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Blog Platforms – Poll Results

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of January 2006 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

As I said I’d do last week I’ve closed the latest Poll of the Week off because it was beginning to take over my sidebar. I found the results quite interesting. The question asked:

What Blog Platform Do You Use Most?

The results had a few surprises for me. While I was expecting a large showing for WordPress (around 37% of the 1000 respondents) I was intruiged by the large number of ProBlogger readers using the free hosted platform (22.2% – or 222 readers). This figure was almost triple the number of Movable Type Bloggers. Another surprise to me was the large numbers of Blog platforms that I’d never heard of before. By the end of the poll there were 49 options. Thirdly I was interested that 2% of those taking part use some sort of ‘custom made’ blog platform (sometimes even hand coded).

I’ve graphed the results of the top 13 platforms (each had 10 or more responses) and grouped all the ‘others together’. The full results with all the ‘other’ platforms are listed below the fold.


Graphic powered by Keynote (click to enlarge a little).

Full Results – 371 – 222
Movable Type – 81
Expression Engine – 40
TypePad – 35 – 32
Drupal – 25
Custom Made Blogs – 20
Text Pattern – 17
LiveJournal – 13
Mambo – 11
Nucleus – 11
b2evolution – 10
.Text – 9
Xanga – 9
SquareText – 8
SubText – 7
Geeklog – 7
Blogharbor – 6
DotClear – 6
Serendipity – 5
MySpace – 4
dasblog – 4
Joomla – 4
Pivot – 3
Blogzerk – 3
Typo – 3
Powerful Intentions Community – 3
DotNetNuke – 2
Bitacoras – 2
LivingDot – 2
iblog – 2
Sulekha – 2
xoops – 2
pmachine Pro – 2 – 2
Tattertools – 2
City Desk – 2
BlogSoft – 1
Rediffblogs – 1
Jroller – 1
Community Server – 1 – 1
dotclear – 1
Blogsite – 1
mojblog – 1
Boast Machine – 1
Blog Drive – 1
Scoop – 1

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • In my opinion that is very interesting as most blogs I see are on Blogger, Textpattern or Live Journal. Interesting to see how many use what. I think there is lots of growth left in the major ones, and I also think that had you done this same poll before Movable Type’s pricing model (and thus back when WP was a 1.2 release), things would be a little different.

  • Anil Dash should pop his head in here telling you that the results are unscientific and skewed. :-)

  • Ray

    I have had a lot of problems with blogs I have started on Blogger. It could be that I am more comfortable with WordPress because a lot of people swear by it.

  • Worth noting is that Expression Engine now has a free version.

  • Am I the only one to use Dotclear ?
    A very good french platform, but only in french actually… :(

  • It would be interesting to see how much the faction would grow if hadn’t only been around for a few months. Especially as opposed to I find it fairly interesting that most of the respondents used as it requires hosting. Of course I also think that that is the reason that is as high as it was. free is a keyword there…

  • Carl

    I’ve only ever tried out WordPress so far and all I can say is that I haven’t felt the need to try out something else as it just worked for me!

    I’d love to try out something else but I don’t know how to get them working on my computer to save me having to upload a blogging platform to the web just to test it out a bit!

    It’s interesting to see people custom code their blog platforms, I would love to see some of the blogs that have a custom coded platform to see if it’s noticable.

  • Roll your own — it’s more fun.

    Actually, I rolled my own because there was a lot of tracking I wanted to put in place to watch visitors that you really can’t do with the other blog software. There aer few features that I wish I had, but for the most part, it works pretty well.

  • I find it very interesting that MSN Spaces, Yahoo 360 and AOL Journals didn’t even register. I somehow missed the poll — I use Movable Type

  • It would be interesting to know how many Blogger users don’t use for their hosting, but instead upload to their own web server.

  • I think that may people use PHP sw because they come preinstalled on common hosting services, and are very community oriented.
    The .NET platforms are much more “enterprise oriented”, very few features, but well tested and developed
    But hopefull SubText will change the market

  • Kind of unrelated, but is that the new iWork you’re using ? How is it?

