my expectations. I encourage you to test it too and pass the word ahead, so we can help anyone who might need this kind of tecnology.
    I could talk a lot about it, but none can say it better than themselves:

    ReadTheWords.com began as a simple concept in January 2008: To assist students with learning disabilities with their studies, by means of auditory learning and auditory processing.
    To that end we seeked out programers, technologies, and research departments from around the world and came up with a very basic platform, far less sophisticated than what you currently see on our website. Although we had originally intended this site to be used for auditory learning, through our researching efforts we found that the demand for this technology reaches far beyond our originally intended audience. Many other students, young professionals, actors and actresses, research departments, bloggers, ecommerce sites, and others, expressed how this technology could help them with their daily lives, and their businesses.
    For this reason, we went back to the drawing board and added more features to meet more users’ needs. ReadTheWords created multiple input methods for users to create readings. We also greatly expanded our efforts to allow users take full advantage of the created readings as mp3’s. In particular, we found that Bloggers are constantly looking for ways to reach a larger audience and we, in turn, have found a way to meet this need by enabling them to create podcasts and share them with their readers. We also created a platform for bloggers and website operators to paste an audio toolbar in their website or blog, making it possible for any reader to become a listener. The feedback has been overwhelming and we continue to add new features and users to our site each day.
    So, all this may lead you to wonder about the full extent of the possibilities that this technology presents. The answer is truly limitless. We encourage you to try our free service and let us know how you’ve been able to use it to your meet your own needs.

    I invite you all to test it for yourself, just register at http://www.readthewords.com/default.aspx and tell us what you think about it.
    Have fun!!!!

  21. Hi,

    I have been using http://www.xhibi.com extensively lately, and I found that it is a great way to enhance my blog. I simply uploaded some pictures of my house and entered some basic information, and suddenly I had a personal widget for my blog! (and to have my house rated adds to the flavor :) )


  22. I’ve been working on a tool called the Thread Buddy, it’s an ajaxy commenting/discussion tool which is really a sort of combination between threaded discussions and comments to be added to any blog site. It’s got peer presence, aliases and both plaintext and rss comment listing, which makes it search engine friendly.


    View the help to see how to integrate the tool into a website using an iframe.

  23. You could add
    Adwads which is great source of traffic for bloggers.It’s some kind a adsense + adwords but for point ;) I should mention that whole application is in ajax ;) and it looks cool..
    Project is new,i think one week old ;) but it rocks

  24. I been using mint for years, love those little stat windows lol

  25. I’ve been using http://www.gfxpoll.com to create my polls. It’s a great service with can be used to create polls for weblogs who doens’t allow you to use HTML of Javascript codes.

    Easy to create Easy to setup and Easy to integrate!

  26. One of the best blog publishing tool: Windows Live Writer – http://get.live.com/writer/overview

  27. Peter says: 06/24/2008 at 2:18 am

    For news sourcing, I like Newser – http://www.newser.com/

  28. TimeLiner is a small widget you can add to your blog or website for playing audio or video. It acts like a forum, but with a little twist; the messages that visitor post are linked to the corresponding timeline in a (flv)movie or mp3-file. When someone plays back the file reactions will appear at the timeline they were stored at… It’s a kind of 3D-forum!
    Timeliner is available as widget or Do-It-Yourself download.

  29. Simply great list! Thank you for sharing all above tools and services with us very much!

  30. Digital Memo is a tool that automatically distributes your latest blog posts to users desktops via an RSS reader

  31. I’m definitely bookmarking this page so I can come back to it later.There are so many tools listed on here that will be very useful to my blog.

  32. Thank you for such an informative post. I like it when the readers are given information and they can find out for themselves with service they prefer instead of the moderator listing only the ones he.she likes and letting newbies in the blogging world (like myself) think that those were the only sources really worth using.
    Thanks for believing that your readers had brains of their own and could choose for themselves. It is refreshing.
    Thanks again – keep up the great work.

  33. What I wold suggest is Tynt’s Tracer. It shows you what content is being copied from your website and automatically adds an attribution link back to your original content if it is lifted from your site and pasted into an email, blog or website.

    Pssssst. It is Free too.


  34. i was just searching my favorite blogging tool , googles many links and sites , finally i found the best tool that i had used b4 years to blog ,

    i was searching for raven , thanks Darren

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