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Blog Hosting Recommendations – Who Hosts Yours?

Editor: Check out this post on Darren’s updated recommendations for best blog hosting options for bloggers in 2018

“Can you give me advice on which host to go with to host my blog?”

It’s a question that I’m asked a lot – but one that I can’t offer a lot of personal advice on as my blogs have been successfully hosted on b5media’s servers for a couple of years now. We use LogicWorks at b5 but I’m interested to hear who you use and recommend to host your blog?

Who do you use to host your blog? Why do you use them?

No affiliate links in comments please – they will be deleted.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Blue host. Great service. However, I wish their Page Wizard for building pages has more options in creating a web page. As for WP help, Blue host is very limited. You must remember that hosting companies just host, and Blue Host does a good job, but don’t expect hosting companies to help with setting up your WP blog.

  2. Media Layer – extremely fast and reliable hosting. Plus their support is top notch – all emails I’ve sent have been responded to within a couple minutes. Yes they are a bit more expensive than GoDaddy, Host Gator, etc but you really do get what you pay for here.


  3. From the comments here, majority seem to be hosted on bluehost.

    and most seem to be happy with them too…it is difficult to get that sort of feedback. But how many servers do they actually have guys? If so many are hosted with them, i am worried that their servers might be packed to full capacity.

    Doreo seem to be an interesting option. But why is a guy so unhappy with bluefur/ He seem to have made his displeasure so clear by calling himself bluefursucks !!! One thing for sure is he is not Johhn chow :)

  4. For all my web clients and now for my new blogs I’m building I use HostGator. I have 1 reseller account at the moment, and will be purchasing another one for just my blog work.

    I rather use the Reseller hosting as it is more reliable, faster, and is a virtual dedicated service.

    I used to use iPower and and that was the biggest mistake I ever did. Slow, server configuration issues…. bahh. HostGator has been fantastic and the few times I’ve had to use their support they have been brilliant.

  5. I also host with TCH: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com.

    I would also like to mention I’ve had bad experiences with web.com. As one example, a site I maintain was down 14 hours recently. All they had to do was iisreset the server. Needless to say, I’m moving that site off web.com and on to TCH! Not just due to that one incident, but due to numerous problems and poor customer service and support.

  6. eApps, i pay $50,00 a month for a VPS where i can do anything i want from installing applications to restart the server, it works really great, i’ve been their clients for the last two years and i totally recommend them! Thumbs up for eApps.

  7. I bought my domain through Blogger and let them host it as well. It was a pretty painless operation. I don’t have a lot of experience in hosting, but so far it seems decent.

  8. I’ve been using BlueHost for close to two years now and have been happy until just recently. I always – and I mean always – get 100% uptime reports.

    The problem is when I surpass the CPU Quota. They suspend my blog (WordPress – PHP) for 10 minutes. It’s apparently not too difficult to happen as it’s been happening with my blog a bit lately. I get about 3,000 unique visitors a day, nothing huge by any means, but decent for my niche.

    It can’t seem to handle more than three hundred unique visitors at a given time for WordPress blogs without throwing that error page and simply not displaying my site for a full 10 minutes. I’m currently exploring other options – thanks Darren for providing this, I’ll look into MT.

  9. WiredTree

    Hands down, the best service I’ve ever has in hosting — really, better service than I could of imagined after some of the nightmares I went through. And I’m not just saying this… I’m not getting referral payments or anything, they’re just the most helpful host out there (in my experience). They’ve helped me survive 300,000+ Unique Visitors a day during Digg’s, they have personally installed extra hardware and software temporarily to keep my projects online under heavy loads (at no extra charge), and have also explained to me ways to avoid problems in the future that I otherwise would have never known.

    Give them a look if you’re looking for dedicated hosting.

  10. If you are really serious about hosting, you can buy a server then sell those unused space to others who want host a cheaper rate. Make it cheap at first and as soon as there are alot of users. Increase the capacity or increase the price.


  11. I started a hosting company after I got frustrated looking for small-scale, affordable blog hosting. My blogs have never needed more than around 50MB of space, even with images in most posts. I found that the hosting companies were only offering large amounts of space – and then NO addon domains.

    So to answer your question, my blogs are hosted with Pinch Penny Web Hosting – http://www.pinch-penny.com.

  12. thanks a lot , I’m grateful to you because this is an excellent article .

  13. Bluehost is a really good hosting company for blogs especially wordpress blogs.

  14. I am using WebHostingPad.

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