  • I have total 5 blogs:
    3 run using and hosted on my own hosting
    2 run using

    When I need something simple, I got for and when I need some advance stuff, I go for

    I am using since early 2004 and it rocks :)

  • I have two blogs currently on blogger but Im growing more and more tired of the login problems and having my blog treated as a splog by blogger. Im learning wordpress now and will be moving off blogger real soon.

  • Glen…good move! I switched from Blogger to WordPress about five months ago and the difference is like night & day.

    If you’re going to put a huge amount of time into a blog – let alone try to make money from it – it just seems dangerous to leave that much control in the hands of someone else.

    Would you build a business that relied on a third party for its very existence?

    WordPress just plain works :) Good luck!

  • With the limitations and reliablity problems of Bloggers, it’s a real shame it’s so popular, isn’t it?

  • er, Bloggers=Blogger

  • I used Blogger for the last few months on 2 blogs but I was hosting them on my own server. This last week I moved them and started another on WordPress 2.0 and it is amazing how much better it is. Now I just have to learn how to create my own templates again…

  • I agree with Jon. Moving from Blogger to WordPress was a wonderful discovery after another.

    That said, changing the template turned out to be a spagetti of php. Or at least it seems so at first glance – The WP guys did a good job with keeping the code maintainable, at least.

    Jon: Take a look at K2, it looks promising as something to easily change your template from. I am still struggling with getting graphics, though :-/

  • Oh no, not K2.

    WordPress themes are simple enough to create, and you can certainly do just about anything you could ever imagine with the platform, but there’s you some needless complexity. Not to mention you run the risk of it terribly breaking if you look at it funny.

    (OK, I don’t like K2, and I didn’t like Kubrick before it.)

  • Okay, as I don’t really know much about WP and its themes, I would better listen than speak – What do you suggest then, Michael? Where can I learn?

    I am eager to replace my standard, mundane theme. It’s horribly… Plain.

  • Aviad – yes it’s iWork 06. Only got it yesterday so I can’t say too much yet but it’s got some good new features but from what I can see they are not massive changes (so far) and I’m wondering if it was enough to justify a full upgrade of versions. Oh well.

  • Darren: That’s what I’m wondering as well. What interests me most is the right to left support, though. Seems like Apple forgot about the right to left writers of the world when they released iWork ’05, and I was hoping to see a change in ’06..

    You woulnd’t know anything about it by chance, would you? :)

  • I havn’t seen anything in the instructions about this Aviad – must be frustrating!

  • Darren: It is. At the university I developed a sense to hearing Hebrew and writing translated English.

    I could be a translator by doing a completely different degree. :)

  • I understand why people crack on Blogger. But not only is it free, but you can customize it much more than people realize. Granted, you have to have some technical ability to do so or know someone who can help you. But most people would never know that I am on Blogger except for the Blogspot address; I have categories and my template looks nothing like a Blogger template. And did I mention that it is FREE.

  • I have been using for a couple years. In the last 6 months I may have logged in 2 times. I only post to my blogs with microsoft word – that eliminates all the problems with blogger. To change the template I use w.blogger. If I had to go back to logging in to post I wouldn’t be able to use any more.

  • Darren, what happened to some of the votes? Last time I looked, Powerful Intentions Community vote was up to 28, and more people voted after that.

    I had posted on one of our forums about your voting and people from our community were coming over here to vote. This is the thread here, with everyone saying they voted, and what the count was up to.

    We were happy to be one of the top ten platforms out there. We’re a relatively new community.

    This is what one of the founders of our community had posted on January 15 (American time)..

    ” WOW, PI is up to 27 votes after I voted!

    YES! We’re number 5 of 48 Blogging services.
    and only two behind Typepad.

    Go PI!”

    Regards from

  • Julieanne – that’s very odd.

    Now you mention it I do remember PIntentions polling well but for some reason it didn’t end up with the votes. I’ll dig through the results again tonight – perhaps I accidentally hit ‘3’ instead of ’30’ when i was typing the results into keynote…

    I’m out for the day today but will look into it tonight.

  • Thanks Darren. The “3” looks like the percentage maybe? We were all excited about being in the top 5 at one stage. We’re updating our platform soon, and the blogging section is one we looked at closely. It’s going to be great!

  • Gotta say I’m surprised that Blogger ranked so highly – I used it for about 2 months before I jumped ship and onto WP and have never looked back since.

    Also, love the graph image, Darren – very spiffy (shame I’m not a Mac person)

  • I started with Blogger years ago, and have abandoned more blogs than I now run (3 soon to be 4). My personal blog is a WordPress blog (self-hosted) and I like it quite a bit, but Blogger’s simplicity and other aspects keep me coming back to it. IT’S DEAD EASY. Futzing with WP is often time-consuming and frustrating. Some of the best blogs use Blogger (bldg-blog and bubblegeneration).

    I make money from my Blogger blogs and that’s where all the traffic is. You can use Blogger-hosted images in your template code with no problem. If you’re good with CSS, you’re all set. You can create excellent original Blogger template designs.

    Blogger got me into Gmail and AdSense. And I trust Google’s servers way more than I trust the company hosting my WordPress blog. I think much of the splog problem stems more from the fact that Blogger is just the biggest free blog host platform with the most users and traffic. Nobody else even comes close in terms of numbers, so of course that’s where all the splogs are, too (Making AdSense easy to sign up for from Blogger helped with that, too).

    I myself am a little surprised to be doing this in Blogger, but it works and it’s easy. And… you never know what they’re going to do with it next!

  • I originally used Radio. It was a leading blog provider and a pioneer, before, and it is a pity that they have not been able to maintain it.

    I tried also Blogger and WordPress, and I must admit that WordPress is way more flexible for what I want to do.

  • I wonder what is the most advantage of WordPress comparing to Drupal.

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  • Hi Darren, were you able to find out what happened with the results for Powerful Intentions Community?

    I was wanting to post the results on our forum. to show people that Powerful Intentions was in the top 10. It was according to the results initially.

    Regards from Julieanne

  • Go, Nucleus, go! :-P

  • I am a bit surprised about the fact that quite some pro-bloggers use because that service does not allow you to edit the template, or to put any scripting code in the posts. This means that it is impossible to use any form of advertising except ‘normal links’ in the posts. This doesn’t seem very appealing to me.

    Because I am using for my blogs I am absolutely not surprised about the large number of users there. allows you to completely modify the template, and is compared to other blogging tools not lacking any important features (well, maybe the feature to notify commenters of future comments).

    The beauty of the administration interface is its simplicity. It makes you focus on the posts and not fiddle around with plugins and other technical stuff all the time. It is also very easy to manage several blogs under one account, this is a feature that most other blogging tools are missing.

    Of course the fact that it is completely free helps too. It is a matter of just setting up a blog, inserting the adsense code, and start making money :)
    For me the fact that is owned by Google is a pro because I think this helps in the Google ranking of my blogs and also guarantees that they won’t all of a sudden start charging for their service (they have money enough…).

  • VoIP –

    The ability of manipulate the Blogger templates is, in my opinion, it’s biggest plus. I have tweaked one of their templates to work with Chitika which puts an ad in each post that is key to the post topic. Unfortunately, the future of Chitika is questionable (if you believe all the “reports”).

    BTW, I would be interested is corresponding with any Blogger users re. networking.

    – Gary

  • My blog started out on a self-coded PHP-based platform that I eventually abandoned in favour of wordpress (I didn’t want to spend all the time writing in the features I wanted, so I ditched the project). I now use WordPress 1.5 for the blog, and keep a much more personal journal at LiveJournal. I used MT in the past, but found it to be rather limited, compared to WP. I’ve also used Blogger, but various issued with templates and logins made my shy away.

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  • Paul

    As I am not too good with scripting with css or php for wordpress, I am currently looking for someone to code a template I’ve created with photoshop to be compliant with wordpress. I am not too good with wordpress template tags and such forth and so I would rather have one of you help me with it. If anyone of you could provide me with some insight to how I could get this done I would appreciate it.

    P.S I do know how to use html but never got into css for some reason

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  • WordPress rules all way long

    i really like the unlimited options this software has

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